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    Hello Again Fellow TGers!

    Please remember that you can show your appreciation for your fellow TG players by nominating them for awards called "ribbons." I should note that you should not nominate someone for an award unless they do something pretty awesome. However, when someone does something awesome, consider nominating them. Anyone can nominate anyone. Someone who joined the community yesterday may nominate someone else for a ribbon or receive a ribbon, just like someone who has been a supporting member for three years.

    Here is the process in five steps:

    1.) Notice PlayerX doing something really awesome while playing a game. For instance, really being a great engineer, or sniper, or aircraft pilot, or [insert role in squad here].

    2.) Write down some very basic notes about what happened. This is so when you write the nomination (later) you have not forgotten the whole thing. For instance "--December 2nd at about 4pm GMT, -- PlayerX did great job as an engineer keeping me alive as a MAX and supplied with ammo, -- during 48/48 fight at The Crown, --We held B Point against many enemies."

    3.) Figure out which ribbon best fits the awesome thing Player X did. Before trying to submit a ribbon consider reading up on the ribbon system. Just click here and let the learning commence. READING THIS FIRST GREATLY INCREASES THE CHANCE YOUR RIBBON NOMINATION WILL BE AWARDED. Failure to read this greatly DECREASES the chance your nomination will be awarded.

    4.) Submit your nomination. Here is a link to where you actually submit your nominations. Before submitting a nomination you should read over the first link. (See link in step 3)

    5.) Wait. It may take a few weeks while the admins vote on your nomination. It will either be awarded or rejected.

    Thanks for reading. Send me a private message if you have any questions or thoughts on this topic.

    |TG| Garthra
    Ribbons Representative for Planetside 2
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"



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