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Squad Leaders and The Squad and what effect i feel it has on the squad.

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  • [INFO] Squad Leaders and The Squad and what effect i feel it has on the squad.

    Alright everyone I'm going to post some information here for people to comment on and see what everyone who visits this post has to say about the following.

    Squad Leaders and you.
    1. Squad leaders are the leaders that assemble men under his command drawing from both TG ranks and those of random origin.
    But what effects does having an effective leader have on the squad in general other then the effects seen and observed on the field.
    For those who would like to improve there leadership skills and have members of TG.
    And the members of the general public willing to join and stay for the duralation of the SL's lead I would Strongly Recommend Garthras Videos.
    He touches on a point that I would like to address farther in this post.


    When orders are given by the sl for a particular task he wishes for himself and his squad to partake in he often is not aware of how the orders are being recived and only focuses on how they are given.

    For example if I were to use a calm voice and make sure that the orders are recived by the squad it shows that the SL is in control of the situation no matter on what events the squad currently was involved in.
    But if I were to use a voice that includes long drawn breaths or have the voice carry with it a decree of agitation with the situation or with a particular member. It can and will bleed our morale and excitement from the squad.

    When a commander looks to his squad with eyes looking for perfection and drills his squad on what they might of not gotten right. The feelings that are recived by the soldiers under his command is that of punishment. Everyone who joins a squad is looking for leadership and being part of something bigger then what one man can achive on his own. We are trained and drilled on how to conduct a professional outfit and when we are on the field we are tested on how we do under multiple situations. But when we drilled on what we did wrong during the time in a squad it not only bleeds morale but also makes them start looking for the first exit they can find out of the squad.
    The solution is simply this...Save the correction if it is minor for the after battle debriefing and do not correct people if its minor up front of fellow squad mates. If you are prepaired to lead then be prepaired when you ask a squad member on why your orders were not followed to the T. And be prepaired to show them how to do it right. But do it AFTER THE BATTLE.

    Some may argue that the TG members must always perform the tasks given to them by a officer without any mess-ups. I understand this. But there is a time and a place for all of this. That's why there is Breifings and de breifings. Be professional.



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