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  • Selecting leaving gaming scene.

    Hey guys.

    I don't know where should I post this but probably here since I defended TG name only in Planetside2 Community.
    Unfortunately, I have to part ways with you, TG Community this tame. It really saddens me and hurts when I'm writing this letter to you guys. I took a break of playing PS2 about year and a half and when I came back, I still had heart welcoming TG Community waiting for me. I really appreaciated every moment and will cherish it even when I'm gone in my memories and recalls. I had the most awesome gaming days with you. Now, I'll have to leave.

    I came from RTS world of gaming, so that means not specifically of FPS shooters and such. My first game was probably that Wolfenstein with some number but, Doom was my favourite. Then I've discovered the world of C&C franchise (Command and Conquer).
    When I first installed PS2, It was actually looking at Steam and then It was marketing of that game all over steam. I haven't actually joined that game at first year. It was free to play and In my previous experience, everything which was free wasn't good content as other games. Oh boy, I was wrong.
    My first faction was Vanu because cool technology right? Back then, Vanu and NC were loosing every alert from zerging TR. They will take Howling Pass Checkpoint without any problems. I've joined VS outfit and had a really good run with them. It was really small squad and we barely ever fill up other squads to form platoon. We were more focusing on point hold and infantry squad with fast deployment options. So I've learned all infantry from them. It tells you everything about an outfit since they were forcing us to cert spawn beacon to full before certing anything else. They were really resourceful and best strategists I've ever seen. They were really commited for what they want to achieve and how. They didn't look for high BR or K/D ratio. You have just to follow the orders. It was really strict and sometimes really frustrated. But I've enjoyed because I love discipline in every aspect. After getting enough of infantry. I was looking to maybe switch to another faction which can actually win alerts and us as small squad, we couldn't do potential hit on alert. That means I had to leave that outfit since there was a primer I couldn't go in another faction outfit and stay with them. So I've left.
    I've chosen NC instead of TR because I've seen how zerging faction they can be and I didn't like it.

    Joining NC faction was like starting the game for the first time. Everything new. I was NC's Alice in Wonderland. I didn't know about any commanding structure problems NC were facing at that time. I don't know if I can mention here my first and second outfit so I'll just leave it's names. It was actually more of zerging outfits but not like TR ones. I made a pause about two months, came back into game and outfit was gone. Leader was banned because of false grinding and some other accusations. I've started to roam in armor alone. Here and there I'd join some squad and just wander around with them. One snowy day on Esamir I've seen two Vanguards, Skyguard and Sunddie. So I started following them. they were moving in formation so I was like really happy seeing something organized as them. I wanted to be part of them. I was following them to the letter, They weren't using proxy comms so they were really mysterious to me. I was holding fire all the time and just observing what they are doing and how. I was really impressed. If they keep their guns cold, I'd too. If they open fire I was also doing it on the same target. I don't know why but it was that moment that I remember when one of Vanguard's main AP turret pointed on me and there was that duration, not long but not a short one even. It seemed like perfectly timed. It was something like brief thinking; like the Vanguard discussing should he invite me into their squad or not. Finally on bottom right corner appeared: "DaddyOfThree23 wants you to invite to his squad". I was happy like a dog seeing tennis ball. Somehow I kept professional behavior. Most of tanking stuff were new to me but, TG had awesome tankers and for my quick Vanguard Auraxia I should probably thank Ghostshooter101 and DaddyOfThree23 since everything I know, I've learned from them.

    Then I saw a Vanguard and its capabilities at full. I was running in infantry outfit only so I haven't seen tank battles at all. After that I've run Vanguard most of the time. Strange, I can't recall the moment when I fully certed it or Auraxiated it. For me running in armor was something special coming from infantry only outfit. So I really took a study how my armor needs to look and such. Since I was decent with killing enemy air with Vanguard I've invested in flyswatter bling, white under light and such. I took even a precaution of choosing body kit with no lights on side so It can't be really noticed in dark. I was also really happy when we chose Digital Dark Camo for our outfit camo. The only light which can be seen is that shield blue one under the Vanguard. Everything else It's completely dark. Because of that AlienPTurbo (also a TG member but not active anymore probably) and my 1st ever gunner on Vanguard, we referred to it as "Black Rock". We had really strange encounters with our particular Vanguard. Sometimes on night time basis we appeared stationary like a rock and they haven't spotted us in night or even when we go into fight we are hard as rock to kill. It was more a callsing for us. We were making jokes like "BlackRock goes where it pleases" and such. I liked having him as a gunner. We were Maverick and Goose inside a tank.
    AlienPTurbo if you ever read this remember that moment on other side of The Auger when we went over that hill from NC Arsenal into plain side, encountered with dozen of prowlers scattered across the land. We were cruising without stopping, just shooting and killing prowlers from behind and returning in friendly territory. A true armored assault and we survived first one. On second run we weren't so lucky. That was probably my best experience in Vanguard ever. One Vanguard across the Prowler's pond. That moment we have realized BlackRock can't be killed that easily.

    A year and half break for me from Planetside2

    I've returned with TG still active. Not in full potential but still kicking. It's like seeing something getting older. You remember all the memories and it feels nostalgic.
    Had a great run with you guys last two weeks which I was present.

