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    Well I first want to say sorry for not writing a AAR about my Armor Squad training that happened two Sundays ago. But here is a quick overview of what I learned.

    The first thing is that formations are very hard to pull off. It will take a lot of time and training to do formations well enough that we don't lose speed or focus when changing formation. Also it will take a while for Armor Squad leads to learn what formations will work when and where in the battle. And it doesn't help to have some unnamed person in a harasser trying to coach us while we practiced.

    Now some thoughts about what I want to do when we do this again. I want to use lightnings instead of MBTs, as it allows us to re-pull faster and get more people practicing the formations. Also I want to try some different formations for specificity when we come under Air attack while on the move. And I want to start in the VR training before we take in into real battle. It might even be best if the didn't use formations in combat till we now them better.

    Anyway, Just thought I would put this up before I go to work but there will be more stuff I want do discuss.

    Have a good day.

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    Re: Armor Talk

    Formation work well on open land,

    'Tag teams' work well in hilly areas: one group of tanks fire on targets until they receive damage, then withdraws to repair allowing the tag member to take their place and continue the bombardment.

    This reduces the amount of damage the squad can give out at one time, but also increases the amount of time the enemy is under sustained fire and also reduces collisions, block fire and friendly fire in large squads when the front line can me limited by the terrain.

    I think the most widely used formation in PS2 is a single line or scattered pair column when moving from one place to another with the enemy to the Left or right, if contact is made, the column would stop and face the desired direction or continue moving.

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      Re: Armor Talk

      From my time in your training squad, what I picked up is that you don't want to have a command-heavy or rule-heavy line of tanks, as one of their strengths is flexibility. I like your idea of moving in a given formation (column, or staggered column for example) and I like your idea of a "set up" of sorts in which the tanks are all more or less facing a target, and I think these both could have certain easy to give and understand commands. (Staggered column, single file column, etc: phalanx formation, line formation facing north, etc)

      "staggered column, roll out north along the road" Column moves north, encounters enemy. "squad line formation facing northeast hold fire until command" and like that. Retreat/pull back formations might be good too if made simple enough.

      I think rules like "always line up to the left" will lead to a loss of flexibility and effectiveness in variable terrain. The whole exercise is definitely worth pursuing though, thanks for putting it together MTM!
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