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  • Some Leadership thoughts

    Hey Fellow Members,

    As we all know every Friday we all do our best to attend our event Fight Night Fights, it makes this our biggest chance to try new things for the outfit, and reinforcement in our proven methods as well as what I would believe to be the outfits largest recruitment opportunity! Often these are open squads lead by some of our amazing leadership and in several situations the biggest tests for some of our to be amazing leaders getting a chance to prove their worth with a mentor giving quiet assistance when needed. It is with these thoughts that I make this post out in the open for all of us to help give suggestions about some things we would like to see either more of or get the dust knocked off and reacquainted with.

    It has been my great pleasure to lead the FNF's for the last month and win or lose I can happily say that I do enjoy the honor of Platoon Leader, I know several members are happy to see me in the role so I will continue to think that I do at least a decent job of it. When I start up the FNF's something that I find works is not to look so much on winning alerts or the way the territories go for or against us though winning always feels good, but to set some training or technique goals such a voice comms , performing proper breaching drills, or even keeping squad cohesion while performing operations. These goals may be a platoon action or in some case's these are individual details, but in all things I would think that in the end the goal be something we do as TG members to strengthen and improve the outfit as a whole. So with the thoughts that in seeing this or even posting to this thread we can give other PL's and SL's a larger goal, more then taking the next territory or killing a dozen tanks for the FNF or even our daily squads. Which I'm happy to see growing to Platoons and from only lasting the length of on leader for an hour or two all the way out to running all day and into the night!

    My thoughts are to have others post here so when our SL's and PL's read through it we can see what our members are wanting to see, not just more fighting or how to run an Armor/Air/Inf squad but in breaching, comms, fire discipline, and asset discipline, be it something for individual or platoon techniques we could practice and use more in TG life. Thanks for your time and as always happy to game with you all!

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    Re: Some Leadership thoughts

    I am entirely of your way of thinking regarding alerts and such during FNF and like the idea of some quick training exercises before fighting in earnest for FNF.

    FNF is so unstructured at the moment it's hard to schedule this in, but adding some structure (dedicate starting times etc) might help with this. I have done this now and then in the past but it does not have to be anyone in particular who arranges ( and arranges is too strong a word) FNF, anyone can step up and post it in the forums and direct the action.

    I love the fact that you consistently step up to PL, thanks very much for that!
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