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  • New Squad Leaders Start Here!


    If you are reading this, you are interested in leading a TG squad, or have led a TG squad, or have been directed here by another TG member who thought you were suitable for squad leading. First, we want to give you a huge THANK YOU for stepping up! Not everybody has the temperament, maturity or patience for leading, so we really appreciate it when someone makes the effort to do so.

    That said, you may have noticed that there is a distinct Tactical Gamer way of doing things, and this includes leading a squad. Squad lead (SL, for short) sets the tone, sets the expectations, and maintains the effectiveness of the squad which is one of the reasons the usual TG squad is much more effective than the usual public squad.

    Regardless if you are very new to leading, have lead public squads in the past, independently or with less disciplined outfits, or have a long history of successful squad leading, this is where you will start with TG to ensure that all TG SLs operate under the same general set of expectations. Most of the following will apply to people who are not very practiced in SL duties, so those with extensive experience please stick with us because the expectations for inexperienced and experienced people are all the same at the end.

    Squad leading is incredibly rewarding. All my best memories come from leading squads. It is also a lot of work, and not necessarily a relaxing way to play the game at first. It does get easier as you get more practiced.

    Now, on to the meat: (sorry vegans)

    A couple of ground rules:

    TG Recruits are not permitted to lead squads using the TG outfit tag. It is strongly discouraged for TG recruits to lead squads even without the tag. Becoming a full member takes five minutes, it would be good to see this level of commitment at a minimum before leading a squad. The reason is that we want any SL, public or private, showing the TG tag next to their name, to operate their squads in at least workmanlike, and preferably excellent manner. If you are wearing the TG tag, like it or not, you are advertising for us, for better or for worse.

    TG SLs must be familiar and fluent in the TG Standard Operating Procedures. All of them. You must be able to correct squad members and demonstrate the right way to operate using our SOPs.

    SLs are strongly encouraged to use teamspeak as backup comms. It’s free program, and anyone will help you set it up. It takes maybe ten minutes and is well worth it.

    SLs must have a working microphone for comms.

    SLs will be mentored by existing TG NCOs, Officers or leaders for a period of time.

    SL expectations:

    (All of these expectations are basically the curriculum of the Squad Leader mentor program.)
    Squad leaders are expected to be able to effectively control the recruiting options of the squad in the PS2 squad panel, including inviting, making a squad public/private, kicking and banning.
    Squad leads are expected to follow and promote TG Standard Operating Procedures.
    Squad leads are expected to initiate and maintain good squad cohesion.
    Squad leads are expected to communicate well, including objectives, special tasking, immediate threats, short term future plans, squad composition, issuing orders to squad members, etc.
    SLs are expected to conduct themselves in the game in a way that reflects well on the TG outfit, and ensure that squad members do the same.

    Specifically excluded are any tactical requirements for squad leading. SLs will work their squads however they see fit, so long as the expectations are met. However, familiarity with room breaching, covering fire, smoke use, etc are sure handy and it is recommended that you check them all out eventually.

    SL Mentoring program

    Any full member is encouraged to try squad leading. Anyone can lead a squad that is all TG, or a nonTG squad so long as it is not called or designated as a TG squad.

    But if you want to lead real TG squads, the Corporal Mentorship program is the way to go. One restriction: you must have been in TG for 6 months. You cannot be promoted to Corporal before that six month date. If you want to learn how to lead better before 6 months, that is fine! You just cannot be promoted to Corporal.

    The first step is to tell an officer you are interested in SL mentorship or corporal status.
    All candidates will be mentored by an existing TG NCO, Officer or leader until the SL is comfortable with the role and the NCOs and TG leadership as a whole has confidence in them leading a TG squad. The mentor(s) will ensure that the new SL gets practice and coaching relating to all the SL expectations. This may take a while for very new SLs, or a short time for experienced SLs new to the outfit. So if you are leading a squad, you should expect pointers by TG members with more experience in the TG way.

    The idea is to take someone who is interested in Squad Leading, get them comfortable with the basic mechanics of the role, give them practice in low-stress situations, and gradually move up to more challenging situations. The squad leader mentoring program is I work in progress, and input from new SLs is highly appreciated. A squad can be as simple as the new SL and the mentor, playing different roles.

    There is no structure or rules regarding SL Mentoring at the moment, but you will know when you are in it, and know when you are done with it. There is no official time frame for becoming a corporal, but it will take months.

    Chicken Soup for the Squad Leader: (again, sorry vegans)

    This is stuff that has been paraphrased from many threads about leadership. This is not my work necessarily, but the distillation of many TG members and their input and advice. Thanks to many TG members but especially Garthra for most of these ideas.

