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Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

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  • Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

    On to the Last idea that I wanted to share with you guys. I think that I have mentioned it several times before now but here it is in full. This idea has one squad set against a Zerg, so expect a lot of Max level things, needed to make it work. Last time I tried to write this out, it turned into a 6,000 words so I tried to keep this short. It turned out to be 3,000 words so it might be good to take it one chunk at a time. Also sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar goofs but it is really long, so I'm sure there are some. I tried to figure out if I should explain the idea first and how to set it up, or to give the math and show that the idea works. But I decided that I might as well show the math so that those who care about such things can look at it first. I’m putting this up in two parts as it will make it easier to read. If you are not into math and that kind of thing, than just skip to the second post.

    The Sunderer blueberry pie blockade

    This idea is kind of my very own special thing that I have been working on for a while now. I started forming the idea around the first of October and have been throwing it around for a while now. The main problem with it is that you need at least 12 people to pull it off. It is also continent specific, so that really screwed with my testing until I figured that out. All my testing on Esamir and Amerish has come to little more than a C4 fest. So if this is ever used, Hossin and Indar are really the only places that it can be used effectively. It is also a defensive maneuver that takes time to set up. I’m sure that if we knew it well, it could be used like a nail and hammer to forcefully move our line up. It is Very very situational and should not be forced until we know how and when it works.

    First let’s do some math and just see what we are dealing with.

    Okay because there is a lot of debate on all the DPS and I still haven’t found a website that gives a really good answer to how much damage (This weapon) does to (This vehicle) and so on and so forth. So I have spent a fair time trying to do all the math and seeing if it is the case in game. I kind of really like doing math and can say that I spent lots of hours crunching numbers only to have something throw the whole equation off. Okay here goes some math.

    I will be using the Magrider as the damage calculator. (It doesn't have lockdown so it is easier) The Supernova FPC has a damage of 1865 and a Reaload speed of 3.75s. So it does 1865 damage every 3.75s so that means 497.33 DPS. Now the Sunderer has a resistance of Armor Piercing Shells of 28%. So take out 28% of 497.33 DPS = 358.08 DPS And then take out the 45% that Sunderer gets from all sides and you have 196.95 DPS. We know that they will hit its side so with Armor it gets an additional 12% reduced damage. So that is all adds up to 173.32 DPS. That means it would take one Magrider 23.07s to kill on Max Armor Sunderer. So now let’s look at the Max Rep Sunderers. They rep the same as a Max Rep tool but don’t need to cool down. So they Rep 166.66 DPS. The Max Rep tool on the other hand only Rep 125 DPS because of cool down. Now let’s add all this together. 6 people Repping = 750 DPS plus 166.66 DPS for the Rep Sunderer and you have 916.66 DPS Repped. Six Magriders without Gunners would deal out 1039.92 DPS. That means they will kill the Sunderer in 32.45s. Now that doesn’t seem very long But lets look at what Damage our Gunners are doing in that time.

    I will look at the Bulldog for this because it is easier to calculate. 1000 Damage, 48RPM, 6 Magazine Size, and Reload Speed of 4s. That is 1.25 Shells per Second. So it takes 4.8 seconds to fire the whole magazine. So that is 6000 Damage ever 4.8s plus 4s to reload. So add that together and you have 681.81 DPS. Buts let’s say that you only hit 5 out of 6 shots. So 568.18 DPS. MBT have a 20% resistance to Light Anti-Armor ordnances. So now it is 454.55 DPS. And we know we will be hitting them in the front. Mags have a 63% resistance to Damage from the front. So it is down to 168.19 DPS. And let’s say that have Front Armor just to make things worse. So know it is down to 159.84 DPS. We will say that 5 of the gunner are shooting. It works out to 799.2 DPS.

