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  • [INFO] Game Update 7/716

    Another large update hit today with new construction stuff, updates for ESF weapons and loads of minor items. One of the more interesting ones buried at the bottom is that Flashes can now equip Gate Shield Defusers.

    The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) / 13:00 (UTC) for an update. The estimated downtime is approximately 2 hours. The following changes have been incorporated:

    Air to Air Balance Pass


    Composite Armor

    §Now increases resistance to ESF noseguns by 3/6/9/12%



    §Projectile velocity for airborne variants from 1000m/s to 850m/s



    §Cone of Fire from 1.5 to 1

    §Refire rate from 344ms to 300ms

    §Seek distance from 15m to 20m (same as Coyotes)

    §No longer affected by Stealth


    §Ammo capacity from 500 to 600

    ESF Common

    Mouse Freelook

    §Viewing angles have been increased slightly for all ESF

    Engagement Radar

    §Now default for all ESF at max rank, certs refunded

    Afterburner Fuel Tanks

    oUnlockable Quick-Recharge and High-Capacity Afterburner Fuel Tank variants have been added

    Composite Armor

    oNow increases resistance to ESF noseguns by 4/6/8/10%


    oProjectile acceleration from 10 to 35

    oProjectile max velocity from 150 to 120

    oReload speed from 4sec. to 4.5sec.

    oIncrease from Reload Speed cert line from 1 sec. per rank to 0.5 sec. per rank

    oNo longer affected by stealth

    Tomcat A2AM Pods/Photon Missile Pods

    oNo longer requires the pilot to maintain the lock

    oDirect damage from 850 to 750

    oPlaced on new resistance type

    oAmmo capacity from 6 to 11

    oAmmo provided from Ammo Capacity cert line from 1 ammo per rank to 2 ammo per rank

    oScythe, Mosquito, Reaver = 10% resistance

    oValkyrie = 15% resistance

    oLiberator = -5% resistance

    oGalaxy = 0% resistance

    oShots to kill Scythe, Mosquito, Reaver from 3 (1083.75dmg) to 5 (675dmg)

    oShots to kill Valkyrie from 5 (714dmg) to 6 (552.5dmg)

    oShots to kill Liberator from 9 (573.75dmg) to 7 (787.5dmg)

    oShots to kill Galaxy from 19 (382.5dmg) to 10 (750dmg)


    Vortek Rotary

    §Default magazine size from 25 to 27

    §Ammo capacity from 250 to 324

    §Ammo provided from Ammo Capacity cert line from 25 per rank to 27 per rank

    M20 Kestrel

    §Projectile velocity from 750 to 770

    §Now deals 250 damage at any range

    §Reload speed from 2.4sec. to 2.6sec.

    M30 Mustang AH

    §Is now an automatic weapon

    §Reload speed from 3sec. to 2.6sec.

    §Magazine size from 5 to 10

    §Ammo capacity from 60 to 120

    §Ammo provided from Ammo Capacity cert line from 6 per rank to 10 per rank

    §Direct damage from [email protected]@100m to 65 at all ranges

    §Minimum indirect damage radius from 1m to 2m

    §Maximum indirect damage from 200 to 100

    §Minimum indirect damage from 1 to 50


    Saron Laser Cannon

    oProjectile velocity from 800 to 750

    Hailstorm Turbo Laser

    oRenamed “Maelstrom Turbo Laser”

    oProjectile velocity from 700 to 650

    oMaximum damage from 230 to 255

    oMagazine size from 35 to 38

    oAmmo capacity from 350 to 456

    oAmmo provided from Ammo Capacity cert line from 35 per rank to 38 per rank

    Antares LC

    oNow deals 220 damage at any range

    oProjectile velocity from 800 to 770

    oReload speed from 2sec. to 2.35sec.