    Your job is to think and communicate, not to shoot the enemy. Your most dangerous weapon is the map, your eyes, and your microphone. With these you can direct eleven guns at something instead of your one gun.

    No one cares about your experiences or kills during combat. Communicate stuff that is helpful to the squad. The squad is all about the squad members, and not about the squad leader. Let the squad members be the stars of the show.

    Make a decision and act on it. Do not dither around trying to find the perfect solution. Nothing more frustrating than spending five minutes kitting out a plan while the battle moves on and evolves, rendering your plan useless. This goes double if you are under fire or pinned down.

    NEVER EVER belittle a squad member or squad as a whole. Never blame the squad for failing or a member for failing a task. When you are wiped, the debrief should sound something like “We got wiped because we were too focused on the eastern door and we never noticed the max at the north door who took us all out.” This is a good lesson for everyone. You would not say something like “Why didn’t you guys watch the north door like I told you to??” Even worse is, “Zombie you moron I told you to watch that north door and warn the squad and you didn’t and you are a bad player and you should feel bad.” This is inexcusable and will guarantee that no one will want to join your squads.

    Try not to complain. No one likes to listen to the SL whine about how something is really hard, or OP, or not fair. The game is what the game is. Adapt, improvise, overcome.

    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Some mistakes are kind of funny, some mistakes turn out to be awesome fun, but an active squad going in the wrong direction is usually a happier squad than an inactive squad waiting two or three minutes for the SL to figure out what to do. You are going to make mistakes anyway, so do them with gusto and good cheer and you will be making them with your TG friends. No better way to make mistakes.

    Feel free to solicit input from the squad! I do this all the time, if I am not familiar with a given base, I will always ask if anyone knows where the A point is. Squad members are always happy to help out.

    It is not all about the capture points! Sure capture points are great, and win huge tracts of land for your faction, but that is only one twentieth of what a squad can do. Think about these scenarios for your squad:

    Infantry: Asset interdiction- setting up anti armor or anti air nests from enemy spawn bases to base under attack
    Suppression: High ground suppression of enemy forces to assist in a larger battle
    Lane blocking: Find a position that covers the zone between the spawn room and capture point, and make it really dangerous for the enemy to cross that space.
    Holding a generator or shield area.
    Provide general overwatch on a larger fight, providing fire suppression and spotting capabilities for incoming enemy reinforcements.
    Seize control of and hold a building close to the capture point that other squads can use as a safe zone.
    Mechanized infantry anti armour or air: Load up a Sundy with heavies and Maxes to stomp on enemy air or armor, drive it around. Hope you don’t run into three or more enemy MBTs.

    Armor and Air squads are a different ballgame using different tactics.

    Armor: Go kill other armor.
    Go kill softer targets. HE k/d generator.
    Go kill air targets.

    Air: Go kill other enemy aircraft.
    Kill ground targets.

    It helps to explain the big picture to your squad- if they know why they are trying to hold so hard to a point, it helps if they know that they are responsible for easing an attack on a more critical base, or if they are preventing enemy reinforcements, which aids in a base capture, or the like. They don’t know the big picture, they are focused on their front sights and it helps motivation to know that they are doing some good in the game overall.

    Think ahead: Can you line up resources before the base caps? What is the next objective? What will you need one minute from now? Five minutes from now? Can you pre-position resources or assets for better effectiveness?

    Everyone has a different leadership style that reflects the expectations. Some are severe, some are freewheeling, some are funny or terse, but they all reflect the general expectations. Emulate the ones you like, find your own style.

    Everyone has days where they are on the ball, or days where your head is not in the game. If you are just having a terrible time, feel free to explain that you are just not into it at the moment and disband the squad. Better to not do it at all than continue doing it poorly. (Mentoring squads excepted here)

    Squad members are often happy just getting to another vantage point in hopes of finding the enemy unaware.

    If you are REALLY stuck for a plan,

    Find a place on the map (100-200M away) and order people to run to it. Use this time to think of a more effective plan. This is stalling for time, and sometimes you get lucky and stumble across stuff that needs killing.
    Regroup to the warpgate for a quick debrief and plan out a change of attack.

    Squad Leader Resources:

    There is an imperial ton of information about effective squad leading, leadership in general, and squad logistics on the site. Here are some of them:

    Garthra's thread on Principles of Leadership.

    Garthra's Bite Sized Squad Leader video Series:

    Greeting Members of the Squad:

    The Squad is your Focus:

    Keeping the Squad Together (Squad Cohesion)

    Tone and Leadership

    Giving Clear and Precise Orders

    Placeholder. edit later!
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    Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

    -I pretty mutch agree with everything Zombie just said, i need to start SL'ing more often as ive been avoiding it lateley due to leading alot of blueberries lateley that sometimes feels impossible to keep squad cohesion with... Nonetheless when I have enough tg regulars people seem to fall in line...
    -I also figured I'd Post an older thread I made a while back discussing Squad leading, Garthra also Made a link to a really excellent post of his inside there as well so its a good place to get an idea of what sl'ing is about ...