    That means a Mag would go down in 5.01s. That would reduce the incoming DPS by 173.32 DPS. So within 5s the incoming Damage of 1039.92 DPS would be reduced to 866.6 DPS which means we can Rep it. So for illustration purposes we will say that each Mag has a Gunner and that Gunner is doing the same Damage as the diver (Which they don’t) and that they hit every time (Which is fair to say because we are sitting still). This would lower the time to kill the Sunderer down to 16.22s. That means that our gunners would kill 3 enemy Mags in that time. So lest say they got it down to half health by the time we killed the 3 Mags. That means that there is 1039.92 DPS and it would kill a full health Sunderer in 32s. But it is half health so again at the point the time to kill would be 16s. And again in 16s three more Mags would die. So I included cool down and gunners missing on our part and we still would win.

    “But” you smartly say: “The Engineers would die from the splash Damage”. Again too true, If it weren’t for Triage. With 6 Medics at level 4 Triage, the Rep would be 2% per second for Medic. So 12% per second while taking damage and with the Regeneration implant it would go up to 18.67% per second. So 5.35s to heal when not taking Damage and 8.33s when taking Damage. Not to mention the Regeneration Field that is always pumping your shields back and the fact that you have Flack Armor. And if worse comes to worse one of the Ammo Sunderers Gunners will jump out and pop Nano-Regen. Take that you splash Damage.

    All that t say, we are very vulnerable to debris. Air is our main enemy and that I why there will be 4 Anti-Air guns. All this to say, It will have a hard time working unless you have blueberries spawning in on it. But that should not be hard seeing as when NC is losing a battle, they just stay in the Spawn room instead of leaving that base and pulling a mas of Sunderers.

    All the math in here was done while I wrote this as I didn't have my notebook of epic math. So if you notice any problems with it, I would love to correct it. Part two up in a minute.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.

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    Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

    Here I will explain the principles that make it work or die

    Basically this idea is all about the “stack” and using a small force against a large one. Teamwork and communication is “KEY” and have a lot to do with why this would work against a Zerg. I incorporate staking on multiple levels and I didn’t realize that until I finished my model. Medics triage stacks with Regeneration implant and Rep Sundays stack with Rep tools. Throw this together with high level Regeneration field and Nano-Regen Device and you have something crazy. Not to mention Flak armor and self Reping Turrets. These are the “Stacks” that make this idea work. The other Principles have to do with Zerg mechanics in game and that and the fact that Blueberries are easy to predict. The Blockage needs to be at the front of the line when it is engaged. So while you set up behind the line, when the enemy arrives, you should be the front.

    Now on to the ingredients to make this pie

    First, the vehicles.
    • 1x Max Blockade Sunderer
    • 1x level 3 or higher ammo Sunderer
    • 2x Max level Rep Sunderers

    Now the Guns.
    • 4x Anti-Air guns
    • 4x Fury’s or Bulldogs.

    Last the infantry classes and equipment.

    • 4x Combat Medic with Nano-Regen Device, Flak Armor, Nanite Revive Grenade, Awareness or Enhanced Targeting Implant, and level 4 Triage

    • 2x Combat Medic with Regeneration Field, Flak Armor, Nanite Revive or Healing Grenade, Enhanced Targeting implant, and level 4 Triage. Enhanced Targeting Is needed for this.

    • 6x Engineer with Max level Nano-Armor kit, Anti-Infantry Mana Turret any level, Flak Armor, Frag Grenade, Bouncing Betty, Max tier Regeneration implant. One or two guys can have Awareness instead of Regeneration, but not advised.

    • Two main positions in this squad. Target caller (Medic) and Logistics Leader (Engineer).

    • 4x Sunderer Diver Preferably Engineer.

    • Two sets of comms. So either TeamSpeak or the squad is split up into two half squad in a Platoon.

    • A blueberry Zerg or at least the size of two squad’s worth of blueberries.

    • And of course, Some sugar.

    Now let’s bake this pie

    I will fist tell you how to set up and the reasons behind why I have curtain things the way I do. Next I will go over everyone’s role in the squad and what they need to do.

