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Wrel's Auraxian Update 5/14/16

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  • [INFO] Wrel's Auraxian Update 5/14/16

    This may be a week old, but it's a good encapsulation of the last few patches and what should be coming up in the next few months. That Rocklet rifle should make you happy Ray! :D

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    Re: Wrel's Auraxian Update 5/14/16

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D It does though id prefer to see the specialized rounds switch from smoke (a redundant feature given our many ways of dispensing smoke already) to something like a anti infantry specialized High explosive round, that has a large aoe but takes something like 3 or 4 splash hits to kill (Still curious to see how many hits to kill infantry), (or even just fix the gl on the s variants of weapons) maybey a radar jammer round. While it will be a nice toy I think it needs a little extra oomph to become anything more. If its enough to finish off a non shield sundy in a reasonable amount of time ill be seriously interested. It really needs a good roll though is the important part. if it is a good sundy finisher, max counter, or even dare I say it (heavy counter on the level of rocket primary heavies lol) right now I know its early but it seems as though in its current state it seems nothing more than (tickle damage) to stuff. (Basically I dont want another explosive crossbow) I see it filling a role of perhaps dedicated max counter making light assault perhaps the go to class for max countering. (though having some sort of anti tank option is of benefit, maybe even with skill anti close range air option. As anyone who has played light assault for a while knows the presence of tank and aircraft can completely kill the one advantage you as a light assault have witch is verticality. Honestly I really hope it ends up being "Rocket Launcher Light" quite capable at infantry max and vehicles, just perhaps at a slightly lower pace than the rocket launcher can get it done. I myself am quite hopeful of a future deploy-able grav lift for squad perpouses though. Or perhaps for the ammo types to be expanded upon... Maybey even give us the battle rifle? These are the two things that would absolutely fix light assault for me
    "A squad role tool (Witch the rocket rifle very well might provide[maybey might even become emales favorite class for the smoke spam abilities now lol]) ALSO FIX THE SMOKE BUG"
    "and access to the battle rifle, or some sort of semi auto ranged option for light assault (and while the black hand is great its still not the battle rifle)"

    Also of note the blackhand is essentially a semi auto sniper rifle with a 4 round mag that the LA has access too, this alone proves that giveing the la a ranged option wouldn't kill the game.

    ALSO WOULD ABSOLUTLEY LOVE TO SEE A RADAR JAMMING ROUND FOR THE LA too perhaps make it so that with it theres only two clips. that could really be useful on a point hold
    If as wrel says it would be useful as a ally covering weapon than I am all game for that as well and could help fufill the roll that light assault is desighned for


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      Re: Wrel's Auraxian Update 5/14/16 also joshino goes into some of the first iterations of the weapon details in this video


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        Re: Wrel's Auraxian Update 5/14/16

        ... Interestingly enough rumor has it that on a pts update there's been some really interesting changes to the rocklet rifle.
        Apparently nc got pocket raven rounds, tr got some sort of shotgun high alpha damage volley type round and vs got... DRUMROLL PLEASE ...a laser round wa wa wawawawawa. also aparently smoke was replaced with flashbang rounds for the rocklet and the heat got replaced with a ap round (Witch may have just been a name change... Ill hop on pts tommorow to check it out. The general consensus is that as it stands right now Tr rounds = op nc rounds =annoying vanu rounds = ?
        Also haven't been able to confirm this but via forum reading it also sounds like Flack? rounds have been added but im not sure if they were referring to default rounds being capable of dealing flack like damage to aircraft if they get to close or if there legit flack rounds.
        -Personally im really hoping this weapon comes out in a balanced state and makes the la capable of more squad utility. I could see flack and av options be really useful for squad play as well as flashbangs or maybe some sort ai round (Please give an anti infantry round devs or make one of the rounds useful in that regard too. (link to thread discussions)




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