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PS2 PTS Update - Early Concepts

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  • [INFO] PS2 PTS Update - Early Concepts

    There's a bunch of new weapons for Sunderers, ANTs and Galaxies currently in a very early test phase on the PTS, so expect lots of glitches.

    Original thread:

    “New weapons

    Galaxy, Top and Tail

    •"TOP WEAPON: Hyena Missile Launcher"

    •"Galaxy Hyena Missile Launcher [Tail]"

    •"Galaxy Hyena Missile Launcher [Top]"

    •using a new model, which also replaced the old Liberator Hyena model (and is somewhat borked ingame)

    Galaxy, Right and Left

    •"RIGHT WEAPON: Pelter Rocket Pod"

    •"LEFT WEAPON: Pelter Rocket Pod"

    •"The Pelter rocket pod is able to quickly unload its magazine of 8 unguided rockets which are effective when striking armored targets but have little explosive yield. All factions can use this weapon."

    Sunderer, Rear

    •"MR12 Siegebreaker", "The Siegebreaker shares the anti-armor potential similar to the MR11 Gatekeeper, but makes use of a burst-style firing mode which concentrates its damage over distance. TR use only."

    •"Aurora LRB", "The Aurora fires two light rail beam projectiles with each trigger press, inflicting moderate damage to armored targets at a respectable distance. VS use only."

    •"AF-V1 Paladin", "The Paladin rail weapon accelerates tungsten slugs to incredible speeds, after a short charge-up, decimating long range vehicles with ease. NC use only." ◦using the old Vanguard Railgun Turret model and FX

    Ant, Top

    •"MR11 Gatekeeper-A"

    •"Enforcer ML65-A"

    •"Saron HRB-A"

    New cosmetics

    •added AVA armors. no screenshots from me, refer to d0ku's posts as he does it far better than I can :p
    •"AVA Armor Bundle", "Contains AVA Armor for all non-MAX infantry classes. " (yes, I'm ignoring the obvious strings, like "AVA Engineer Armor")


    •changed "The Enforcer ML65 fires magnetically propelled HEAT darts. The magnetic launcher allows for smaller projectiles so more rounds can be loaded at once, requiring fewer reloads. This gives the ML65 strong and sustainable damage. The smaller Harasser version does slightly less damage. NC use only."
    to "The Enforcer ML65 fires magnetically propelled anti-tank darts. The launcher auto-reloads its munitions, allowing for sustained firepower. NC use only."
    •from a Saron HRB description, removed "The smaller Harasser version inflicts slightly less damage than the tank variant."
    •in "Pelter Rocket Pod: Bronze Medal", Bronze changed to Copper (ah, good ol' ancient strings that nobody used in a century)

    •slightly changed Forward Grip attachment point on Weapon_TR_SniperBoltAction004 ("TRAP-M1")
    •mentioned a new model, "Common_DPOSnowman\Placeable"
    •added a new trail PFX to Rocklets

    •various changes to NSX Masamune (some resist info, slight ammo model change, etc)
    Here's quick video by Devastator of the new Sunderer weapons that contains some NSFW language:

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    So now we also have to worry about better A2G galaxies, great... With the new top guns you might as well pull an ant rather than a harraser since it's better in every aspect *rip lightnings in cqc combat* Also, nothing new for infantry




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