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  • AFK for a bit

    Hi All, I've been absent from the game for a bit, like has gotten busy, and I find myself not having much energy in the evenings after work. Also I am going to PAX east and developing cosplay (First time!) for my daughter and me which is taking a lot of time and creative energy. Also playing guitar a little more seriously which is taking time away from gaming.

    Not leaving, and still love the game and the community, just spending a little less time on now. I'll pick it back up again in a while.

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    Re: AFK for a bit

    I sympathize with your situation a lot. When you're out of energy at the end of a long day Planetside is a pretty taxing proposition. Hope to see you when it all calms down for you!

    Enjoy PAX east! I've greatly enjoyed my time at PAX Prime both times I've gone (albeit as an exhibitor, not an attendee, though honestly it's probably more fun when you're NOT stuck manning a booth!). It's a crazy show, but a ton of fun.


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      Re: AFK for a bit

      Roger. Will miss you.
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        Re: AFK for a bit

        We all got it. You don't like us anymore. :(

        TL;DR: Zombie stuck on queue to join the platoon.

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          Re: AFK for a bit

          Dude, just get in and pew pew. That's the phase I'm in right now. You've done your fair share of leading, take a break for a while. You've earned it.

          I think those of us who lead feel guilty when we don't. I suppose some level of that is healthy, it keeps people running squads after all. Ha! :p

          But at some point, if you feel it's a chore/job, you won't want to get in game any more, because that's the way you look at it. Leadership burn out. The fun goes out of it. At that point, I think your (my? our? we all do it) sense of community and responsibility to others has gone too far. At some point, you need to be a little selfish and just have fun again. Just enjoy pew pewing, or whatever. In my case, lately I just fly the Gal most of the time, that's probably what I enjoy most.

          After a good long while of that, you may or may not get back into SLing. Sometimes I do when I just can't handle the ineptitude of whoever is running the squad any more. Makes me come out of retirement. LOL But that's only in a pubbie squad, almost never in a TG squad, we have so many good SLs nowadays.

          Anyway cheers man, and don't be a stranger! You don't need to feel obligated to SL/PL whatsoever, mate!
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