    Light PPA

    oNow uses the ESF nosegun resistance

    oExtended Magazines now provides 6, 12, 18, 24 extra rounds, down from 13, 25, 38, 50 rounds

    oMaximum indirect damage radius from 1m to 0.75m

    oMinimum indirect damage radius from 4m to 3.33m

    oMinimum indirect damage from 1.5 to 1

    oProjectile velocity from 300 to 350


    M18 Rotary

    oMaximum damage from 200 to 210

    oMagazine size from 45 to 48

    oAmmo capacity from 450 to 576

    oAmmo provided from Ammo Capacity cert line from 45 per rank to 48 per rank

    M18 Locust

    oProjectile velocity from 750 to 770

    oNow deals 200 damage at any range


    oNow uses the ESF nosegun resistance

    oMagazine size from 32 to 35

    oAmmo capacity from 256 to 280

    oAmmo provided from Ammo Capacity cert line from 32 per rank to 35 per rank

    oMaximum indirect damage radius from 0.3m to 0.5m

    oMinimum indirect damage radius from 1 to 2m

    oMinimum indirect damage from 10 to 20

    oMaximum cone of fire from 1 to 0.75

    New Construction Items

    §Reinforcements Module: Allows deployed Sunderers within range of it to be a potential continent wide reinforcements needed spawnpoint; your faction population in the area must still meet the reinforcement needed requirements.

    §Infantry Tower: A large tower structure that can be constructed and then occupied by infantry units.

    §Spear Anti-Vehicle Phalanx Turret: This turret is shorter than the constructable phalanx towers, allowing it to be placed in areas where it is less exposed.

    §Faction Banner: Cosmetic banner that displays your faction logo

    §Vehicle Ramp: A constructable multipurpose vehicle ramp

    §Blast Wall: Large wall that once fully constructed can withstand a moderate amount of damage.

    Other New Stuff

    oTriumph Flare guns should now be available for purchase for a limited time

    oTo help address some exploit concerns, there were two roof entrances added to the Sunderer Garage. Both have shields applied by the Structure Shield Mod.

    oFlare Gun and Deep Freeze holiday pistols magazine size from 1 to 2 and their Ammo capacity from 21 to 22.

    oIncreasing visibility of some vehicle tracer rounds in high light situations

    oMain Battle Tank secondary weapons, MR11 Gatekeeper, Aphelion VEX-4, and M96 Mjolnir, have been added to their respective directive line.

    oAI Mana, AV Mana, Spitfire turrets now should be able to be placed closer to other deployables

    oUpdated the names for "Deployed" construction turrets to reduce their length but maintain distinction from normal turrets. Example: "Deployed Spear Phalanx Turret" would now read, "Spear-D Phalanx Turret".

    oRenamed Rusty Bent Glaive to Johari Cove

    oUnderbarrel Smoke Launchers now use a shorter duration smoke effect.

    oNS-61 Emissary Black and gold version tooltips now use weapon's correct name. Additional changes include:

    oMaximum damage from 112 to 125

    oMinimum damage from 77 to 91

    oHeadshot multiplier from 2.0x to 1.8x

    oVertical recoil from 0.18 to 0.2

    oFirst shot recoil multiplier from 1.2 to 1.25

    oThe infiltrator's Decoy Grenade has made a return. It will simulate gunfire sounds, project false radar signatures, and distract automated anti-infantry turrets (which includes the Spitfire and Deployable Xiphos turret.)

    oAdjustments were made to loading screen tooltips.

    oIn order to help clarify and direct fire to the appropriate targets when attacking a player made base, hardened structures like walls and bunkers will now take no damage while under the influence of an active repair mod.
    •◦This will remove the health bars and hit indicators from these objects when fired upon, and hopefully help call out that other targets should be focused on before trying to bring the walls down.
    ◦So in order to kill that wall, you need to kill its repair mod, and to kill that repair mod, you'll likely need to kill the turrets and defenders protecting it.

    oOptics attachments have been added to all empire specific pistols.

