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How to improve your aim

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  • How to improve your aim

    You shoot and miss and die kappa. Let's get better.

    1. Messing with in-game settings
    There is a ton of mouse options that you can do in-game, and the first thing you're going to want to do is turn off mouse acceleration (which is by default on for new players).

    What's wrong with mouse acceleration?
    You want predictable mouse movement so to build muscle memory. Mouse acceleration moves your cursor depending on how fast you move your mouse. This is bad. It is incredibly hard to compensate for this acceleration and your aim will falter because of this. Predictable mouse movement will allow you train yourself and your muscle memory to know exactly how far you need to move your mouse to hit your target.

    Also, make sure raw mouse input is on, this will ensure that there is little delay between your mouse movement and what happens in-game.

    Lower dat sensitivity
    This is both mouse and in-game dependent. I play at 800dpi and my aim and scope sens is +- 0.2. That is just for infantry and it is higher for vehicles.
    Dpi stands for dots-per-inch and, roughly, if your dpi is at 1, you will have to move your mouse 1 inch to move it over 1 pixel. Many mice allow you to change the dpi anywhere from 200-16000 dpi. I highly recommend playing between 400-1600 dpi. Lower sensitivity is simply better for FPS, higher for RTS games like starcraft. Too high of a sensitivity in Planetside leads to poor recoil control and the inability to accurately stay on target.

    Finally, make sure your polling rate is as high as your mouse will allow, a 500 polling rate is ok and 1k or more is ideal.

    2. Changing windows stuff
    While I believe having raw input on ignores windows mouse presets, doing this step below can't hurt if you play other FPS.

    For Windows 7 & 8:
    Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options

    Make sure pointer speed is at the very middle and enhanced pointer precision is OFF

    3.Changing hardware

    [rant]Wireless mice are the bane of humanity, don't get one. You don't want to cut the cord, you want a cable.
    Wired mice are nice, when your mouse isn't working, there are 3 possibilties: 1. The mouse buttons are broken 2. The cable is broken 3. The connection to the computer is broken (or unplugged).

    Have a problem with your wireless mouse? Well it could be
    1. The freaking awful software that is shipped with 99% of wireless mice.
    2. The mouse itself isn't working.
    3. The wireless connection isn't working (you know, the magic in the air that makes your mouse work).
    4. You don't have firmware update xx.01
    5. BlueTooth is off, isn't working.
    6. Your USB dongle isn't working.
    7. And the list goes on.

    I hate wireless mice, wires are your friend [/rant]

    Now that you have a decent (wired) mouse, I highly recommend you get a mousepad. Playing on a bare surface such as a wood desk not only causes less accurate tracking, but also can scratch the 'feet' of your mouse and cause it to glide poorly. Getting a 10-15$ mousepad from Razer or Steelseries would be a very good investment that would last along time, and get the biggest mousepad your desk can handle.

    Generally, if you play on a low dpi you will want a cloth mousepad while if you play on higher should go with a hardmat. There are even cool dual-sided (one soft side, one hard) mouse pads if you want to try out the different kinds of pads.

    4. Practice "duh"

    Seriously, practice, it makes up 95% of your aim. Go shoot some baddies and don't blame your mouse when you die.

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    “Big Brother is Watching You.”
    ― George Orwell, "1984"

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    Re: How to improve your aim

    Good write up man. Easy information to all people to take note and apply.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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      Re: How to improve your aim

      TLDR jk thanks for posting this ^_^

      but doo you still play? haven't seen you log in or maybe we are playing at different times


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        Re: How to improve your aim

        Originally posted by ghostshooter101 View Post
        but doo you still play? haven't seen you log in or maybe we are playing at different times
        I haven't been playing that much, maybe once every other week. I found a group in Counter Strike and have been playing alot of that. And with finishing the last 7 weeks of school, moving soon, working, and starting a new job in June (Penny, with a job lol wut), I haven't been playing a whole lot.

        Oh, and super meat boy, I love super meat boy.

        “Big Brother is Watching You.”
        ― George Orwell, "1984"


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          Re: How to improve your aim

          you should play transformice and gear up with me and my 1tr friends


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            Re: How to improve your aim

            Originally posted by penandpencilman View Post
            Don't forgot to like, subscrub, and donate.
            huh? cannot see these buttons :P

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