    The Sunderers set up in a rectangle with the Armor and Ammo Sunderers making up the ends. The two Rep Sunderers will be flesh up to the Armor Sunderer’s side. The front and back of the Armor Sunderer should be even with outsides of the Rep Sunderers. So that it forms a 3/4ths box that when looked at from the side of the Armor Sunderer, neither Rep Sunderer should be visible. They can be a little bit visible but not my much if it can be helped. Then the Ammo Sunderer pulls up to complete the box but leaves room so that people can get in and out. Using a “compass” to orient thing correctly, then the Armor Sunderer would be North, Rep Sunderers East and West, and the Ammo Sunderer South. North should always be positioned toward the place that the main force of the enemy is expected to come. The Ammo Sunderer should always be placed so that its right side is facing into the box.

    The Ammo Sunderer is the only Sunderer that deploys. That is kind of important as it provides the safest way for the Blueberries that spawn in.

    The Engineers should set up 6 Anti-Infi turrets on the “North” side of the Armor Sunderer in two rows. The rows should be offset so that the back row covers the space in-between the turrets of the front row. These rows should be placed so to block enemies from firing under the Armor Sunderer in-between the front and back wheels. While these Turrets will not be used, they form a wall that is amazing at blocking anything from hurting anyone inside the box. Also because the turrets get Repped by the Rep Sunderers, they are very hard to kill. Their shields will block any kind of fire and they will only take damage if the barrel of the turret is hit. So unless they get hit with something that can one-shot them, they should Rep just fine. Two Anti-Infi mines should be placed one meter from the NW and NE corners on the outside of the box. Also one mine at each of the two spaces in-between the Ammo and Rep Sunderers.

    One of the two Medics who have the Regeneration field should place it in middle of the box.

    The Ammo Sunderer should have two Anti-Air guns and the back of each Rep Sunderers should have one Anti-Air. The Armor Sunderer should have to fury’s or Bulldogs and one on the front of each Rep Sunderer.

    The Medics will be the gunners and should load up like this: Two in the Armor, two in the Ammo, and one in each of the Rep Sunderers. Setting up like this means that there is always Two AA guns and Two AV/AI up. The other two Medics and switch back and forth between AA and AV/AI as needed. One of the gunners for the Ammo Sunderer needs to be one of the two that have Regeneration Field. That way, he can jump out and place it quickly (In case the first one gets destroyed) without exposing himself to the enemy.

    The Engineers are the drivers and should load up like this: Three in the Armor, and the others driving the other three Sunderers. The Three in the Armor Sunderer are so that if you get attacked before the blockage is set up, they can Rep the Armor Sunderer until the other Sunderers are in position and full Reps have landed.

    The Blueberries serve as the ants that come out of an ant hill. Sure the blockage is the Hill and without it they wouldn’t be able to spawn, but without them, the blockage probably will die.

    And lastly the Sugar. This is all those people who crack jokes and keep the squad entertained in the long waits that will happen after the blockage is set up and before the enemy has moved up to the blockage. Some of this sugar will come from the squad and some of it from passers bye. The comments I have received by friendly Armor that rolls bye has been really funny and encouraging. Onetime an enemy Sunderer rolled up on your position at full speed only to, in a split second turn around a run. The whole squad got a kick out of it and I still haven’t seen someone change directions in a Sunderer so fast.

    Now on to the Roles of each member in the squad. I know that this is long and I hope that I’m almost done. First the Medics and then the Enegineers.

    For the Medics

    • First is the Target Caller. This person is a Medic and they sit in one of the two Rep Sunderers. This allows them to call out Air and Ground targets and get an overall better understanding of how the battle is going. There main priority is to tell the gunners where to shot. Sometimes you want just one person suppressing a ridge or wall. Other times you need everyone to target one threat that could kill the barricade or the Engineers inside. This can be a hard job and it is helpful to be Platoon lead as this gives you the waypoints to more pinpoint areas for the gunners to suppress. They also need Enhanced Targeting implant as they need to know who is weak.

