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...So I played a bit of Ps2 on Ps4

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  • ...So I played a bit of Ps2 on Ps4

    ...So I recently got a ps4 and well I decided to Pick up planetside on it. and I have some things to get off my chest about it
    So lets start with the good

    -Playing on Near Ultra graphics makes for a very beautiful game
    -Everyone playing on the same graphics makes for no advantages given to lower graphics settings
    -It is nice to be able to play it on a big screen tv, It allows for you to see people from farther away faster
    - Comms seem to be automated to on when you talk.
    -I actually enjoy the radial menu system of comms. its fast and I wish the pc version had something similiar
    -The movement controls (At least walking)

    Now on to the list of the very very bad

    -The Controls, perhaps its that I'm so used to using A mouse and keyboard, and that i havent been much of controller player, but either way if you play planetside 2 on PS4 your going to have issues. Some of it is just beyond my comprehension as to why they didnt do stuff. For instance the ps4 has from my understanding a touch the center. However every game ive played to date has just used it as a big button basically, why not try and use it as the look controll?
    -No button mapping. There is no button mapping you get pre decided control setups. Why on earth would they not let you map buttons
    - Vehicles are stuck behind Level unlocks. Witch at first I was like ok, maybey there trying to make sure people arent spending certs were they should be Except that theres vehicle unlocks up untill level 30.
    - the map system isnt great, but it isnt as bad as some people have said take that as you will.
    - Running feels funny and often times youll go to shoot but your still running.
    -reaction time feels very slow because in order to accuratly hipfire you have to turn down the sensitivity low, but when you do that its impossible to turn around even a quarter of the way fast enough to address the threat
    -There is no Auto aim whatsoever, witch for pc thats great even alot of fun, but on console it turns into a nightmare. Also the recoil is exactly the same as on the pc, Witch means that Shooting in this game is incredibly difficult and many of the guns that normally would be able to shoot someone at range well it now becomes super difficult to land your shots.
    -there is no scrolling through the weapons You can switch between your pistol and your main weapon by pressing triangle but in order to access your medkit you need to press down on the dpad, why not just scroll through all your items

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    You summed it up well ! The vehicle locking part drove me crazy.
    That's a entirely different experience.
    Were you already used to play FPS games on PS4 ?

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      Yeah Im like oh lemme just pull what im assuming is the beginner aircraft "The Valk" ... and the earliest vehicle unlock is the mosquito. Like really? Yeah like im not at the aimability level that I am on the pc nor will i ever be, but i have gotten to the point where I can somewhat reliably kill people in infantry gameplay on the ps4 but the inability to move away from fire fast enough is still an issue. recoil I also think needs to be turned down. Ive played Infinite warfare modern warfare and both modes on online multiplayer and Im decent at it. and I know how to use a controller. ALSO THE GRENADE CONTROLS UGGG sure lets just have you press both bumpers at the same time to throw a grenade meanwhile one of those is use your ability. like on pc I can pull off a midjetpack grenade throw no issue. here its impossible. the vehicle locks was really annoying maxes are that way too. Though due to the annoying control pattern and it being less responsive I tend to notice heavies are bareley more powerful than normal infantry. Way less adad spam the shield doesnt provide enough of a time buff to pull yourself out of a situation where you should die etc... Also I dont know whats up with the icons and stuff but man are they annoying the minimap and regular map seems to be all screwy. the other bug ive come across is that when engageing an enemy and both of you are engageing each other and the enemy kills you its nice to see how much of his shield you took off. In the ps4 thats broken. you can have the guy on red health and it still displays him as having a 100% full shield AND ITS ANNOYING AS ALL HELL. They need to fix the vehicle locks and add custom control setups "With optional aiming via touch pad". Finding a way to add push to talk i think would go along ways for helping the organization as well.

      "Also correction there is auto aim, but its not enough"
      "Also random plus factor, the controllers led changes depending on what faction your playing on tr red vanu purple.


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        Consoles. Not even once. Plebe tier. XD
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          Consoles are for Mario Kart.
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