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  • [INFO] Hotfix 1/8 Details

    You'd better hunt down and kill all the snowmen you can because tomorrow they'll melt away. Other than that, this patch is mostly minor fixes.

    Downtime start: 6am PST

    •Server performance improvements
    •Alerts should return to normal functionality
    •Indar will now unlock correctly on Connery
    •Battle Hardened 3 + 4 implants should now function properly
    •Senson Shield implant has been renamed to "Sensor Shield 3"
    •Senson Shield 2 implant has been renamed to "Sensor Shield 4"
    •The Holiday event has been disabled
    •Tweaked the base VS textures (characters, helmets, and weapons) as well as the Camo mask; certain areas no longer receive tint to help with IFF
    •Warp Queue should have more precise times for members
    •Warp Queue UI usability improvements
    •Replaced certain banners with default PS2 banners (those who purchased the banners have already had refunds)
    •Fixed some result percentages for the nano-cycler to bring them closer in line with our intent; this change should result some implants being more likely drop from a combine than before
    •Adjusted hit registration for quick knife with the default knife; new knives and wielded default knife unchanged
    •Fix to Auraxium Slasher animation
    •Fixed a bug where vehicle muzzle flashes weren't playing in first person in ultra settings
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    Re: Hotfix 1/8 Details

    Oh, did they finally fixed the queue timers? lol
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