    • Next is the “Main Medic” of the group and he should be in the “West” Sunderer if it is possible. This allows him to jump out of the gunner seat and right into the box. He is to keep the squad up and will revive anyone who goes down. He should have the Nano-Regen Device and will hop out and activate it in case the incoming splash damage is too high for the Engineers. If for some reason, he runs out of Nano-Regen and the and the Triage is still not keeping up, then he calls for one of the Ammo Sunderer gunners to jump out and activate their Nano-Regen.

    • Next is the “Second Medic” and this is the person with the Regeneration Field. He guns for the Ammo Sunderer and jump out and place the Field as needed.

    • All other Medic will listen to their Target caller and do what he says.

    Now to the Engineers

    • First is Logistics Leader. He is an engineer of curse and drives the Armor Sunderer. He is the one trying to keep track of almost everything. The Engineers will be split into three groups of two. He will call for each group to start Repping one at a time. There will be a 4 second gap between when each group starts Repping. This timing works out to 4 people Repping all the time with 6 people Repping 1/3 of the time. He also makes sure all the mines are placed and the Turrets are up.

    • Next is the three drivers. They need to know which side they are putting their Sunderers and they are responsible for calling out if their Sunderer needs Reps. If the Logistics Leader says Right Sunderer needs Reps. The driver for the Sunderer is the only one to switch Reps (Unless Logistics Leader says for other people to, in which case, he would call which team to switch) because if half of the people change Reps, The whole Blockage could go down.

    • All other Engineers listen to you Logistics leader and make sure you know who is in your Group of two.

    When to serve this pie Hot and when to serve it with Ice-cream

    Just hang is there, almost done. So like I have said before, this is continent specific. Or at least it is very specific to choke points. And it is even specific to what kind of choke points. Curves in the road can really help as long as they are about 100m or more away from you in the direction the enemy is coming. You don’t want the enemy crashing around the corner and blowing you out of the water with C4. On top of a hill can work but will expose you to a Lot of fire and can get you killed. Same goes for the Bottom of a hill but then it is even worse and the people in the box will be more exposed. That and the Ammo Sunderer can be killed if they can see it easily over the Armor Sunderer. So while this can be used on any continent, It is still very specific to choke point. Oh and Bridges are amazing to work with as the enemy will have to push down long lane to get to you.

    So now you know where to stick this pie on the table, you still need to know when to serve it. It would not work well as the main course and should be placed out at the right time. All of us have seen a VS or TR Zerg that just comes through and seems like nothing can stop them. There are lots of times to pull Armor and flank. When there are large fields and space to be used, these are the times Armor stands out. But what about when you have to get really close and it is hard/impossible to flank without a huge trip into enemy controlled land. Or where if you can flank but wouldn’t, because there are tower guns or the enemy is so packed together that if you start to pick at it, the whole thing bares down on you and you die? These are the times that Armor and Infantry just can't do a whole lot without needless casualties. Here is where you know the time is ripe. It also works well with an enemy Zerg because there Armor is relying on its Numbers to win and so will not have the best AV load outs that you might otherwise expect.

    So what is needed is some cover so that he whole enemy force can’t attack you at once; But not enough cover that they can easily sneak up and C4 everything to death. The ground also needs to keep a large group of enemy’s from flanking and destroying the Rep Sunderer. Bridges are nice but they can block your Gunners and can allow Light Assaults to run along the roof and drop C4. All of these things need to be taken into account.

    Over all, I have had a lot of fun coming up with this idea and really look forward to the day that I can use it to its full potential. I think I will do one more part, Just to make sure veryone is on the same page, and explain some things.
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      Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

      Okay, so somehow I wrote this out in the most confusing way ever. Like I kind of confused myself but Oh well. So now you know what I have been working on for a while now. Let me try to tie all the lose ends up and make this blueberries mush, look like a pie. So let me write out how this should work in game. At least this is how I would love it to work.

