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Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

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  • Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

    This is a spreadsheet that allows you to compare different firearms in the game with each other. One important distinction that you'll not find anywhere else is a Real DPS metric. The R.DPS is calculated from average accuracy and headshot ratio data, which means it is an in-aggregate reflection of the REAL or ACTUAL performance as recorded in-game by DBG's API/database. This is not a definitive metric! It does not take into account legshots, attachments, or (the most important) accuracy at various range brackets. Some weapons are better at longer range than others, but that data is not tracked by DBG's API.

    What that means is: A long range LMG will have greater ACTUAL DPS at 70m+ compared to a short range LMG, but since that specific data isn't provided by DBG's API, there is no way to see it. That does not make this data useless, as it still shows the overall performance with all range brackets taken into account.

    So far I've only completed Light Machine Guns and Pistols (and one SMG); it's time consuming to do since I'm manually adding data from dasanfall, any updates, if any, will take awhile.

    imgur /O8eVKZO.png

    imgur /vkC5b9p.png

    You'll have to fill in the blanks, I can't post the URL's because the forum blocks all imagehosts.

    In case anyone is wondering, I purposely excluded the directive pistols; dasanfall is only tracking stats for ~50 people for each of those pistols - that's not a large enough sample size for accurate data.
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    Re: Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

    One thing I'd like to point out which I felt was rather interesting: The Cyclone SMG, which our heavy assaults can use, is on average more effective than any of the actual NC LMG's excepting the GODSAW.

    I've been playing around with it a little bit already, and it's pretty beastly. Works in almost every engagement except the long-range fights. Highly recommend giving it a try.

    After adding the other faction SMG's, it turns out the Cyclone is about middle-of-the-road performance, with the Eridani and Armistice both beating it. Watch out for those TR/VS SMG heavies!
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      Re: Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

      I've updated the spreadsheet.

      It now has:
      Light Machine Guns
      Assault Rifles
      Battle Rifles
      Submachine Guns
      Heavy weapons

      And a category for Most Firearms; basically removing outliers (shotguns/snipers for example)

      I've also started adding a new SCORE column (currently only available in the Most Firearms tab), which takes the z-scores of a weapons' DPS, KDR, and KPH values and adds them together. In effect, weapons with high values in all three categories will float to the top. It's not a definitive metric, just something extra.

      For those who don't really want to read the spreadsheet a quick summary of the Top 3 weapons according to real DPS for Heavy and Medic:

      Heavy Assault
      1. Godsaw
      2. Cyclone
      3. Anchor

      1. Gauss Rifle Burst
      2. Cyclone
      3. GR-22

      Engineer, Light Assault, and Infiltrator still require scout/bolt snipers, shotguns, and carbines to be done. I'd like to try and work max weapons in there as well. (possibly by averaging the left and right weapon values together as one entity) - Tactical Gamer // Planetside 2


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        Re: Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

        [MENTION=55175]Wintermote[/MENTION] Thanks for doing this!
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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          Re: Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

          Cool, interesting. Thanks for taking the time!

          Originally posted by Wintermote View Post
          does not take into account [...] attachments
          Word on the street always has been the stock SAW is pretty good, once you add advanced foregrip and suppressor to it. Of course, given this data, that wouldn't be calculated. I wonder if there is any way to calculate that? I suppose my guess would be (I didn't follow the link or look very far into this) that level of granularity of data is not provided by DA's interface.

          Also, this is not taking skill into account. Well, I suppose it does, to the extent that they are large aggregate numbers. But what I guess I mean is, for the stock guns, they may be weighted slightly worse than they actually are, by new players who maybe try the game for a little while then quit, or new players who may be new to FPS on PC in general and who may be bad shots, etc... I would expect that players who have been at it long enough to decide to purchase additional weapons may be slightly better at shooting? Or am I interpreting the data incorrectly?
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            Re: Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

            The Gauss Saw is definitely good (Well, to a certain degree), with compensator and foregrip it's only slightly worse (mechanically) than the GODSAW (which you can see is near the very top of the chart). The problem is that the Gauss Saw requires an understanding of gameplay mechanics that none of the new players have - standing still or crouching to fire, rapid single-shot at longer ranges, slow single-shot at extreme ranges, popping your overshield when you stand still and fire to take any sniper hits, not running around all the time, etc.

            And in order to see the difference attachments actually make, daybreak would have to release stats showing kills, accuracy, headshot ratio, for each group of attachments that are actually being used for that kill. It'd get pretty messy. In any case, I don't think attachments change accuracy and hsr characteristics (and thus applied DPS) enough to matter significantly, a bigger deal is how a player uses it; for weapons that are immediately used by new players (gauss saw for example) the numbers get dragged down because these people don't know how to play, and give up within 10-25 BR levels. Likewise, the directive weapons are dragged up as they're only used by people who've aurax'd a bunch of guns and have a swath of experience. I ought to add an option to hide those.

            If ~BR30 and down weren't counted for each weapon it would probably give a better idea of average performance, especially for the defaults.
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              Re: Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

              Sooo, you're saying I shouldn't strafe whilst using the Gauss SAW? /shiftyeyes

              I guess I don't really strafe so much as I always try and keep moving (due to lag compensation mechanic) and pie a lot of corners.

              How much accuracy am I losing by moving? Thought I read somewhere that one of the VS HA weapons has no accuracy penalty while moving (or was it only strafing), is that correct?
              "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                Re: Statistical Analysis of Firearm Performance in Planetside 2

                It's okay to strafe with it at shorter ranges, within ~30m pushing to ~50m. It's situational to know when to strafe and when not to strafe, but generally the greater the range, the less strafing helps as you don't move as many pixels on the other guys' screen.

                This is probably the weakest point of the gauss saw; having to stand still while firing makes you a much easier target while your opponents can usually strafe without as much of an impact. And it's not so much the movement that does it, but the movement combined with the high CoF bloom per bullet that the Gauss has (~15% higher than other LMG's, and ~30% than carbines/AR's). So you start with a large CoF from moving, and then it expands faster than your opponents' when you fire.

                Proper gauss saw use would be:
                Hipfire within 3m --
                4-15 round bursts within 30m (it's okay to strafe)
                2-3 round bursts past 30m (it's preferable not to strafe)
                Rapid 1-round 'bursts' past 50-70m (lots of vertical recoil, not okay to strafe, should crouch) --
                Slow 1-round 'bursts' at long range (not okay to strafe, can crouch or stand) --
                Activate your overshield when standing still and firing if you think there's a good chance a sniper might catch you --

                Consider using a 1x or 2x scope if your FoV is below 100. I use a 3.4x scope with a 120 FoV. The larger your FoV or the smaller your scope magnification is, the less you will have to move your mouse to account for recoil. The mechanical recoil stays the same, but the distance in pixels moved on your screen does not.

                Higher magnification scopes are exactly the same thing as decreased FoV. You can actually get more than a 6x zoom on a 6x scope if you set your FoV to the lowest possible. (Some snipers also set their hide UI to a mouse toggle - which is also helpful with the phoenix)

                All weapons have accuracy penalties while moving, but some have lower penalties than others. (iirc the Pulsar LSW had an assault-rifle tier penalty but that was quickly removed) The Orion/Betelgeuse used to have a 0.75x movement speed modifier while aiming down sights, while other LMG's (excluding NS15) had 0.5x modifier, meaning you could strafe (or walk while ADS'ing) much faster.
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