    oA bunch of new player studio items hit the store, with more releasing over the next few weeks

    oHarasser decals now displays on the sides and back and we've improved camo coverage on rear cab

    oFlash is now able to equip Gate Shield Diffuser

    oAdjusted night time to be slightly brighter

    oPlayers can no longer place VP Chassis while they have an active HIVE in world.

    oAdded Vehicle gunner sensitivity setting

    oAdded [H] indicator when ESF is in hover mode

    oAdded New Faven loading screens

    oDeployment screen misc aesthetic tweaks and updates

    oDeployment selection defaults to Heavy Assault instead of Light Assault

    oRevival timer on deployment screen, showing progress bar and time value now

    oEquipment terminal optimizations: should open and process 100-150% faster

    oCharacter/Vehicle loadout misc aesthetic tweaks and updates, new unlocked items will now be auto-equipped in the editing loadout

    Bug Fixes

    oForward Grip descriptions have been updated to include more specific attachment information.

    oFixed an error where some Forward Grips would incorrectly increase the number of horizontal "kicks" in one direction.

    oUpdated some badly placed preview cameras for TR and NC ANT equipables.

    oVehicle cloak no longer breaks stealth cert line

    oFixed an issue where the ANT would not let you deploy because the 'Spawn Points' were blocked.

    oFlagged Crimson October Armor Decal for use as an Outfit decal.

    oFixed a bug causing ANT favorite loadouts to not display or behave correctly.

    oANT terminal should now properly display the cortium icon for item costs

    oSome construction item types have been grouped up to share a common max placement pool. For the moment, these include:

    oAV turrets

    oRampart walls

    oSome items have moved into different categories on the ANT terminal to try and maintain some better organization

    oFixed an issue where players inside of constructed turrets would not hear the correct impact audio when their turret is hit.

    oFixed NC Spear Anti-Vehicle Phalanx Tower having incorrect red crosshair.

    oFixed NC Aspis Anti-Air Phalanx Tower having incorrect icon in the kill screen.

    oFixed AI mines doing damage through walls

    oFixed an issue where the ANT scout radar would function if the ANT was not occupied.

    oFixed a bug causing the harasser headlight housing to light up instead of the actual lights

    oOutpost minimap icons should appear around the spawn room at NS Material Storage again.

    oSunderer Bulwark Bumper and Sunderer Ambulance Module cosmetic items can now co-exist

    oFix for long standing Tank Mine rendering issues (hopefully)

    oFixed number of collision exploits in and around Biolabs

    oAdded spot VO callout for spotting enemy ANTs

    oFix for the issue where other players could appear dead, but still be running around and shooting.

    oFixed a bug that caused the VS black and gold versions of the Bursters to be held differently than the base version.

    oFixed an issue where underbarrel smoke and shotguns had incorrect audio and tracers.

    oAnt weapons now have the appropriate medals awarded

    oFix for cursor blinking bug when mousing over buttons, esp. in ANT terminal

    oFixed issue that caused directive waypoint to not display if user completes the tutorial

    oFix for the bug where the tracer is not visible and no audio plays when the constructed AI controlled turret is firing

    oFixed an issue that could cause players to lose certs and upgrades when selecting a refund at the BR 15 screen

    oFixed an issue where hitting "E" to place a construction object would cause the placement model to jump slightly

    oAdjusted volume for the Basilisk firing audio

    oNearby medics will no longer be called out if revival timer is expired

    oANT terminal purchase widget shows DBC in consistent location and calls it out with an orange bg color to avoid confusion

    oFix for ANT terminal purchase options showing a hanging “OR” label when only 1 currency purchase was offered

    oInstant action will now correctly redeploy with the loadouts selected in the deployment screen
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    Re: Game Update 7/716

    I'm too out of touch to say much on the aircraft changes, other than that my heavy interceptor strategy might be obsolete in favour of using Tomcats for anti-Galaxy work. Also, flares might be a more valuable piece of kit for Liberator and Galaxy pilots.

