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    Hey guys,I just wanted to say on behalf of IIIP that we are happy that you guys at least tried to set up a scrim with us on request. Depending on the amount of those intrested we may still proceed with scrims,but rather then doing outfit v outfit we will see who's there and mix teams up if we have egnoth on our side. We are always happy to do some scrims so please let us know if you ever have an intrest as we will most likely accept. I'm pretty sure that joint ops sometime will be a possibility, as well as a training session, depending on how the outfit officers feel. Just pm me via the forms if you want to set something up and I'll relay it through to command.
    Anyway for those that were intrested in the scrim hop on to our teamspeak(IIIP.Host-Bot.US) a bit before 8pmeastern time, this Friday and we will see of we can set up a mixed scrim. Again please have the PTS installed as we Don't have access to Jaeger accounts sadly.
    Take care, and thanks for showing some intrest in scrims with us!
    P.S I apologize for any spelling errors as I typed this at 2 am.



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