      You see a Zerg pushing down a lattice lane and it is in a spot that you cant really get at well with killing your squad. You see an amazing choke point up the lane. You are in a Alert and if the Zerg keeps pushing up the lane, you will lose. Something needs to been done. All is doomed and you call "Broken Arrow" over command chat. But apparently there is no artillery in the Sci-Fi Future of yours. So instead you ask your squad to pull and Blockage and move out. Then you set up and wait, while the enemy Armor spawn camps the base down the road. A couple of enemy's Sunderer come down the road and GET DESTROYED by your gunners. Then Blueberries start spawning because they lost the base down the road. They spawn, look around, and take off in the general direction of the enemy and you wonder what goes on in there Zombie like mind. Then you squad starts talking about if it is the "TG" way to Spawn Zombies into a war. The conversation is cut short as the first of the enemy Armor rolls up around a bend in the road.

      Squad comm fall silent as targets start to get called and Reps are started. A couple of the enemy tanks are killed and the Reps weren't even challenged. Enemy gals are reported dropping on the base behind you. The enemy Armor pushes up on you with more force this time. It is not an organised force but more of a "Lets get our Sunderer up to next base and get points" kind of push. You gunners and friendly Armor that is hiding farther up the road, kill the Sunderers. The Enemy tanks fail back a little as they realize that they might be in danger. Then the enemy starts deploying Sunderers around on the far side of the bend. The first enemy waves that dropped on the base behind you are killed and now have no-ware else to spawn than at the Sunderer behind the bend. More Enemy tanks pull up and fire starts to get heavy. Everyone's pulse starts to pound. After all this is not really what everyone is used to. Nothing like standing in-front of a Zerg and yelling: HIT ME!

      Heavies start shooting down the road and the Armor Sunderer is starting to take Damage even through the Reps. Medics are focused on trying to hit every shot. The Target caller is calling out names and directions. Enemy air starts to shoot down and damages the Ammo Sunderer. Four of the gunner on now in AA and the three libs fall back. All this while the Engineer have been slowly taking Damage. They are now through their shields and their health is going down. Enemy AV turrets are set up and the Armor Sunderer takes a huge hit in health. At this point everyone feels like they are going to die. The Blueberries still stream out of the Sunderer to their death. Next thing you know the Libs are back and you feel this is the end. Then the friendly Armor that has been cowering back pushes up to you. Emboldened by the Rep Sunderers they push forward and unload on the enemy. For a couple of seconds the enemy falls back a little and is distracted. But that's all you needed. The Reps have caught up and the Engineers are full health. The libs dive-bomb in firing there Tank-busters. Things that normally ate Armor. But the 916.66 DPS that is being Repped is just to good. The Gunners bring down the first one and start on the second one as you hear friendly skyguards go to town.

      The enemy really likes the fight and starts deploying on the hills off to the side. The friendly Armor fall back to the blockage and the fight get intense again. But then the call is heard that friendly forces of Gal dropped on the now enemy base down the road. The fight where the blockage is, still keeps going as they slowly start to push the friendly armor back. After all, they don't have the Repping power that the blockage has and the Zerg is real. The enemy Sunderer around the bend is still pumping out spawns and you wonder why they keep coming when they just die. The gunner on the Ammo Sunderer are starting to get low as you see four Enemy Galaxy incoming. You focus fire and the first two go down. The third one pulls up and off to the side but the fourth one plows on. Finely you get the kill but it is too late. The debries fall down and kills a Rep Sunderer and the Engineers. The Blockage falls but the Damage has been done. Friendly forces have the enemy spawn camped and logistics have been deployed around the base. Your job has been well done and you realize that while the friendlys might not be able to cap the base you cost the enemy to much time. You won the alert.