    DaddyOfThree23 I remember crazy fights we had in your Vanguard on Hossin, We would be always on alert, repair;shoot;repair;shoot. Always living on margin. Gunning for you was always so energizing and intense.
    Ghostshooter101 Every question I've asked you showed me on examples. You were my literature in Vanguarding.
    AlienPTurbo Even I'm not here anymore... "BlackRock" lives!
    GeneralCain I love when you lead casual armor squad. It lasted for a long time.
    Garthra Somehow when you lead, you just want to obey your orders. Whatever you would say - it would be done!
    vtsNuk your voice is like Garthra's, you just listen. You cannot not to obey the orders. I've had really strange plays with you unlocking a full potential of this game. From two man infantry to starting whole squad.
    cant recall the name but we have one very good pilot and he's also an officer. Maybe it's Slyfox but other S also rings a bell. Awesome Air Fights and armor defense with you. (haven't slept whole night so probably brain doesn't work anymore)
    TheFatz I don't know but you don't belong to this world. You are such a great guy like GeneralCain. Hugs over internet are intense.
    MatthewTheManiac Your Lightning is Alpha, My Vanguard is Omega. We've parted ways way too soon with your deployment. Wish you all the best.
    Randy I remember a moment with you. Vanguards, Skyguards and your IceCream Sunddie near Biolab on Indar. That moment when you kicked IceCream truck song for Sunddie was hilarious. I'm now laughing in 6 am in the morning while writing this.
    Heleana whoever gets you for Vanguard Halberd as Top gunner, will be really happy Vanguard. Last two weeks you were probably the reason I've enjoyed going in Vanguard.
    Vladimiric your reconnaissance in harasser was always a pleasure to have. I've unlocked walker on harasser because of you.
    Alex021 If only real life medics and doctors are as good as you. Whenever I died, you were the one with the most incredible saves.
    Zombiesnack99 Were are you man? You were actually invited me to TG. your Max was always something special inside our TG Sunddie.
    CairBr That's unique Galaxy you have there. With what you've been feeding it with?
    Poshad some really interesing sunddie fights /w conversations on Hossin
    Ant1Pr0 always being a pleasure having conversations and cruising with you in armor across continents.
    Phaelah awesome harasser runs on Hossin with canister.
    Ofcorse there are others like Jan1, eMale, Saox, Wintermote, Spliffan, Miik, CoiledTortoise, Assault9, Abantes, Raymondscout I haven't strong connection with them but I'm glad that we worked as a TG team.

    Non TG members but special place in my gaming world (writing them just to have record since I'll save this message and recall memories) :
    0ocageyo0 You were like brother to me. I don't know where you are bro' but, I miss you.
    ThatDaltonGunner I can't remember your name, Cagey's friend. All air assets will bow to you and your Dalton.
    wreckahhgrll I had Vanguard Top Gun Trinity. You were one of them.
    DocNupe7Klub before I've joined TG. I was really enjoying playing with you.
    Firelog8 I haven't seen a person so enthusiastic as you for base building
    Hyunllymae We were such a great combo TG amor and Hyun Dragons Air.
    YEEEEHHHAAAAA I always yell your name but I've never actually counter Es and As.

    At this moment I can't recall all the names anymore I've been enjoying of knowing. Please don't be angry because I am really sad now so because of emotional connection with this Outfit my brain doesn't work as intended. It will probably recall later.
    TG PS2 Community was like a small family for me in gaming world.
    I must part ways with you. TG Community. I'm leaving gaming world. It's hard for me to say or even think about leaving this community.For me to feel complete, I can always remember you as part of my life and I don't regret a single moment spent with you guys even when I haven't time. I'm so happy and honored that I was part of some Community like this one.
    Stay safe, rule those dense forests of Amerish, swampy jungles of Hossin, sandy deserts of Indar and glacial iceland of Esamir.

    Selecting out.

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    Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

    Whether in the squad or out I have working along side you. In our last meeting was I running a small squad to assault a Active Core on ESAMIR, we were running infantry and you somewhere in your vanguard.

    My sunder was parked over 1000meters away from the base and our small squad 3-4 walked to the base Weapons RED. and sneaked passed you while you were engaged in a fight.

    We went in and took out the repair mods and the shield, then we left.

    By the time we broke contacted, this remote part of the map suddenly started to swarm NC form my sunder, they split up into two swarms one to cap the base 1.5km away and others helped you take out the rest of the base. While our squad took it on our selves to support are TG friends, keeping the air clear of you with our swarms and max.

    Selecting, like ships in the night, our paths cross, fighting for the same goal, team work and fun.
    You will be missed and I wish you the best in your future.

    You are always welcome here.

    In the distance comms..... "Are we running armour?.........."

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

      Gaming with a community makes what is often times a solitary experience so much more. A means to not only share collectively, but to grow and bond. We live in a truly wondrous age, all complaints about RL issues aside, that we can routinely enjoy the virtual company of each other through a game, but also a community.

      Leaving gaming was one of the best things I did a while back. The reasons for which you are choosing that, I don't know, but the best thing is, as you said earlier, the gaming community will persist and be waiting for whenever, if ever, you decide to come back.

      Take it easy.


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        Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

        Man, been a while since I've run air squads; I really ought to try and do that more often!

        Thanks for rolling with us, Selected. You're always welcome in TG should you decide to return!


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          Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

          Good Luck Selecting! It was always fun running with you! o7


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            Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

            Good luck in the future Selecting.
            It has been a pleasure playing with you, and I was always glad to have you in my squad. Sorry to see you go.
            The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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              Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

              Never got to really know you unfortunately. I must say however, the times that I did see you in the battlefield there were suspiciously no armor targets around. Hope you exceed in whatever you choose to do from here on out!


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                Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

                Selecting I wish you the best of luck in all your adventures, and the knowledge that your welcome to join us in any game at any time.


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                  Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

                  -cheers... Man you got me all worked up now, love this community. It really is weird having all these friends online, but awsome at the same time. Wish you the best of luck in life. For everyone reading Just remember to appreciate what we got here, because this is truly a unique community.


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                    Re: Selecting leaving gaming scene.

                    Selecting, was a pleasure Crushing our enemies. Seeing them driven before us. And hearing the lamentations of their women before our mighty scout harassers! :)




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