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Platoon Comms and Squad Leader Needs

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  • Platoon Comms and Squad Leader Needs

    A gentle reminder for Platoon Leaders:

    Effective squad leading requires time and space. Two things that greatly interfere with your SLs ability to communicate with his SMs, organize them, and achieve objectives are excessive noise in the PL comm channel and frequent changes of objectives. I ascribe to the view that the least-heard voice in the comm channel should be the PL (and I know that I too often fail to live up to this operating standard). A chatty PL renders it all but impossible for me to organize my squad, run fireteams, and so forth.

    As to changing objectives, there is always another front where we are needed, another battle to be fought. This suggests caution before executing a series of (usually unplanned) changes in the area of operations. A series of fast changes in objectives means that your SL is powerless to keep the squad organized, cohesive, and engaged.

    Remember time and space: your SLs need a lot of both, and I believe the game is more fun when time is given for complex organization, communication, team-building, and execution. It is much less fun running from objective to objective in a state of uncontrolled chaos within the unit.
    • Decide on a reasonable area of operation and set of objectives.
    • Give your SLs the general objective and let them creatively figure out the ways and means with their squad.
    • Think long and hard before changing to a new AO and setting significantly new objectives.

    And remember that time is relative. Your experience of the flow of time will be very different from your SLs and their SMs.

    If your voice is the dominant voice in the game then you may be doing it wrong.


    These are my own opinions and do not represent TG PS2 SOPs.

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    Re: Platoon Comms and Squad Leader Needs

    So critical, and so easy to forget. I know I've got a bad habit of hogging the platoon net myself, I often want a huge amount of information from my SLs, but there's a real cost to it. Every single person in the platoon has to hear your voice and can't speak or hear over it; in essence, every second you use platoon comms you're taking as many as 47 seconds from everyone else.

    Make sure it counts!


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      Re: Platoon Comms and Squad Leader Needs

      It's always a good time to be reminded of good practices. Good comms in particular require constant vigilance.
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