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    -Now Legends might be a bit of a big word to use for this but bear in mind its all in semi Jest and its just for fun. That being said I thought it would both be awesome and fun to write a few stories based around particular members of our outfit (That being said these "Legends" may be part true or part false just for the sake of good story telling)

    LEGEND #1 The Doctor
    In my time playing tg ive witnessed many fill the boots of the squads medic, dropping into battle at the rear of the action. In spite of what some might say a good medic is the backbone of a tg squad. Anyone can put a soldier in the grave but only a Medic can pull you out of it, and as sutch TG Relies on there medics more than anyone... It takes a special kind of soldier to be a Medic on Auraxis. That being said there is one in our outfit that has risen above the rest...

    If you were to judge him by looks alone, you wouldn't see to much special about him. Now his Armour is adorned with the rare ever color changing armour as a testament to the his dedication to his roll and the many battles he's seen. But that wasnt what he looked like when I first met him. He looked like your average everyday medic.

    I do recall once whilst were were defending echo valley from the Tr I was performing my regular duties as a LA. On the way to the point i looked up and spotted an enemy spawn beacon. Without a second thought I gave a blast to my jump jets and arrived roof side. Meanwhile I could hear the rest of the squads rifles echo below me, I prayed they'd make it. Suddenly a flash of red! A Drop Pod had just landed, inside one of my nemesis a Heavy. He began to look my way. I looked down my reflex and pulled the trigger, 5 flashes in front of my face and the target had been dispatched. Out of habit I began to reload my carbine.

    Now I was coming up to the beacon halfway through reload, and thats when I heard it another drop pod had landed just behind me. In a split second I made my descision. I lacked the time to turn and kill the enemy, so instead i quickly unsheathed my magcutter and destroyed, the beacon. I hadnt been shot at yet I still had a little bit of time, so I made a beeline for the edge of the rooftop. 1st step the enemy fires a round. A miss. 2nd step 3 more bullets flew my way 2 hit and my shield takes the impact. Third step another four had been launched my way 1 hits and breaks my shield. the second makes contact with my body armour. 4th step, im at the edge of the rooftop now. 1 more bullet hits, And I jump, my body armour is gone now one shot and im... The final round hits its mark mid flight i crash to the bridge beneath me, dying.

    Its said that on auraxis you can stay dead for 30 secs, and then for your body its permanent. The brains too far gone by that point, the techs in the ships high above take you and absorb consciousness into there software...

    I can feel the pain in my back unable to move. When suddenly i feel it. The pains subsiding and i see myself enveloped in the bright green stream of nanites working to repair the damage in my back. Its Alex risking his hide to save mine. The rest of the squad must have made it though.

    The battle came roaring back to life at that point the gunfire of friendly heavies covering the brave soldier as he rescued me from the brink of death. I got up grabbed my carbine and made a beeline for the door .

    Then on both our ways back I noticed it the tank of death and destruction coming from behind into the rear of the room.
    "MAX CONTACT REA...!!!" I shouted but it was too late

    Dual mini guns mounted to the machine laid into the squad. Squad mate after squad mate fell, as both me and Alex took Cover ducking our heads as the roar of gunfire erupted around us. Bullets in rapid succession clanked into the cover behind. For a short time the attention shifted back to our medic. I took each chance I got to fire off rounds into the MAX Suit. each time being tagged by the overwhelming force of the miniguns. Then suddenly I Saw it. The Medic was chucking What appeared to be grenades. Each one releasing a wave green. As he himself ducked and dodged in and out of both fire and cover reviving fallen allies, as one by one more and more squad mates came back to life, each one putting more and more rounds into the max until finally he was overwealmed and defeated along with his Support.

    For what seemed like hours we defended the base until soon thereafter the squad switched hands to me. Time after time we would wipe, and time after time the little brave medic that could, saved us from the brink of destruction. Until finally one great Max Crash pushed us off the point. It was the biggest TR Zerg I had ever seen. Then for the next few minutes try as we might we couldn't make it into the point room. In order to win this I realized we had to throw everything we had into one push, and we didn't have mutch time to do it 30 seconds.

    "OOOOOOONNNNNNNNEEEE!!!" A clip ejects from an assault rifle...
    "TWWWWWWOOOOO!!!" a bolt slaps

    A WAVE OF BLUE erupts into the bottom level, my frames are tanking at this point. And the wave is quickly Mowed down. A res Grenade is tossed by our Medic. The Human wave springs back to life and we get farther, but yet again were Mowed down.
    Another Res Grenade, Now we've made it to the stairs 10 seconds left but we've been cut down for a third time The final Res Grenade explodes into a green halo As our Medic dodges picking up even more people then the res grenade can manage we enter the point room. The Clock stops at 3 Seconds, as the point is now contested but we NEARLY wipe for a final time. Our medic Picks up the rear along with a couple other soldiers And kills 3 of the TR stragglers, before getting to work picking up our men. As im lying on the floor I see him jumping and dodging, the ember that refuses to go out, our last hope. And Miraculously He's doing it. More and more of our men are being picked up and with each subsequent res our grip on the point becomes tighter and tighter Until finally we have it. the clock is now working in reverse. Soon After we push out and destroy the enemies Sunderer. It was then that I looked at the scoreboard and right there near the top of the list is the Legend "ALEX021"
    The Silent Doctor
    The medic worth 10 others
    The Harbringer of Life.

    So I hope everyone enjoyed the story,I plan on doing one for Both Garthra And Cairbr next I dont know if ghost still plays but I have some fond tanking memories with him also with Fatz as well as slyfox for air. That being said I felt as though I had to do a good story for alex as he is awsome LOL Anyways have a great day everyone.

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    Re: Tg (legends)

    Nice wright up [MENTION=101716]RaymondScout[/MENTION]

    To remind everyone about Ribbons:



    You have a new Distinguished Medic among your ranks...


    Date: September 7th, 2014

    Presented To:


    Qualification: Awarded for superior medic performance and lifesaving skills during the course of their time at tactical gamer.

    just one of many other acknowledgements of his success at TG

    Thank you [MENTION=88143]Alex021[/MENTION]

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: Tg (legends)

      It's good to remember the good times, thanks for the writeup [MENTION=101716]RaymondScout[/MENTION]!
      And [MENTION=14750]vts[/MENTION] good point.
      Ribbons are a great way to show appreciation!
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Re: Tg (legends)

        Aww I feel so honored, goes right on my heart ♥
        Thanks Raymond, thanks TG ^-^

        From the thread Vts linked, seems like I had 7935 revives as of 07-29-2014
        And now, I'm at 41,925 revives, I can tell that at least 2/3 or those are TG guys cause I love you all!


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          Re: Tg (legends)

          "Keep calm and wait for the -/-------/- + ALEX."

          (6..~)Z Z z z....




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