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PTS Update 8/5/16

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  • [INFO] PTS Update 8/5/16

    Yesterday there was a small update to the PTS that includes the Glaive Ion Cannon for construction (YES!), the Mineral Radar being a passive ability for the ANT and for now, the removal of the Rocklet Rifle until they can figure out some of the bugs in it and a few other items.

    New Stuff

    ·Region HIVE Efficiency scoring has been updated and a new map filter provided

    ·The ANT mineral radar is now passive (no longer occupies the utility slot) and the first rank is auto granted.

    oAnyone who purchased the mineral radar utility will have their certs refunded (and will need to repurchase any ranks in the passive skill line)

    ·Glaive IPC (the ion cannon) added to the construction depot

    ·Rocklet Rifle has been removed for the time being. We ran into a number of bugs with the way it’s been implemented, so we need to re-evaluate the direction and try again.

    ·Updated Koltyr lockout string to "You are too experienced to fight on Koltyr" to improve messaging for characters that are under BR 15 but are on veteran accounts that no longer qualify for Koltyr.

    ·Underbarrel Smoke Grenade now has unique fire audio.

    ·Reduced mass of Ammo packs

    Bug Fixes

    ·Dual photon pod projectiles are now more visible on low settings

    ·Tank primary cannons will animate properly again when firing

    ·Basic Training directive kills should no longer update in VR
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    Re: PTS Update 8/5/16

    ANT Mineral radar being passive means we'll see a LOT more ANTs with Cortium-fueled abilities like cloak and C-Barrier. Could be a little nuts, C-Barrier is a strong ability!

    Glaive IPC should be interesting. Would be really helpful against bases like the fully sealed Vanu HIVE we saw last night, which was a real chore to break through.


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      Re: PTS Update 8/5/16

      Here's some recent footage of the Ion Cannon in action plus a few of the new construction items such as the light vehicle and aircraft spawn terminals.




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