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  • Regarding voice channels


    Everyone knows about the major voice channels: Platoon, Squad, Proxy, Outfit, and Command. Until today I forget that there is also a Custom channel accessed via Numpad 6 by default. This only works after you set up the channel. The setup is done via each login and can be joined by anyone on the server, regardless of Platoon / Squad membership. One of the detriments that I have heard about using TS more is that it is an external application and we do not want to require people to use it; I agree with this sentiment. What the Custom channel offers is a bridge between TS and isolated Fire Team comms. The Custom channel may also be used for SL/PL comms or an alternative to proxy for vehicle operators.

    To Access Custom:

    Type "/voice join <channel name> [password]"

    The Custom channel may optionally be secured by a password if we do not want any uninvited guests in comms.

    Proposed Fire Team naming format is TGSquadFireTeam. An example would be TGAlphaDiamonds.

    /voice join TGAlphaDiamonds magshotOP


    My opinion now is that the Custom channel may be a niche solution. I prefer to hear the entirety of squad comms, as well as SL/PL comms. I would like feedback on this use case for the Custom channel.

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    I remember trying this way back in the day as a platoon level comm solution for not cluttering up the squad comms. People hated it; as much as the platoon comms can stomp on squad communication, people like to know that their leadership is actually DOING something and that larger scale coordination is happening.

    It's an awkward setup too; I agree that it's pretty niche, and it's hard to think of a situation that justifies it. Maybe a mentoring scenario, or an independently operating small team within a squad that doesn't want to both the rest?


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      The bothering the rest mentality is what drove me to post this, mainly to the point of Fire Teams. I had not considered the mentoring aspect of it though. If TG wanted to post a veteran player with a new player they would be able to communicate much more effectively and quickly than whisper typing. As I am leading more squads now I would consider using this for myself and a mentor so that I can ask quick questions about strategy, etc...

      Thanks for the input Starstriker.


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        The custom channel is as good/bad as TS when it comes to regular comms been stomped over, in the same way that the PL cannot hear the chatter from the other squads with a que when to start broadcasting and the SLs also get stomped by Command comms.

        Its personal Choice how you add an extra channel as YOU have to manages the extra burden.

        Some players found it hard to setup custom game comms in a way that sounded usable, mixed in with all other squad/PL comms other people do not want to run Team Speak.

        There was no feed back from the game when you created a channel like error messages or to say if the channel was created last time I messed with custom channels also I believe that special characters may cause some issues

        As for naming the channels Keep it simple eg
        TGA4 = Tactical Gamer Alpha 4
        TGC1 = Tactical Gamer Charlie 1

        Last time I needed an extra channel was for a lib inside an infantry squad we used the fire team channels in team speak to hide gunner chat from the squad and only broadcasted to squad intel that was needed.

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