      Okay so maybe, I better at writing story's then tactics, but you get the point. I have tried this and when you have a friendly Zerg to deal with, it is much easier. The friendly Armor will almost always pull up to you and help because you have Rep Sunderers and a Ammo Sunderer. IT is amazingly fun when it works and really changes the way that you play for a little while. It is again really fun and is a huge cert fest. Not to mention that it is just Really COOL. Like some of the coments I have been told have been worth just setting it up for that. Anyway, this is one just a very different way to play and I love it. If you have any questions or would like to make your own crazy tactic that changes the way you play, Be my guest. Again, I love to here feedback and hope that when I get back from Africa, I can make this go down. Have fun and Keep it up. Love TG!!!
      "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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        Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

        Wait, you're going to Africa?
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          Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

          Yes. Leaving here in about a week and will be gone for 3 Months. I was going to make a MIA thread but I might as well just put all that info here. I will be letting my friend have my PC while I'm gone. In fact I'm giving it to him tomorrow. So I guess this is good bye for a while. I will still stay on the forms but This is the last night I will be in game. You might see "MatthewTheManiac", but it will be my friend. He is really fun to play with but I don't think he would like TG, At least when he first starts Planetside 2. He is still to much in love with C4 and Suicide tactics. But maybe he will become a regular TG guy some day. So yeah, I will not see you guys in game until late march. But until that, Have fun and keep being Great. A little bit jelly that He will have the opportunity to play with the Great Randy before I do. But I guess I cant have it all. Speaking of which, If there is anyone who want to run Tuesday Tactics, go ahead.
          "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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            Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

            You should tell your friend that as long as he is playing your character and wearing TG tags, he will be expected to carry himself accordingly, abide the Primer, etc. as no-one knows he is not a TG member. If he TK/suicide someone, they just see the tags and it reflects poorly on all of us.

            If you are not sure you can count on your friend's good behavior in game, perhaps the best solution is to drop outfit while you are on vacation, and find an NCO or Officer to re-invite you upon your return.
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              Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

              I would be happy to do that, just need to verify you on TS first

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                Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                That is okay, he is not going to be playing on my account. And he said the maybe if he wants to play with TG, he could use MatthewTheManiac. And yeah, I trust him.
                "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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                  Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                  First of all, nice baking. Looks like you really put a lot of thought in your pie, and that makes it delicious :>

                  I already have some feedback to provide from previous Sundy fortress experiments.

                  From what I run (sundy fortress against zergs, 2 blockades, 2 ammo, 1 rep):
                  - about the weapon set: M20s are versatile, you don't need to hop out and change class, and more important: any blueberry can use it and actually hit. They have a bigger ammo pool (remember that you only have one ammo sundy and you must take into account it'll go down at some point). That is definitely the weapon you want when it comes to saturating the air with bullets. Nothing can sustain 10 M20s.
                  - you did the maths for DPS sustainability, but the limit here is mainly alpha damage. Having 5 repair sundies doesn't serve any purpose if they go down one by one, and 2 reppers won't stack to repair the front Blockade. Since (I think) you want 2 Reppers to rep each other, I'd say, better have 2 ammos or 2 blockades soaking incoming fire and, well, better protect the rep sundy. What I mean is that, if you can't hold one rep sundy alive, you won't hold two anyway.
                  - medic's shield regen field will go down if hit by splash, the medic will have to hop out and place it quite often
                  - regen implant doesn't regen anything when taking damage, I don't think it should be that important in the implant choice
                  - setting AI engi turrets is terrific and that is something you should promote and explain :D

                  From what I saw:
                  - We (Vanguard, me and a mate) once encountered a battle train on Esamir, 4 sundies (3 reps 1 ammo) loaded with M20s, 3/12 each, while we were hunting. We just followed them. No air would dare approach, and what they brought us in Air/close protection, we gave them in long range DPS/denial. I'm basically telling "Matthew, if I ever find your setup while in my tank, heck I'll follow you till their WG" ^_^

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                    Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                    Originally posted by Cairbre View Post
                    First of all, nice baking. Looks like you really put a lot of thought in your pie, and that makes it delicious :>

