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  • Calling all actors!

    Hey friends!

    So these last few weeks I have had a rough time with planetside 2. I have that burning out feeling again which really bugs me when im playing and even throughout the day. This has caused me to try different things such as playing TR with the 1TR outfit which has been a blast but TG is home and where the family is. So I want to make another cinematic style video! This will be a pretty big project and I don't have a due date for it since I want to take my time and make sure I get all the scenes I want. Some takes will have to been done multiple times from different angles and some I want to get from a VS/TR perspective. Some can be done with just a squad but others will require a full platoon.

    Some of the ideas I have so far (please feel free to add some and upvote or downvote some ideas)

    * Full platoon loading into Gals at each warpgate
    * Airborne ops (hot pick ups and hot drops
    * Air squads
    * Armor squads
    * harassers (I want to separate these from the armor squads
    * Max squads (using smoke and phalanx formations)
    * light assault squads (1-2 squads of LA dropping form high)
    * Infil squads (try to get some footage with flashes and phoenix rockets)
    * Breaching
    * point holds
    * combined arms formations
    * Valkyries (think Blackhawk down formations, landing on the air pad on a tech plant with smoke cover)

    let me know what you think!

    im really looking forward to making this =)
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    Re: Calling all actors!

    I think you should make it a serial comedy. Surly tr, goofy nc, and the random vanu guy showing up with slapstick.

    I'd love to be part of it either way!
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      Re: Calling all actors!

      It'd be cool to have live ops in the mix, with the best of our communication and coordination showcased.


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        Re: Calling all actors!

        *Walks in, looks around gives Ghostshooter thumbs up, drops C4 on any ideas that aren't his, detonates, walks away*

        I can help you with the POV for at least a TR alt, I don't think my computer supports playing Vanu.

        Ok, ok, to Starstriker's point, if it doesn't clash with what Ghost is trying to do, specifically getting a perfect room breach, a coordinated bushwhack of enemy vehicles via Mana turret (should be part of Harasser section, the Mana surprise attack is most survivable with rapid retreat made possible via vehicle.), etc could be nice. Ghost, I'm in, I'll even reinstall some screen grab soft to help out with clips if you like. (Could be cool getting multiple angles of a single scene without it obviously being re-recorded over and over)
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          Re: Calling all actors!

          Needs some Medic stuff!! ^^

          I just want to bring something that happen a long time ago and was super epic and could be great on video.
          Garthra was leading the squad and we were on C point of the Crown. We were about to get overwhelm so Garthra called for a sunder. We ran to the other side of the bridge, putting smoke behind us with enemy fire coming through it, it had a beautiful cinematic look. The sundy arrived just in time to pick us up and we managed to retreat safely. It really felt like a movie. I'm sure others remember it and can tell the event better than I can.


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            Re: Calling all actors!

            Count me in!


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              Re: Calling all actors!

              I will join if I can.
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                Re: Calling all actors!

                I'm your huckleberry :D Count me in for NC/TR.


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                  Re: Calling all actors!

                  im thinking about just making small videos about each topic then combine them into one big one. I already have the armor and max portion covered. I'll start off doing air borne ops this week.


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                    Re: Calling all actors!

                    I had what (I thought at least) was a cool idea a while back. How about we re-create a famous war movie scene in PS2? Like for instance, the part in Black Hawk down where they all load up in the choppers and trucks and roll out of the FOB to the tune of Voodoo Child. I thought we could do that relatively easily with Gals, Valks, Sunderers, etc.

                    Warning: a couple curses in here from original movie.


                    But whatever you guys want to do, I'll help out with.
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                      Re: Calling all actors!

                      We'll have to use a lot of special effects to make it look like the Valk is actually combat effective :D




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