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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] TG Needs Your Help

    Hi folks. Some of you may have read this announcement from Apophis already. If not, please take a moment to check it out -

    I know our FTP game is not so free but the hours of enjoyment I've experienced had a lot to do with our ability to use the supporting elements of TG, such as TS and the forums to plan and plot. None of this stuff is free. Please help out if you can. Thanks.

    Discussion for above linked post is here -

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    Re: TG Needs Your Help

    Dear TG Planetside 2 Community,

    I have played countless hours with you guys over the last few years. I looked forward to seeing my friends online when I got home from first school then later work. I would spend my lunch thinking about new tactics or writing lessons for TGU. Late at night when I logged off it was often with awesome new war stories I could not wait to write into AARs, or moments I wished I had recorded. I know other people have had similar experiences playing with TG. Planetside 2 is quite simply a different game when you are playing with a TG squad. Its not the same as playing alone or in a public squad, not even close. If you enjoy the level of coordination and maturity TG brings, please consider giving a few dollars a month to keep TG going.

    TG is not just a website to a lot of us, it is a community and a fountain of fun that really does give back more than you put in. I have friends I have played with for years on TG, as I am sure many of you do. These are friendships I do not want to lose, and I am willing to pay for. I am subscribing now - or as soon as my bank transfers the money to my Paypal wallet.

    Please join me in giving to TG if you can.

    Thank you,
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      Re: TG Needs Your Help

      In all honesty I'd rather give TG my money than buy anything in PS2. (some of those prices are ridiculous) However, the budget is low right now. :/


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        Re: TG Needs Your Help

        A TG supporting membership can be expensive. I came to the realization late that I have gotten so much from this community that I figured that for time spent, the money disbursed was well worth my time. I'm not a struggling student anymore, and those who are have to eat first, but if anyone else can contribute, think of the enjoyment TG has given you, and see if you can give a little back.

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