    Since the construction system is my favourite part of the game right now, I'm very happy to see additions being made.

    The reinforcement module seems particularly relevant; if we ever get into a situation like our base defense at the TR warpgate a couple weeks ago, we might be able to prevent ourselves from being as badly outnumbered. It makes attacking a lightly defended base perhaps more fraught than it used to be; if you're not quick, a defense force might be mustered. Lightning strikes would be the preferred way of killing undefended bases in uncontested territory, and minimizing time spent loitering in the hex (or approaching from a hex boundary) would be valuable to minimize the time it's a valid reinforcement target. Similarly, you'll want to be building bases in territories where you don't expect friendly forces to be hanging out, so that they don't cut into your reinforcement cap. I'll be very interested to see if this brings familiar redeployside dynamics, or if it takes on its own flavour.

    Of the other construction options, the infantry tower and lower profile spear turret seem most interesting. The infantry tower looks like a NASTY firing position once it's been shielded and repaired up; an infantry AV squad would have a clear line of sight on the entire field and be able to engage with impunity, especially now that a repair module will be rendering the entire structure invulnerable.

    The lower profile Spear turrets will be very handy in a lot of situations, I think; no blind spot for enemy infantry to sit in, and can be placed with terrain protecting them from all but the side you want to cover (and therefore preventing focus fire). Situational, but useful, I think!


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      Re: Game Update 7/716

      ... All thats good and all but... WHERES MY ROCKET RIFLE!!! X(, vehicle ramp is a funny, but somewhat pointless addition, reinforcement module is pretty awsome. The Infantry tower is what I want to see more of in the game, My biggest issue with the construction system right now is its basically base, vs tanks, witch is good to give the tanks something to do, but right now pretty much everything about it discourages infantry from really even trying that much with anything but a drop nuke the core hope for the best, or plink from range, strategies, when I first heard of the construction system I had envisioned, tanks slugging it out with turrets, meanwhile the infantry fought over various rooms,trying to gain a foothold as one was either pushed farther away from the core or the other pushed towards it. :/ but maybey that wasnt what the devs intended. I really think fast deploy sunderer garages or walls need to become a thing, witch would allow attacking players to spawn, you know not like, miles away. It would become an important target for defenders as well, to focus on much like how with the non construction system bases, finding and killing the sundy is your main objective. Its for this reason that I find bases built into terrain are much more fun because, well, theres other methods to killing them.

      -on the note of the air changes, If it helps more people to get into the air game than im happy... If it makes it easier for skynights to become better a2a NOSEGUN ONLY, or u a scrub, people than im unhappy. Because as it stands right now any new pilot or even me for that matter may have success in a duel about 5 to 10% of the time if its a 1v1 though sometimes I can even get that number up to 30 or 40 percent if I use dirty tactics... (basically go sky high and swoop down on people and you'll win alot more than if you dont.) anyways pretty, good and in summarry, get us more building types like the tower, bunker etc... GIVE ME MY STINKIN ROCKET RIFLE!, AND I hope that the a2a changes make for more pilots


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        Re: Game Update 7/716

        I wonder how effective the flak ammo for the Rocket Rifle will be in the rumble seat of a Valkyrie when dealing with ESFs?


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          Re: Game Update 7/716

          I have no idea what you mean, Ray, because my favourite way to kill bases is an infantry assault! :P

          Rocklet is scheduled for the end of the month, IIRC.


