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a message from our friend maglauncher

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  • a message from our friend maglauncher

    he sent me this message, id thought i share it for the lol's
    I'm feelin the love.

    from MagLauncher sent 1 hour ago

    Your guys are so paranoid that when I shoot at anything near them, they stop shooting at anything they're shooting at, doing whatever they're doing, turn, face me, and start shooting.
    Earlier tonight, I came up behind one the their raven AV lines that were shooting at ECUS, I shot the sundy TWICE, and the entire group, like two squads it felt like, turned around and threw everything they had at me. Followed by tells (genuinely) saying Hi and that I should come and play, haha.
    About twenty minutes later I mossied in and killed like 2, jumped out and C4d 4 of them, and shot two. I was promptly curb stomped shortly after.
    Always fun and give them all my regards.

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    Re: a message from our friend maglauncher

    Ahahah. I saw MagLauncher on my squad's flank (in a really obnoxious position, really) and ordered a focus fire on him. Partially because he was flanking us while we were trying to deal with other tanks (and therefore it was easier to hide from the other column and focus the one guy than vice versa). Mostly it was because I recognized him and wanted to say hello the only way I know how: with a screaming barrage of high explosives.

    It's fun recognizing people on the other end of the battlefield. :)

    It's also quite gratifying to hear that our one squad hit like two. ;)
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      Re: a message from our friend maglauncher

      Hahahahaha, why i love tg^^^ xd


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        Re: a message from our friend maglauncher

        That's great man. I can't wait to get back in game.

        I have a power supply now, watch out. lol
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          Re: a message from our friend maglauncher

          Had a guy yell "nice drop" to a TG squad today after we landed. :)
          The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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