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Massive Game Update 10/24/16

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  • [INFO] Massive Game Update 10/24/16

    Here's the long awaited update that adds a TON of new stuff to the mix. There's new construction items, a new NS light machine gun, 360 degree swivel for Valk turrets, the Battle Eye anti-cheat system, updates to all carbines and even more.

    Features Additions


    PlanetSide 2 now runs with BattlEye, a service aimed at preventing cheating. The BattlEye service runs in addition to our existing suite of anti-cheat measures, and reports generated from this system will be reviewed and acted upon by the Customer Support team. For more information about this software please see their FAQ:

    Continent Locking
    Continent Lock bonuses now persist until the continent is locked by another faction

    Vehicle Direct Deploy
    Players may now summon and spawn directly into a vehicle from the redeploy screen, as if they had used the vehicle terminal in person. If the base is contested, or if the vehicle terminals are hacked or destroyed, this option will be disabled. Only the player’s first vehicle loadout will be used for this method of vehicle spawning.

    Construction System

    Construction purchases made with Daybreak Cash will now unlock across ALL FACTIONS. Anyone who has already purchased construction items from one faction with DBC will be granted the same item on any missing factions. If you purchased construction items of the same type for multiple factions, we'll be refunding the DBC for those extra purchases.

    We will run these grants and refunds as soon as possible, and it will require some server downtime to do so. Keep an eye out for more info over the next few days.

    In addition, bypassing construction object Cortium costs will now require certifications, instead of Daybreak Cash.

    New Construction Objects

    Light Vehicle Terminal: The Light Vehicle Terminal can be used to spawn Flash, Harasser, Sunderer, and Lightning tanks at the cost of both Cortium and Nanites.

    Light Air Terminal: The Light Air Terminal can be used to spawn Empire Specific Fighters and Valkyrie at the cost of both Cortium and Nanites.

    Elysium Spawn Tube: When powered by an adjacent Silo, the Elysium Spawn Tube will provide a spawn point for nearby allies at the cost of a small amount of Cortium for each spawn. Additionally, it includes a matrixing option, allowing linked players to spawn there from anywhere on the continent.

    Pillbox: A small fortified structure that can provide cover for both infantry and deployed equipment.

    Vehicle Gate: Large walls with an opening wide enough for vehicles to pass through. When combined with a Structure Shield Module, the opening will be sealed with an energy shield that blocks enemy vehicles and large projectiles.

    Glaive IPC: The Glaive Ionized Particle Cannon is an unmanned mid-range artillery piece that disrupts defensive shield systems, but inflicts only minor damage to personnel and equipment. The IPC requires AI module support to function.

    Alarm Module: This module will alert the owner and their squad when an enemy is detected or a construct is attacked within 100 meters of it.

    Ammo Dispenser:When powered by a nearby silo, this small tower will resupply the ammunition of ground vehicles in its vicinity.

    Gameplay Additions

    Nanite Systems Export series
    A new lineup of weaponry is currently in development by the talented engineers at Nanite Systems. These weapons are designed with the skillful soldiers of Auraxis in mind, and will prove both difficult and rewarding to use. A new directive line dedicated to this series may be found in the Weapons directive tree, and the reward for completing the tree will be revealed at a later date. The first weapon available for nano-printing in this new lineup is the NSX Naginata.

    NSX Naginata
    This light machine gun bases its design on the ergonomics of entrenched heavy soldiers who defend critical firing lanes with suppressive fire. The weapon’s aggressive rate of fire and high caliber rounds can generate challenging vertical recoil, but the Naginata's tailored grip and molded stock allow for minimal side to side shake, and remains comfortable to use even in the most heated situations. A new magazine well with custom fitted drum magazine allows for quicker reloads and high ammunition counts, a crucial component to stymieing enemy offensives.

    Havoc, Sigma, and Darkstar Armor Sets

    New faction composite armors have been introduced for the Infiltrator, Light Assault, Combat Medic, Engineer, and Heavy Assault classes. You can find these new armor bundles in the depot.

    Freedom Fighter Helmet

    By community request, the New Conglomerate helmet from the original PlanetSide 2 promotional material has made its way into the game.

