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    So, recently I have been flying the liberator a lot,I prefer flying and when gunning I prefer a walker or zepher. Currently have a next to stock liberator but I have afterburner, high G airframe and auto repair. Are there any tips for more agressive pilots, any tips on survivability? Finaly what loadouts do you guys tend to use?, I'd just like to know that to see if there's anything that could work for me. Thanks for your time -76

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    Re: Liberator Questions

    I worked with some load-outs on the Liberator and I find that maxing the armor works better for surviving the aggressive strikes works better especially with a fire suppression (note hit suppression early into conflict as its usable for additional hp's and you should have it again by the end of a run) I find the weapons tend to be more gunner specific some shoot one better then others. I tend to favor the Zepher and Shredder for primary and Walker and Hyena for Tertiary, though I use a Spur on my front mount. Something to note Auto-Repair is useful for long range stand off shooting while Armor works for close fire support, your style of combat will make the difference in those.


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      Re: Liberator Questions

      It depends on what you're going after. I say starting out you cant go wrong with lift, fire suppression and flak armor.


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        Re: Liberator Questions

        I use armor, instead of autorepair. But it is a preference, not a requirement. I also use high-G airframe, and decoy-flares.
        There are three general modes of liberator flight I use, and they depend on your gunner, and the main gun you are using.
        1.) The Dalton Sniper
        High altitude, remaining stationary once target to spotted. Relies on gunner to compensate for the drop. Any movement with Dalton at long range makes it near impossible to hit, so pilot must remain stationary once gunner calls for it, unless flak is going to cause immediate death. Good for taking out armor in stalemate or sunderers from relative safety. Go just low enough to render the area beneath you, and no lower. High zoom a must on Dalton. Dalton is very difficult to use against aircraft, but if your gunner is awesome, it can be lethal.

        2.) The Buzzing Shredder
        High or medium altitude. Slow circling movement, as gunner picks off armor. Moderate movement is OK because the rapid fire and zero drop of the gun allows the gunner to be accurate. Movement gives you some protection from flak. Also the Shredder can be turned into an AA weapon by flying sideways. High zoom recommended, or at least medium. Shredder is fairly easy to use against aircraft.

        3.) The Drive By Zepher
        Low altitude, fast runs over masses of infantry. Since infantry render at 300 meters, you have to be low if you are doing anti-infantry work. This lends itself to the thermal optics, or at a moderate zoom. Chances are if there is a mass of infantry, some will have AA capabilities. Also drop is severe on Zephyr, so long range is tricky. Since you are low, you had better to fast. Plan you ingress and egress routes in advance.

        How To Escape:
        Flak is not the problem. It can be outrun or avoided if you plan well.
        Aircraft are the threat.
        When engaging enemy ESFs, consider turning your craft on its side, to allow main gun to engage the air. The most dangerous enemy air is the ESF that keeps its distance. The liberator's AA weapons are good at close range, but at far range, it is very hard to effectively engage enemy ESFs. My typical plan is have a good gunner who communicates. If my gunner says the ESF is keeping its distance I charge it. Close range favors the liberator over the ESF. If the ESF is chasing me closely, I will often just stop and let him come very close to my rear gun for a quick kill.
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