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  • [INFO] Alpha Damage principle

    Okay, so most of us understand the idea of DPS (Damage Per Second) in PlanetSide 2. This is calculated by taking the amount of damage done in one magazine and then dividing it by the time is takes to fire and reload. But what can be deceiving about this number, is that it isn't really able to be applied to a time table without some error. With DPS if you calculate that is would take X time to kill a Sunderer, And then double the amount of DPS, it should cut that time in half. But lets take a close look at what Actually happens.

    (Note, this is using the info giving to us in-game and may be slightly inaccurate. But the principle will still be seen.)

    It takes a AP Vanguard 6 hits or 20s to kill a Maxed Blockade Armor Sunderer with no reload speed. So it would make sense that Two AP Vanguards would take 10s to kill the same Sunderer. But there is where the rubber meats the road. It only would take 8s to kill That same Sunderer with Two AP Vanguards with no Reload Speed. Why you might ask, well lets do the math.

    So by its self, the First Vanguard would fire 6 shots in 20 seconds. 1st shot then 4s reload. 2nd shot 4s reload. 3rd shot 4s reload. 4th shot 4s reload. 5 shot 4s reload. 6 shot and no reload time needed as it as killed the Sunderer. So a total time of 5 shots being reloaded or 5x4s = 20s. Now lets look at when two do the same thing.
    Both Vanguards fire at the same time. 1 shot for each or 2 total with a reload of 4s. Next volley and 4 shots total and reload of 4s. Next volley and 6 shots total so the Sunderer is dead. The time is 2 reloads or 2x4s =8s.

    So in this example you would more than half the time to kill the Sunderer. The Alpha Damage principle simply is the understanding of how damage is applied over time. And that is some cases, you can more than half you time to kill by doubling your DPS.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.

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    Re: Alpha Damage principle

    I would add : Which allows less time for Engineer to both #1-react, #2-repair, as repairs are a time-bond interaction and mostly mitigate DPS.

    #1-react is of great importance. Letting the enemy only almost 8 seconds to react grants great insurance for success.

    Great thinking, Matt!


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      Re: Alpha Damage principle

      This is a very important observation in vehicle combat where reloads are long and magazines are small or non-existent.

      That first strike is a crucial one across all scales of battle and all types of conflict. An Alpha Strike Principle would probably be a very important one to condition into everyone from the average grunt to the platoon leader. It'd be a great thing to be able to constantly perform the Alpha Strike (which I know we've done).

      SOPs for Alpha Strike orders would be valuable. We use them for AA Infantry Ops and I've seen them used during Ground Vehicle combat.


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        Re: Alpha Damage principle

        I use them routinely when my infantry is engaging armor. All it takes is standard fire discipline. "Weapons yellow. Everyone get set on target X. . . 3 2 1 firefirefire."
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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