                    - about the weapon set: M20s are versatile, you don't need to hop out and change class, and more important ... That is definitely the weapon you want when it comes to saturating the air with bullets. Nothing can sustain 10 M20s.
                    Agreed. Although, you might want to toss a walker or two in there, if running a pack,because they have a habit of scaring the living tar out of aircraft. I'd say 25 - 33% of my air kills with a walker are from panic maneuvers into a rock. Many many extremely fast bullets.
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                      Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                      Thank you [MENTION=71652]Cairbre[/MENTION] and [MENTION=56964]TonyMac[/MENTION] for the impute. I'm sorry that the Baking Guide was this long, but as it is, I'm still missing a lot that I want to put in. So I really like any feedback as it helps me understand if I have said what I meant. lol

                      @Caibre I really like the M20 and I think that it would be good because you can switch from ground to air and back. I spent a lot of time thinking over what guns I wanted as they are very important to wining. Here is where they fall short in some areas. As anti infantry, the work okay but take way more coordination. To be as fast at killing or suppressing as say the fury, they need to all be on the same target. The Guns Need to keep Heavies from popping out and firing rockets. If you have ever been shot at by a fury, as infantry, you will know that you whole screen shakes and it hits you from around your cover. Now think about if that was a M20. If you are a Heavy with a group of infantry, you are around a corner from the Sunderers. Sure anyone who steeped out would get shot at and maybe they would die, but this is not all the scary to you. (or at least to the zombies that inhabit this game) But now think about if you where in the same position and there was a fury firing at the corner. You screen would shake and people that got need the corner, would start to get hit. So while three M20 firing around a corner look kind of like a sheet of bullets, Three Fury's look like a wall of explosions. That is way more scary to the average blueberry. So yes the M20 will work, but will not be as good as the Fury. I have to do some math on all that so maybe while I'm flying tonight, I might crunch some numbers. Also, I know that nerfed the Battle Hardened Implant, in that there are 4 levels of it, and so most people will now be running it at a lower effectiveness.
                      [MENTION=56964]TonyMac[/MENTION] Again, sorry for not getting every thing in there that I wanted. Yes I would say the Walker is the gun I would pick for AA. I think of it as a AA gun and forgot to say that. It can also be kind of good if the Ammo Sunderer is tilted so that they can fire over the Armor Sunderer. But mostly, I would keep there eyes in the sky.

                      As far as the new Turrets go, I think that you can block the gap under the Armor Sunderer with just 4 AI MANA turrets. That would leave you two Spitfires to place down accordingly. I think that it would be best to place them somewhere they could hit any infantry that comes close to the blockage. I under stand that they are weak, but the Rep Sunderers should help with that. Just don't stick them out in the open. I also know that they will work with the Marker Implant, in that if you have the equipped, then they spot people that they damage.

                      If someone could take over testing these things, I would love to know what you find out. I might be without internet for a while here, so if ask a question, than I might not answer for a while. But please do ask. Alright, I have a plain to catch, See you on the other side.
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                        Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                        A wild Frenchman appears! :p

                        How you been, man? :)
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                          Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                          You are right Matthew, both the Bulldog and the Fury have a "fear" factor greater than the one of a M20. I think it's all about refining the whole setup depending where you go - not talking about what you may face, but whether you'll have to engage on swamps or open fields. The M20 is not an AI weapon and even with focused fire, it'll still be less effective than explosive rounds :) (yet you gotta admit that, with the bulldog nerf, shooting Flak HAs with their overshield and a medkit in hand is a pain...)

                          While we're at it, I don't think you should try to make a sundy column infantry-proof. You may deter randoms, but a full squad determined to blow your buses simply will :p
                          (May I also suggest that you use a Galaxy instead of a Blockade sundy ? :D)

                          Randy ! Well, fine thanks, waiting for you to come back for more Gal ops ! I managed to make everyone think I like infantry and Vanguards; at least Ghost doesn't know I play Angry Birds when gunning for him. o:)

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                            Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                            Well, I suppose he knows now... lol
                            "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                              Re: Sci-Fi MilSim Part three: Blueberry Pie Blockade

                              That reminds me... I really want to take another swing at executing the staggered galaxy drops strategy I was working on. Those were fun, effective operations.




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