    Vehicle Balance

    Nightvision Optics
    Vehicle nightvision optics will now outline terrain contours and close ranged targets, and is usable in all lighting conditions

    The Squad Logistics certification has been refunded and squad-spawn capabilities have been made default
    Updated the squad logistics loading screen tip to reflect the changes
    Gunner turrets can now swivel 360 degrees

    Aphelion VEX-4 (Magrider)
    Aphelion VEX-4 CoF min from 0.85 to 0.7
    Aphelion VEX-4 CoF max from 0.85 to 1
    Aphelion VEX-4 CoF recovery rate from 10 to 20

    Aphelion VEX-4H (Harasser)
    Aphelion VEX-4H CoF bloom from 0.05 to 0.1
    Aphelion VEX-4H max CoF from 0.85 to 1.5
    Aphelion VEX-4H CoF recovery rate from 10 to 20

    Proton II PPA (Magrider)
    Direct max damage from 200 to 225
    Direct min damage from 50 to 100
    Direct max damage range from 25 to 50
    Direct min damage range from 75 to 100
    Indirect max damage from 200 to 225
    Indirect min-damage range from 0.1 to 0.5
    CoF bloom from 0.3 to 0.15
    CoF recovery rate from 5 to 10
    Ammo capacity from 180 to 240

    Proton II PPA-H (Harasser)
    Direct max damage from 200 to 225
    Direct min damage from 50 to 100
    Direct max damage range from 20 to 30
    Direct min damage range from 50 to 75
    Indirect max damage from 200 to 225
    Indirect min-damage range from 0.1 to 0.5
    CoF bloom from 0.45 to 0.30
    CoF recovery rate from 5 to 10
    Ammo capacity from 180 to 240

    MR11 Gatekeeper (Prowler)
    Projectiles now accelerate from 150m/s to its current 450m/s max
    Projectile lifespan from 3sec. to 3.5sec.

    MR11 Gatekeeper-H (Harasser)
    Projectiles now accelerate from 150m/s to its current 450m/s max
    Projectile lifespan from 3sec. to 3.5sec.
    Recoil removed

    Enforcer ML65 (Vanguard and Harasser)
    Now uses "Halberd style" crosshairs
    Projectile gravity from 5 to 4

    M96 Mjolnir (Vanguard)
    Is now an auto-burst weapon
    Max CoF from 2 to 1.2

    M96 Mjolnir-H (Harasser)
    Is now an auto-burst weapon
    Max CoF from 2 to 1.5

    C75 Viper (Lightning)
    Vertical recoil from 4 to 1
    Maximum cone of fire from 0 to 0.5
    CoF bloom from 0 to 0.1

    G40-F Ranger (All vehicles)
    Indirect max damage from 50 to 75

    Infantry Balance

    Motion Spotter
    Detection is now "recon-based" for allies and updates every 1.5 seconds
    Detection range from 25/25/30/30/50 to 30/35/40/45/50 meters
    The Infiltrator (and only the Infiltrator) also receives real-time updates on enemies within 20 meters of the device
    When an enemy is close enough to the device to be detected, they will also be able to see the device on their minimap.

    EMP Grenade
    Cost from 25 to 75 nanites

    Flash Grenade
    Fuse from 3sec. to 1.5sec. (this is a reversion back to the original fuse timer)
    Affected enemies have their minimum cone of fire increased by 20%

    Quick-Det Flash Grenade
    This grenade is a 1.5sec. fuse version of the original Flash Grenade, and has a slightly shorter blinding affect with no cone of fire penalty for afflicted targets

    AF-4A Bandit
    Min damage range from 60m to 70m

    Corvus VA55
    Refire time from 114ms to 109ms

    Razor GD-23
    Min damage range from 70m to 80m

    HC1 Cougar
    Refire time from 109ms to 104ms

    NS-AM7 Archer
    Rechamber time from 2sec. to 1.5sec.

    Hunter QCX
    Default bolt min-damage from 500 to 525

    AF-4 Cyclone
    First shot multiplier from 2.25 to 2.5
    Vertical recoil from 0.24 to 0.3
    Horizontal recoil max from 0.3040 to 0.4
    Horizontal tolerance from 0.7 to 0.9

    NC15 Phoenix
    Projectile now detonates, instead of disappears, when its lifespan ends without impact
    Steering the projectile in flight should now be a bit easier
    You may now access third person view while in flight
    Adjusted hipfire view model to cover less of the screen
    Projectile lifespan from 8 to 12 seconds
    Top speed from 150m/s to 130m/s