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            Re: Game Update 7/716

            , thanks for the update but ugg I want it out sooner, as far as aa la's with rocklet rifles goes I have a feeling it will be a closer range option, though as with anything in the rumble seat the pilot will have to hold still, a bit to get some shots off. yeah I suppose I shouldnt comment as to the state of things base wise because i havent been in game too much lately, Maybey im just salty after being blown to smithereens or lit on fire every time ive tried to jump jet over a wall, not much is la friendly in the game nowadays maybey sub for the upcoming rocket rifle. A,I, is just incredibly frustrating to me though, its not as bad when you can kinda afford to bob in and out of cover and your abilities are in line with that, but when every turret around auto locks you the moment you use your ability, that normally would really help your allies, but instead now makes you just insta dead its annoying, I was sorta hoping to be able to hop over walls c-4 then kill a enemy or two before dieing you know. Ignore me im just salty. From now on assualting base wise I think ill stick to drifters, they allow you travel farther before there auto locked. Also have been playing alot of airsoft lately too locally. Maybey some strategy from that will transfer over.

            -though I see nothing but good coming from that infantry tower, haveing a room to storm and set up shop in the construction system is something ive wanted to see for a while


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              Re: Game Update 7/716

              Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
              I The infantry tower looks like a NASTY firing position once it's been shielded and repaired up; an infantry AV squad would have a clear line of sight on the entire field and be able to engage with impunity, especially now that a repair module will be rendering the entire structure invulnerable.
              Wait, does the infantry tower get the same benefit that walls and bunkers do? The patch notes list walls and bunkers.... not infantry towers.... unless infantry tower is a type of bunker?
              The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                Re: Game Update 7/716

                I couldn't tell you if it qualifies, actually! I'd THINK so, it's the same sort of structure, but they might have omitted it.

                Now after having played with the infantry tower a bit:

                Once fully set up and manned, it is a MONSTROUS defensive position, high visibility infantry positions with spawn room invulnerability! If you have to charge a tower, or bring vehicles up to it, you're going to have a rough time of it.

                However, in low population scenarios it's very easy for a tower to work AGAINST you; if the enemy can get set up inside they can use the safety and high visibility to wreck your base with impunity. Alex and I snuck into one with infiltrators and wrecked a whole bunch of modules from there. By setting anti-personel mines along the stairwell up, we were able to prevent the enemy from disturbing us for a while, as well.

                There are (potentially shielded) entrances on the roof that bear consideration; if the tower has been taken by the enemy, a light assault attack from the roof might be what you need to take it back (drop C4, profit). However, that same opportunity is there for the enemy; if you can get a light assault up there (in a heated assault, the Xiphos turrets that would normally prevent that might be down) you can hit the defenders and flush them out. Crossing the ground in between might be aided by popping smoke on their position continuously to foul their vision. The main weakness of the tower is that there's no coverage of anything below it; if you can rush it, you're fairly safe.

                There's a juicy possibility in dropping a full squad, with AV kit, into one of those towers. Land on the roof, take the tower by surprise, and then lock it down. Engineers can probably secure the stairway pretty effectively with MANA turrets, especially with an AI MAX to back them up. Once you have the tower secured, you can rain down fire from impunity and wreck everything in sight; the top floor provides a pretty great field of fire except for targets immediately below the tower.

                When employing them ourselves, I think we need to be very cautious of the possibility of them being turned against us. Towers should be placed either with a poor field of view of critical assets, or steps should be taken to impede infantry movement into them. Something that worked fairly well for us tonight was putting one on a ridgeline with a skywall below it; since the structure is so tall, it doesn't take a whole lot for it to intersect the skywall. In our case the skywall intersected with the top floor perfectly, meaning no enemy could take it without burning to death.


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                  Re: Game Update 7/716

                  You can also deploy both spawn beacons and engineer turrets on the very top of the tower for a even larger field of fire. So far a Valkyrie is the best way to deposit people on top until we can figure out a better ladder with other construction options. Another nice touch is that Flashes also fit inside so you could have a Triage or Scout Rader Flash providing healing or recon for the squad in the tower.


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                    Re: Game Update 7/716

                    I like the idea assaulting wise, of taking towers myself, kinda hoping for more buildings like this.


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                      Re: Game Update 7/716

                      Can confirm: infantry towers get the repair module invulnerability. Super powerful defensive buildings if you have the manpower to use them.




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