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Nano-Regen vs Medic Shield.

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  • Nano-Regen vs Medic Shield.

    Alright, so I've been using the Medic Shield (MS) since it was added and I recently switched back to the Nano-regen (NR).

    I personally prefer the NR because:
    -I can have the healing power of two medics in one.
    -Mass healing save time.
    -I can heal myself and revive more people.
    -When someone is peeking at the enemy, he actually can't die with the use of NR.
    -And I'm not sure about it but I think I can revive a MAX faster.

    My thought on the MS:
    -I think it's not efficient enough to save a life.
    -It's too much visible at night.

    So I'd like to know what you think about that. Is the medic shield worth it? have you been saved by it sometimes?

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    Re: Nano-Regen vs Medic Shield.

    I think you are spot on. I was thinking of this the other day when I tried the shield again to see if I liked it. The only time it does much good I think is when in a huge fight at a bottleneck. Another time I used it it just drew fire and gave away our position.



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      Re: Nano-Regen vs Medic Shield.

      When I heard shield was announced I was hoping for deploy-able cover type of shield, but I was a little disappointed :(


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        Re: Nano-Regen vs Medic Shield.

        I think it's a very nice utility for a squad to have. The majority of medics shouldn't have them, especially in close quarters, but it's got some neat uses that bear consideration on the squad level:
        • It draws enemy fire. Sometimes you want this.
        • It reduces the effect of enemy suppression
        • It can draw friendlies towards it.

        I think where the shield regen makes the most sense is a squad fighting on open ground and trying to hold a position, especially when they're attempting to maintain overwatch or suppress an enemy position. The shield regen means that you're back in the fight sooner after taking a shot or two, which would normally have your head down while you wait for normal regeneration to kick in, and that can make the difference in a long range trade of fire. If two squads are fighting at a distance and one has a shield regenerator, that squad is going to care less about the enemy return fire and put more fire down in turn, which will snowball into the other unit being suppressed more. Similarily, if you're already under fire by overwhelming force, the regen field might be all you need to still be combat effective.

        There's also the psychological elements. By making yourself highly visible, you can bait the enemy into making those trades, or turning their attention away from another squad. You also provide an obvious rally point for friendlies, which can turn into the critical mass needed to push forward.

        Where it doesn't work is close quarters. It's too static, and the regeneration is far too slow to be meaningful. It excels in situations where damage is coming in sporadically, and close quarters is the exact opposite of that. It's still a net positive (free shield charging!) but the opportunity cost of not having the nano-regen might not be worth it.

        Even so, if I had three medics in my squad, I'd want ONE of them to cart the shield deployable along, even in close quarters. Why not? The actual healing will be well covered, and the shield might be a small edge in a close quarters defense.


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          Re: Nano-Regen vs Medic Shield.

          I like to use the Nano-regen when we are running to take an area or runing between open spaces while under fire.

          I like to use the Medic Shield when we are in a static area holding a point/gen/jump pad or overlooking an area of like on a hill or landing pad defending on look out of an area below us.

          (6..~)Z Z z z....


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            Re: Nano-Regen vs Medic Shield.

            Alright thanks, I take good note of that.




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