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Offline comms - organizing in-game meet-ups

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  • Offline comms - organizing in-game meet-ups

    Hey folks,

    Really enjoyed FnF this week. We had a full platoon for a while there! I even ran a squad for a while with e-male/Fatz as PL. First time doing that and it was great fun!

    I'm back in a stable work schedule these days so plan on being a bit more active and wondered how folks communicate offline? i.e. anywhere to post a message saying "Thinking of jumping online for a couple of hours tonight if anyone wants to join" I know kids/folks are more versed in WhatsApp/Line messenger apps and Facebook these days but I'm old school so always used the forums!

    Besides FnF do you have any other scheduled in-game meet-ups? I can't seem to find anything on here.

    Cheers, see you on the battlefield


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    Re: Offline comms - organizing in-game meet-ups

    There's the TG discord, but there's not much PS2 players there.
    Otherwise you can try the Teamspeak server, I hear there's more people in there.


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      Re: Offline comms - organizing in-game meet-ups


      As [MENTION=88143]Alex021[/MENTION] stated Discord is a good place to start or jump into the Planetside 2 channel on TeamSpeak

      Or even Better, pop into game and see who is online and active.

      There is no set area or time for planning a game, but I have been using Discord lately to announce, Training events and when FnF is about to start and if enough players use Discord, I can announce when I am leading also.

      If you announce your willingness to lead or simply wish to team up via discord, one of us, if we are active, may be able to respond to you.

      EDIT - Thanks for joining Discord (

      (6..~)Z Z z z....




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