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My (Very Personal) Gripes with the Heavy Assault class...

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  • My (Very Personal) Gripes with the Heavy Assault class...

    -So those of you that have played with me for a significant amount of time have heard me gripe about the class known as heavy assault.

    Anyways the point of this is to explain my issues and grievances with the class, and explain my point of view, and also explain how I'd like to see the class changed. However I know more than likely it wont happen due to the massive player base, of the heavy class.

    Now for the actual post
    -In spite of how much and how frequently I complain, I don't think the class needs any MAJOR NERF'S, only slight ones.
    In its current state the heavy assault has access too
    LMG's, A weapon that essentially is an assault rifle with a 50-200 round sized mag.
    A rocket Launcher (Witch when used against vehicles is in a perfectly fine state and isnt a good tool against infantry)
    A pistol (Again a non Issue)
    Concussion grenades, c-4 med kits anti vehicle grenades
    And a shield that basically is a toggleable 700 hp

    So in Conclusion this is a class that cost's zero resources that is the best (Sub for maxes)
    -at killing infantry
    -at killing vehicles
    -requires no medics whilst using med kits, the reg gen implant, or even the bio lab benefit.
    -Usually requires no ammo whilst facing down infantry
    - is forced to reload once for the entirety of its ammo supply

    Meanwhile other classes
    are stuck with a 30 round mag
    has no ranged tools for av work, (Sub for the engi witch still requires them to remain stationary)

    SO NOW
    You have the class that is literately the best at pretty much all things killing sub for the max (Witch again costs resources). The result, everyone plays it to stay competitive, and before you know it class diversity has been killed off because now you only need 3 classes vs 5. In other words THE HEAVY ASSAULT IS KILLING A LOT OF CLASS DIVERSITY In Planet side 2.

    Second Off the Heavy has no direct weakness and promotes Very Dumb Game play. Main ing heavy assault teaches you to rely on a health advantage. You simply hit your head against a wall until you finally break through... even if there might be a better route that even the heavy assault can take. However its not encouraged with the heavy to think and often times and offense can fail due to this.

    Also every time I bring this up theres two main arguments that come up, not necessarily with tg however
    L2p headshot perfectly every time, when theres about 4 heavies to every 1 standard infantry (Sarcasm intended).
    HEAVIES ARE DESIGNED TO BE THE BEST AT EVERYTHING ITS THERE JOBS... "But i like playing other play styles and don't want to be gimped because I dont want to play..."HUSH YOU NOOB. (Exaggerating Here Clearly)

    "Well heavies dont have cloaks" -yeah but they have 100 round mags and rocket launchers
    "Well heavies cant fly" Yeah but they nullify the advantaged gained by that with there shields
    "Well heavies cant res people" Yeah but if they think and flank the enemy they can down a five man squad with there Clip size
    "Well Heavies dont have ammo packs and turrets" Yeah but they have weapons that perform similarly and aren't stuck inside the turret, and they have a shield

    point is as it stands due to the over usage of heavy assaults, in order to be as competitive your are forced into the heavy roll. If you dont want to then "Sucks for you" is the attitude

    This is why I want a nerf, I want class diversity, I want to fight less power rangers with super glowy shields, and not lose to a person with inferior skill level because they have a "I WIN" button

    They still need to be able to breach rooms
    They still need to be able to kill maxes and vehicles
    They still need to be good at killing infantry

    Sincerely Raymondscout

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    Re: My (Very Personal) Gripes with the Heavy Assault class...

    Hopefully, you never faced a BAX point cap squad. 11 HAs 1 medic.

    My life before TG
    Who cares about stats ?


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      Re: My (Very Personal) Gripes with the Heavy Assault class...

      Eh throw a brick of c-4 at em if there grouped up XD
      Vanu seems to be particularly bad with this on Emerald Two groups that come to mind Are Goku and AC though I encounter more "Other Classes" with AC. I Always laugh when people require a certain KDR to join an outfit, or have to have a certain KDR to play with the group. The only reason there achieving that is there artificially boosting that by having a bigger health pool period.
      Sigh Oh well I know we'll never see even a slight Nerf... But it does feel good to vent and explain my position


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        Re: My (Very Personal) Gripes with the Heavy Assault class...

        Those are interesting points, I've never actually looked at heavy assaults are being unbalanced.

        As I've played the game.. I haven't really noticed the lack of class diversity. It seems that every other player I pass tends to be a medic or engineer, but that is just personal observation so I might be completely off base there.

        Personally, I believe that heavy assaults are pretty well balanced. A heavy assault that has poor situational awareness is going to lose most of the time to a good medic or engineer. On the other hand, a great heavy assault player is going to wipe clean other infantry classes because that is what they were designed to do, no?

        Just my two cents!



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          Re: My (Very Personal) Gripes with the Heavy Assault class...

          The problem lies in when you have opponents with equal skill level fighting each other, the heavies always going to come out on top even sometimes with a non heavy player that's better than the heavy player , the heavy will still win. I honestly at this point the heavy doesn't have a weakness that isn't every other classes weakness with there ability. LA's have to worry about outlining themselves, maxes archers c-4, infil that 100 less health pool, medics getting your pants caught down whilst ressing someone, engineers pants down reping, turrets make you vulnerable from behind. Heavies have a slight movement debuff "VERY SLIGHT" for there ability. witch you can use to hide and put yourself in cover (Witch I have No issue with) OR and this is what needs to change SPIN POP SHIELDS AND KILL WHATEVER POOR PERSON DECIDED TO SHOOT AT YOU!!!.

          Shields should be breaching tools not a crutch to wip a U-ey and kill whoever had the clear advantage. No other class can do this without running into Cover
          -Also bare in mind this is five months old and I think theres been a shift in heavies but Planetside 2 Reddit shows this
          • Heavy Assault: 26%
          • Engineer 20.3%
          • Infiltrator 18.2%
          • Light Assault: 17.5%
          • Medic: 13%
          • M 5%"

          The amount of heavies to the amount of medics on the field is just plain wrong And the only reason for the engi is vehicle play. Heavy IS ruining diversity I would Like to see a updated number though, as while ive complained in the past, the amount of heavies lately I think has rissen




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