    Magazine from 18 to 21
    Capacity from 144 to 189
    Recoil angle min from 11 to 0
    Recoil angle max from 13 to 0
    ADS moving CoF from 0.32 to 0.25
    2x burst vertical recoil from 1 to 0.4
    2x burst first shot multiplier from 0.2 to 0.75
    2x burst refire time from 200ms to 250ms
    3x burst first shot multiplier from 1x to 0.8x
    Semi-auto firing mode removed

    Standing ADS CoF from 0.03 to 0.015
    Crouching ADS CoF from 0.03 to 0.015
    Walking ADS CoF from 0.3 to 0.15
    Crouch-walking ADS CoF from 0.15 to 0.075
    Semi-auto vertical recoil from 0.4 to 0.3

    V10, LA80, SR-7
    Magazine size from 5 to 8 rounds per magazine
    Ammunition capacity from 40 to 48

    XM98, M77-B, NC14 Bolt Driver
    Reload speed from 3sec./4.6sec. to 2.8sec./4sec.

    Standing ADS CoF from 0.1 to 0 for the following weapons
    AF-6 Shadow
    GD Guardian
    Nyx VX31
    Eidolon VE33
    NS-30 Vandal

    MAX balance
    Flak Armor
    MAX Flak Armor will now properly resist Tank Mine damage

    Zealot Overdrive Engine
    Damage output is now increased by a flat 10% while active and reduces damage over distance
    Damage received is increased by a flat 20% while active for all weapon types
    Removed the modified projectile tracers while ability is active
    Now consumes energy over time and can be toggled on and off
    Energy fully recharges over 60 seconds
    Rank 1: Lasts up to 16 seconds
    Rank 2: Lasts up to 18 seconds
    Rank 3: Lasts up to 20 seconds
    Rank 4: Lasts up to 22 seconds
    Rank 5: Lasts up to 25 seconds

    NCM2 Falcon
    Projectile lifespan from 3.3sec. to 4sec.

    Misc. changes and additions

    Adjusted text on Bounty System prompt
    Bounties may now be purchased for certifications, as well as Daybreak Cash
    Sound effects have been added for when players mount and dismount vehicles
    NC rocket launchers have received an updated look
    Prowler (non-referral) Turrets have received an updated look
    Made vehicle headlights more visible
    Most grenade types have received updated looks
    Grenades now use traditional “box-style” icons
    Previewing grenades in the loadout screen now uses a better camera angle
    New installations of Planetside 2 now default the Vertical Field of View to 74, the maximum
    New installations of Planetside 2 now default to native resolution in full screen
    The Combat Medic's shield recharge field received new particle effects (and increased performance!)
    The Engineer’s passive “ESF Synergy” (auto-repair) ability is now shown on the passive certs screen
    Improved the performance of Auraxium C4 explosions
    Added new death effects for construction objects
    The Infantry Loadout camera has been adjusted.

    Bug fixes
    Tutorial string regarding Flash ATVs now shows updated information
    AF-8 Railjack will now properly play chamber audio
    Saron HRB's muzzle flash has been reduced
    NS-30 Vandal and Hunter QCX once again play their reload audio
    Bodies should no longer go missing during character creation
    L105 Zepher PX should no longer show in the cert list for players who do not own it
    Various missing vehicle weapon icons have been introduced to the cert list screen
    Zotz North Garden’s missing No-Build Zone has been found
    Updated the No-Build Zone around Heyoka Tech Plant
    Updated the No-Build Zone around Tumas Tech Plant
    Updated the No-Build Zone around Zotz North Garden
    Added a No-Build Zone to the eastern shoreline of Howling Pass to cover a gap in the out of bounds area
    Various fixes to exploitable or bugged terrain
    Sunderers/Galaxies with proximity repair equipped no longer continue to repair when destroyed
    Ballistics Computer attachment should no longer clip into some weapon models
    Flash headlights will now properly display for the driver in third person
    Ammunition Belt will now properly affect Flaregun reserve ammo
    The Light PPA now shows the correct increase from the magazine size cert line
    Two and three-round bursts on some TR weapons were using the wrong sound effects
    Updated materials on Auraxium weapon LODs; they should no longer change colors at range
    Faction Banners are now repaired by Repair Modules
    You can no longer complete outfit decal directive by making use of the VR zone
    Added in some missing Player Studio Halloween helmets from last year
    Players should now always be able to spawn into squad-owned vehicles, even if there is an active squad beacon in the same region
    MAX units should once again be able to resupply from infantry consoles for free
    Explosive weapon hit markers should now display properly
    Speculative fix for dynamic scaling issues with Sunderer no deploy zones when zooming out on the minimap
    Glaive IPC targeting dart and tracer should no longer disappear
    Improved render distance for the Skywall Shield effect
    Ravenous weapon optics should now show with a black tint while equipped, (though a bug prevents these tints from showing in the loadout screen)
    AV mines now detonate properly when deployed on vehicle spawns at Peris Amp Station
    You should no longer be able to spot-check targets through walls
    Fixed an issue causing only one decal to show up in the edit Outfit Decal UI
    HC1 Cougar should now always appear in the loadout screen
    Veteran Helmet titles should once more be simply, Veteran. You'll always be a Veteran Helmet in your heart.
    Addressed some hazy looking visuals on the Sundy Cloak effect that could appear during certain lighting conditions
    Fixed a timing bug that could place players in a state where the wrong weapon visual was applied
    Fixed a bug where Instant Action could fail when sending you to a friendly region that is disconnected from the Warp Gate.
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    Here comes the BattlEye, the next few weeks will be interesting to see how many ProMLG players are no longer around.


