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  • Reticule recoloring

    There's a half-implemented feature in Planetside which allows you to recolor your ADS hologram reticle. If you're anything like me, you probably found most of the colors a little hard to see in certain environments - so I did some quick research to figure out the best color option for human eyesight, which turned out to be yellow-green.

    To change your reticle color, go to your planetside 2 installation folder and open useroptions.ini with a plaintext editor. Find the [UI] section and add:
    TintModeReticuleColor=5046016 (Example here is yellow-green)

    Note: TintModeReticuleColor takes a decimal value, rather than hexadecimal.

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    Re: Reticule recoloring

    So this overrides the different colored reticles you can buy with certs? That's amusing. :P
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      Re: Reticule recoloring

      Well, it's worth noting that those reticles also come in different shapes.

      My personal preference is always a simple dot. Anything else gets confusing as parts blend in with visual clutter and lining up the center on reflex gets thrown off.

      As such, I always use the yellow dot sight. Before I found out that existed, I used the red dot, but the red dot has an incomplete box around the reticle, and I found myself occasionally confusing a corner with the center. With the yellow dot sight, even if I can't see the middle dot, the larger circle gives a good rough approximation without being mistaken for the dot.

      Anyways, here's a preview of the above reticle color. (Apparently I can post the link in a reply)

      You can set it to anything you want though. As I said, I just chose this because it's close to the color human eyesight is most sensitive to.
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        Re: Reticule recoloring

        Dude thanks ive always loved a couple of reticules but could never see them




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