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    TAC OPS is an idea for squad that I will be running if there is enough people who want to join. Tac ops will be a little more tactical than the average TG squad and will be TG only. It will have Fireteams and will be a learning experience for the first little bit. As such I will be implementing some more info that you will need to know. Any squad that I run this way will have TAC OPS in the name. If you don't know the stuff bellow, or don't want to use on TS3, don't join. You don't need a mic, unless a FL, SL, or PL.


    Everyone who wants to join a Tac ops squad will need to have TS3. For now we will just have Fireteams join different channels. Later on we might add Commander Comms and whisper lists if we want to do a Tac ops platoon.


    For now Fireteams will simply be a group of people that you will stick with. I will implement Fireteam classes and roles as we learn more. Formation will be later on.

    Over, Out, Wilco, Roger
    Originally posted by Tactical Gamer University
    • OUT This is the end of my transmission to you and no answer is required or expected.
    • OVER This is the end of my transmission to you and a response is necessary. Go ahead, transmit.
    • ROGER I have received your last transmission satisfactorily.
    • WILCO I have received your signal, understand it, and will comply.
      To be used only by the addressee.
      (Since the meaning of ROGER is included in that of WILCO, the two PROWORDS are never used together.)
    Contact, Sighting, Spotting

    Originally posted by Tactical Gamer University
    Contact vs Sighting
    Whether you call a “Contact” or a “Sighting” is going to make a big difference in how your team will react.

    Call a “Sighting” when you have spotted an enemy that is not about to reach out and touch your team. The enemy may be unaware of your presence and you are indicating to your team there is no reason for everyone to abandon their own sectors to take a “look see”. Your leader also knows there is a tactical decision to be made to engage or not.

    Call a “Contact” when you have been spotted by an enemy or are about to be. Normally when an enemy is danger close but unaware you would still call “Contact” depending on your mission. This may not be the best reaction if your mission is to sneak past enemy guards. Calling “Contact” indicates to your team that you will be getting ready to react to contact. This generally means you will get on line formation facing the contact, as we will see later, and begin immediately and aggressively suppressing the enemy with overwhelming fire.
    Spotting is a tool so other people will be able to identify the enemy who is spotted easier. But it also will send a sound signal to enemy personnel within 100m of your position. As such Tac ops squads will not use spot unless the enemy is a contact, either to our squad or any other TG squad. Contact and Sighting reports will be the main way of sharing that info. But if in a firefight feel free to spot as the enemy already knows of our presence.

    Open and Tactical comms

    "Open Comms" is a command letting people know that comms are open to shenanigans or more normal conversation.

    "Tactical Comms" is a command to keep comms tactically oriented.

    Will add more stuff as needed.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.



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