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  • [INFO] PTS Update

    There's a huge list of updates coming to the PTS sometime soon. Here's some of the highlights:

    NSX Naginata
    • The prototype Naginata light machine gun can maintain rounds on medium ranged targets without releasing the trigger, but quickly loses that benefit while moving
    • This weapon and accompanying directive is still in development, feel free to share feedback

    • The Squad Logistics certification has been refunded and squad-spawn capabilities have been made default
    • Updated the squad logistics loading screen tip to reflect the changes
    • Gunner turrets can now swivel 360 degrees

    MR11 Gatekeeper (Prowler)
    • Projectiles now accelerate from 150m/s to its current 450m/s max

    MR11 Gatekeeper-H (Harasser)
    • Projectiles now accelerate from 150m/s to its current 450m/s max
    • Recoil removed

    Enforcer ML65 (Vanguard and Harasser)
    • Now uses "Halberd style" crosshairs
    • Projectile gravity from 5 to 4

    M96 Mjolnir (Vanguard)
    • Is now an auto-burst weapon
    • Max CoF from 2 to 1.2

    M96 Mjolnir-H (Harasser)
    • Is now an auto-burst weapon
    • Max CoF from 2 to 1.5

    C75 Viper (Lightning)
    • Vertical recoil from 4 to 1
    • Maximum cone of fire from 0 to 0.5
    • CoF bloom from 0 to 0.1

    G40-F Ranger (All vehicles)
    • Indirect max damage from 50 to 75
    Motion Spotter
    • Detection is now "recon-based" for allies and updates every 1.5 seconds
    • Detection range from 25/25/30/30/50 to 30/35/40/45/50 meters
    • The Infiltrator (and only the Infiltrator) also receives real-time updates on enemies within 20 meters of the device
    • When an enemy is close enough to the device to be detected, they will also be able to see the device on their minimap.

    NC15 Phoenix
    • Projectile now detonates, instead of disappears, when its lifespan ends without impact
    • Steering the projectile in flight should now be a bit easier
    • You may now access third person view while in flight
    • Adjusted hipfire view model to cover less of the screen
    • Projectile lifespan from 8 to 12 seconds
    • Top speed from 150m/s to 130m/s
    Flak Armor
    • MAX Flak Armor will now properly resist Tank Mine damage

    • Has been removed and certs have been refunded
    • Emergency Repair ability has been added to all MAXes by default

    Emergency Repair
    • Activate to repair 20% of a MAX's health over 12 seconds.
    • Rank 1: Can be activated once every 60 seconds
    • Rank 2: Can be activated once every 57 seconds
    • Rank 3: Can be activated once every 54 seconds
    • Rank 4: Can be activated once every 51 seconds
    • Rank 5: Can be activated once every 48 seconds
    • Rank 6: Can be activated once every 45 seconds

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