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PS2 PTS Update 11/12/16

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  • [INFO] PS2 PTS Update 11/12/16

    There's another sizable update to the PTS today which showcases the return of the Rocklet Rifle for LA's, two new NSX weapons, deployable shield barriers for Engineers and a new impulse knockback mechanic.

    PTS will be coming down this evening for an update. The following changes will be introduced:


    NSX Tomoe

    A common request from veteran Infiltration units is for a weapon that can enable quick mid-range takedowns with high reserve ammunition counts for prolonged missions behind enemy lines. We feel we've reached that goal with our newest addition to the NSX family of weapons. The NSX Tomoe is an accurate, high rate of fire automatic scout rifle which harnesses Cranial Trauma ammunition to quickly dispose of targets. The limited magazine leaves little room for error, but should be more than sufficient for skillful operators.
    **This weapon is still in development, feel free to share feedback.

    NSX Amaterasu

    Strides in projected energy transfer technologies have allowed our engineers here at Nanite Systems to prototype weapon-based implementations to better a soldier's life on Auraxis. The new Amaterasu class combat knife has been fitted with a crescent wave emitter, allowing it to project energy short distances on command. This energy crescent is harmful to flesh, but quickly loses efficacy over distance. Please wield responsibly.

    Hardlight Barrier

    Engineers may now unlock deployable barriers which provide temporary cover for infantry.
    This ability has a 20 second cooldown, and you may only have one on the field at a time.
    It's immune to small arms, but vulnerable to explosives and heavier forms of damage.

    Vehicle Impulse

    The first iteration of vehicle impulse mechanics are available on PTS.
    HE, HEAT, and Viper weapons will knock back enemy vehicles with varying degrees of effectiveness based on firing angle and type of weapon used.
    HE weapons have the most powerful impulse effects.
    HEAT and Viper weapons have moderate knockback effects.
    Deployed vehicles, friendlies, and infantry cannot be knocked back.
    Vehicles receive knockback immunity based on the type of weapon and how quickly the attacks take place. The intention is to make the mechanic feel like a good fit, while adding tactics to vehicle play, rewarding skillful positioning and aim, and increasing the competitive value of non-AP weapons.
    Wheeled vehicles are particularly vulnerable to knockback at the moment, and will be tuned in later iterations.
    For now, have fun and share thoughts.

    Infantry Balance

    Rocklet Rifle

    Adjusted resistances and damage of Rocklet Rifle.
    Added “Locklet” ammunition type which sacrifices dumbfire capabilities for lockon potential.

    Phaseshift VX-S

    Bolt-action headshot multiplier from 2.1x to 2.2x
    Overheat penalty from 3sec. to 1sec.
    Heat bleedoff from 334 to 500
    Heat delay per shot from 700ms to 1000ms
    Semi-auto heat per shot from 200 to 190 (6 rounds per mag)
    Bolt-action heat per shot from 1000 to 800 (2 rounds per mag)
    Semi-auto and Bolt Action firing modes now use different crosshairs
    Adjusted bolt-action muzzle special effects
    Recoil recovery delay from 0ms to -150ms
    Recoil recovery of semi-auto from 10 to 15
    Recoil recovery rate acceleration from 1000 to 300
    Bolt-action recoil from 4 to 4.5

    NS-30 Vandal, Nyx VX31, AF-6 Shadow, HSR-1

    Recoil recovery delay from 0ms to -235ms

    VA39 Spectre, Gauss SPR, 99SV

    Recoil recovery delay from 0ms to -130ms

    Warden, GD Guardian, AMR-66, DMR-99, Eidolon VE33, Revenant

    Recoil recovery delay from 0ms to -50ms

    Battle Rifles and Semi-Auto Scout Rifles

    Aiming CoF while crouching from 0.1 to 0

    NSX Naginata

    Short reload from 2.8sec. to 3.2sec.
    Long reload from 4sec. from 4.4sec.