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      Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

      As a recent join and new squad leader, I feel like what has been the best help with picking it up is keeping my squads to outfit members only. Leading an all-TG squad is easy mode, basically.

      I appreciate having a well formatted guide like this available to refer to, thanks Zombie and everyone else that contributed.
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        Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

        Also as you become entrusted with squad leadership, and the officers deem you fit to lead squads in the proper TG manner, you will be promoted to rank of "corporal". This will mark members in-game that we feel comfortable with squad or platoon leading.
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          Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

          -So the other night I was online discussing the new "Corporal Rank". And ghostshooter referred me to this thread. To witch I already read. Nonetheless In the past I've been SL, and actually about last summer I was SL'ing quite frequently running a few lib squads. So Figured I might as well start working towards that rank. So I guess what I'm asking is how do you get someone to do leader training with you? I know the other night Mr. Jengles helped me out when I was leading. But that was sort of spontaneous.

          -So earlier today I asked to do some leader training with ZombieSnax and Unfortunately I seemed to have a really bad connection trouble so I had to relog, that didnt work crashed my game and made my screen all zoomed in so i had to reboot my computer witch took forever and a day, and I finally got back to the squad still being taught by zombie and being led by AwsomeQ I want to say. Pretty sure the end of the name has a Q at the end of it. Nonetheless Q as I'll refer to him did a good job of taking us to the base to right of quartz ridge and defending the point Unfortunately though If my memory serves me right we lost it. Then Zombie had me SL For a bit after being successful for a bit He did have to leave and felt confident enough to let me to continue SL'ing. After a while starstriker took up bravo squad and before you know It I was leading a platoon. We had some really nice cohesion between the two squads each helping each other including an excellent field push that stars squad was flanking to the rear from, and some armour towards the end. In the end though i was getting tired as I had led for what I guessed was a good 2-3 hours so I handed PL to Starstriker and SL to LTsheer. Didnt know what happened after that unfortunatley
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            Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

            For each candidate we have a thread in the NCO/Officer's forum that details training to date and the candidate's current strengths and challenges. Basically when we get enough officers to give you the thumbs up, you get the rank. You have my vote already. :)
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              Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

              -Okay cool Before I had like no idea how that works. Good to have your vote of confidence.

              -One of the biggest things I need the most help on is working and keeping squad cohesion with blueberries. In the past that has proven to be challenging to say the least but that's not to say I haven't had any success either. First time I ever did anything remotely tactical (back in my vanu days), was with a bunch of blueberries so there is that. Also with long hours I tend to feel my effectiveness slipping away. Another challenge is coordinating Armour squads.

              -Some of my strengths I'd say is Thinking tactically on my feet as far as how to best use assets. I also (when possible) Like to use and have both squads in a platoon working together and supporting each other as I found out tonight. I have had quite a bit of success with lib squads last summer and I would like to delve back into them.

              (Dont really know what the above was probably just a means for me to figure out in my head what needs improvement and to let Future leaders know what I seem to be good at ATM)


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                Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

                Having blueberries in your squad takes up your time and resources, and is generally less efficient than a full TG squad that is paying attention. However, it is the only way to recruit new TG members, and you can get excellent people as well.

                Just keep in mind that you will have to dedicate more time to herding squad members, more time communicating, and repeating, and repeating, and repeating, and gently removing some people from the squad.

                I find it helps to have an "elevator speech" mentally loaded and ready to go at all times for new blues members joining, one for blues not paying attention, and one for blues you are removing. Also take the time now and again to check the squad list to make sure everyone is with you and deploy whatever elevator speech is appropriate. It slows down your tactical fun, but also generates more respect from the blues you have with you, and long term results in a more cohesive squad.
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                  Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

                  At some point in the near future I would like to start squad leading, if someone would mentor me from the baby steps up that would be brilliant. I would be looking to primarily be an Infantry squad leader, since the Infantry role is one that I enjoy the most in PS2.

                  Years ago I used to be an avid EvE Online Fleet Commander, and have successfully lead fleets upwards of 80 people, which I found to be hugely enjoyable, but I have long since fallen out of touch with leadership. I really enjoy playing PS2 and playing with all the TG lot, and would love to learn how to take the reins! :)
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                    Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!

                    If you're looking for mentorship as always just look for an NCO in-game! That's what we're here for. :)


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                      Re: New Squad Leaders Start Here!


                      This is our official policy statement on Mentorship / Corporal status.
                      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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