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How To Use the Glaive Ion Cannon

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  • [VIDEO] How To Use the Glaive Ion Cannon

    Professor Giggles has posted a new video showing how to setup and use the new ion cannon:


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    So what is the tactical or strategic use?
    Is this designed for seiging player made bases, or more specifically anti-skyshield?
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      I winder if we can shoot it out of a valk, fly over a target and paint it

      (6..~)Z Z z z....


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        @Garthra: The intended use is as an anti-construction siege weapon, and I think specifically to counter fortifications that are super dependent on sky shields blocking them off (like bases situated in low ground). IIRC they should also have some small amount of damage and the ability to shut down base modules temporarily as well, so they might also be effective for nullifying repair and shield modules so you can knock a wall down.

        I think they'll have a secondary use for suppressing enemy siege fortifications (that is, in a defensive role), but that'll be fairly limited because they won't be able to actually kill them; it's a suppression weapon that's only really useful with other people there to assist and capitalize on the opening. You'll only be able to annoy a vehicle column or deployed Sunderer with it, and if anyone is paying attention the targeting dart can be shot and destroyed to cease the barrage.

        Anyone have an idea what the maximum range is? The idea of having a couple of these and then calling them in from a Valkyrie is fairly appealing, and that'd work best if you've got a fair bit of range to play with.


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          It's designed to take out skyshields on bases and can do light aoe dmg to everything.

          Edit: Starstriker got here 1 min before me :P. I believe the range is 300 meters but don't hold me to that.


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            Having seen them in action now, I can confirm that they are A) really cool and B) Very, very specialized. As awesome as they sound and look as they fire, they're effectively useless for anything BUT suppressing a base, and they have to be followed up by something that can capitalize on them. I'm not sure they're worth the effort for your typical base assault unless you've got a specific plan to capitalize on the opening (a Liberator run to target modules, infantry in an overhead position, etc). Where they will shine--and indeed the specific situation they seem designed to counter--is shutting down those obnoxiously difficult bases built in low ground, downslope on the map's edge, etc. Any of those bases where the skywalls are serving to create an impenetrable barrier and are too well guarded for a sneakier approach.


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              I was working on setting one of these up in the hills and had 3 players build:
              Ion Cannon
              Spawn tube
              AI mod

              engy Turret

              and set them to focus fire one location on a pass (hossin)

              It killed me a few times while setting it up, but useful to damage on coming units using th epass

              The cannon used 20 Cortium per volley.

              I have yet to test how many cannons can be connected to one silo or the distance between each cannon

              spawn tube used to get to it and grab the tools needed to set the target.

              also noted that the TAG does not stick to objects and stays where is when the object moves
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                I heard of the example, of a single guy, setting up a Ion Cannon and an AV turret in the high ground above an enemy base. he drops the targeting dart on the roof of the enemy (so they can't kill the dart easily) and then goes back and uses the AV turret to kill modules while the shields are down from the ion cannon. It's annoying that you can't keep the dart between redeploys.

                But it seems the ion Cannon (Glave) is pretty weak and can only take 1 skyshield at a time... So though it looks cool, its alot of effort for little return... Also it has a min 200m and max 600m range, and you can only have 1 Glave / 225m between them, so you can't stack them as easily.

                Maybe it will be tweaked to be more effective?


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                  In a tough siege, a single skywall dropping for any amount of time can be catastrophic. The base we built outside the VS warpgate last FNF fell largely because of the loss of Skywalls from angles that exposed us to forces on high ground. If the Glaive knocks down the right shields it can be decisive.

                  Still a super specialized piece of kit, of course.




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