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Remember to appreciate and help the new guys

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  • Remember to appreciate and help the new guys

    Yesterday night I had an amazing experience and it wasn't even mine. While in an Armor squad being led by Princess a new member/BR1 joined me in my Vanguard. As we went along we got to talking about the game(in prox of course) and some basic things to do while in a tank. We came up behind some armor around Westpass watch tower and started carving through the TR like butter. While approaching Princess gave us the order to fire upon an enemy gal coming over the mountain. My gunner got the kill and the fun/excitement I could hear in his voice as he told me how he got the kill filled me with pride. He said that was his first kill. THAT'S AWESOME! As we carved through the TR you could tell he was having a blast. This got me thinking about two things.

    1. How jaded us higher BRs can be and how we take certain things for granted.

    2. I've noticed an in-flux of new players. If you're in a squad with a new guy don't be afraid to reach out to them, this game is daunting. Also remember to be patient since they might not know what a lot of things are or have the same speed. This part goes out to all TG members not just SLs.

    Just wanted to share that great experience I had.

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    Re: Remember to apperiate and help the new guys

    Great reminder, Slyfox!






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