    • #3
      All the changes seem good! Only thing I think will be terrible is the light vehicle terminal for the base construction. I believe it will change the flow of the battle in a negative way. Also the alarm module might make base take-downs nearly impossible.


      • #4
        The new base modules are going to have a huge impact.

        The vehicle terminals are something to be worried about, for sure; they've got a lot of things they could impact negatively. All too easy to squash a small assault by spamming vehicles, even if it IS also chewing up your Cortium reserves, and it also means trivial access to backup Sunderers. As well, it's a big liability for the base itself; if an infiltrator gets inside and hacks it they can pull spawn logistics inside the base they're attacking, or a lightning to start breaking stuff. If you do place one of these inside a base, make sure it's got sufficient Spear and Xiphos turret coverage or you could be in for a world of hurt, and try to ensure that vehicles spawned from it don't have easy access to vulnerable parts of the base. Also, I wonder if it still pulls Cortium when hacked; if so, you might end up getting your silo drained!

        On the other hand, local terminals (and ammo towers!) mean a base can try and sustain a front line against a large assault (an armour squad in support of a base isn't completely cut off). You can also pull transport logistics from the base itself and use it as a staging area for air ops or Harassers. A solid fortification could become the heart of a small squad operation instead of a diversion.

        It also means that infiltration becomes a more viable form of assault, if you're sneaky and the base has an opening to exploit. Hack the terminal, then start pulling vehicles at close range to siphon the silo and knock the whole thing down.

        The biggest change is the alarm and Elysium spawn tubes, though. Those are game changers; a base isn't something you have to babysit or leave a skeleton crew on. You can bind a whole platoon to the spawn tubes, and only bring them back when there's an actual fight to be had. You can participate in the base building game without it turning into a multi-hour time sink without a lot of action.

        Obviously we'll have to see how it plays out, but I don't think the alarms will make it impossible to take down a base. A big part of this will be false positives; 100m, while not much, can mean that lone players even passing by the base might set it off, and solitary potshots will as well. Triggering the alarm repeatedly might even be a viable strategy for trolling base defenders or getting their guard down. The other is that, notification or not, 100m can be traversed awfully quickly and you might not be able to react in time even redeploying to a spawn tube. The surgical Galaxy strike on a HIVE will remain almost exactly as dangerous; if your base isn't robust against such an attack in the first place (scattered mines, good turret line of sight, etc) then that alarm is not going to save you.

        What it might do, though, is turn base assaults into actual, interesting fights with greater regularity, assuming organized squads become more involved in the construction game as a result of these changes. THAT is welcome.

        I'm very eager to see if the Glaive IPC has the intended effect for breaking through base defenses in a siege, or indeed countering the same.

        Something else worth noting: IIRC you can sneak a ground level spear turret into those pillboxes. If you can get good wall cover around them and put a shield + repair module combination on them, those could be INVALUABLE in a big fight; spear towers are too vulnerable on their own once it gets hot, but a pillboxed spear would be a real chore to unroot. If that's indeed possible, we should make sure our bases feature that combination on the most important approaches that a tower can't safely cover.


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          Glaive IPC = trebuchet?!

          "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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            Pretty much!




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