    Carbine hipfire bloom adjustments

    Hipfire bloom from 0.1 to 0.06
    · T5 AMC
    · Solstice SF
    · NS-11C
    Hipfire Bloom from 0.1 to 0.08
    · Solstice
    · Eclipse
    · TRAC-5 S
    Hipfire Bloom from 0.12 to 0.1
    · Gauss Compact S

    AF-4A Bandit

    Airborne CoF from 2 to 1.75

    LC2 Lynx

    ADS CoF bloom from 0.05 to 0.045
    Hipfire CoF bloom from 0.1 to 0.09

    Stalker Cloaking

    Regeneration rate while uncloaked from 12sec. to 10sec.
    Rank 1: Cloaked stationary regeneration from 20sec. to 14sec.
    Rank 2: Cloaked stationary regeneration from 18sec. to 13sec.
    Rank 3: Cloaked stationary regeneration from 16sec. to 12sec.
    Rank 4: Cloaked stationary regeneration from 14sec. to 11sec.
    Rank 5: Cloaked stationary regeneration from 12sec. to 10sec.

    Hunter Cloaking

    Tooltips updated to display more detailed information.
    Rank 4: Recharge rate from 9.23sec. to 9sec.
    Rank 5: Recharge rate from 8.57sec. to 8sec.
    Rank 6: Recharge rate from 8sec. to 7sec.

    Vehicle Balance

    Gatekeeper (Harasser and Prowler)
    Projectile acceleration from 50m/s to 100m/s
    Increased visibility of projectiles in first person

    Misc. changes and additions

    LA8 Rebel, Manticore SX40, and TX2 Emperor now use new models.
    Adrenaline Shield now uses new visuals.
    Resist Shield effects received minor visual adjustments.
    Sniper Rifles (not the Archer) now use the small arms resistance type.
    Updated the VS engineer infantry turret shield color and visibility.
    Adjusted the text and ordering of the Leadership Certs button in the Social Menu.
    Adjusted the text and ordering of the Video button in the Social Menu, and removed the non-functional YouTube recording feature.
    Adjusted how bullets contrast on bright backgrounds for many air and anti-air weapons.
    Firegroup indicators now show on heat-based weapons.
    When a core is captured, HIVE cores will immediately update to the most ideal locations.

    Bug fixes

    Prowler cannon muzzle now has correct camo coverage.
    Various composite armor fixes.
    Ravenous weapons will now correctly count toward pistol and launcher kill directive requirements.
    Players who die as a MAX unit will be able to spawn vehicles from the map screen.
    Overloaded core shield visuals should now disappear when overload is disarmed.
    The /bug report function will now center the entry box on all resolutions.
    The default icon colors for new accounts are now empire specific, instead of red and blue.
    NSX Naginata will now properly count toward bounty directive LMG kills.
    Addressed issue with the Saron HRB muzzle flash being too large and too bright.
    AMR-66 and DMR-99 tracers are now red, instead of yellow.
    Fix for falling from your vehicle when spawning vehicles remotely.
    Fix for aircraft flipping when spawning vehicles remotely.
    Fix for collision grief when spawning a vehicle remotely.
    HIVE neutral cores should once again properly assign themselves.
    The A2A Missile Lock on Time certification should no longer break lockons.
    Speculative performance improvements.
    Original thread:

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    Oooh. Hardlight barriers... THAT could be nice.


    • #3
      New video of some of the above features:



      • #4
        Yay deployable cover! (I am not looking forward to possible complications due to it)


        • #5
          Shouldn't be too bad. It *looks* a lot like a slightly wide turret deployable in function, so it should only really be vulnerable to the same sort of complications that the turrets do?

          Obvious potential issue is using them to seal doorways, but it looks like they should be possible to jump over so any doorway they could block should be traversable by jumped and crouch walking through...


          • #6
            For the engineer deployable cover: what does everyone think this will do to a standard triple stack point hold? My thoughts are that it will give some great cover if placed on the top of the stairs leading to the first floor.


            • #7
              Honestly, I don't think it helps too much there. You already got most of that by just standing back from the stairs and only exposing your head to those at the bottom. I suppose it lets you stand closer to the stairs and still have cover, which will be more robust against enemies that have gotten close to the top of the stairs, but I'd rather have the MANA turret personally.

              Might be useful for covering the balcony, though, and certainly for point holds in buildings that have approaches on equal height with the defenders positions.


              • #8
                I feel these walls will shine in long range engagements where we are trying to hold a position and are being pushed off that position. (sniper fire cover.) I can imagine these walls will be used to get over obstacles as well, maybe in between the seams of a well built base. Also I can imagine these things may work well in funneled road areas as an impromptu road block.




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