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PS2 PTS Update 1/25/17

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  • [INFO] PS2 PTS Update 1/25/17

    The Test Server was recently updated with a bunch of new stuff including the NSX Tanto Carbine, the reveal of the Master Tier reward for the NSX directive a revamp to the implant (aka wimp mode :D) system, the rear mounted Sunderer weapons and more.

    Feature and Content Additions
    New Implant System
    The first test of the completely revamped implant system is available on Public Test Server. Purchase the “Implant Test Bundle” in the depot under “Bundles” to add implants to your inventory. Visit the Nanocycler per usual to break down, enhance, and view all implants. Keep in mind that this is an early iteration of this system that requires heavy testing and polish. PS4 will be receiving this system as well.

    For details on this new system, please visit the article here:

    NSX Tanto carbine
    The newest member of the Nanite Systems Export family of weapons is the NSX Tanto, a carbine with specialized stabilizers that allow for excellent initial accuracy from the hip. This functionality gives the Tanto the ability to fight up close or at range while maintaining a substantial mobility advantage for experienced shooters. Firing in short bursts is recommended, as the stabilizers require some time to recalibrate during sustained fire.

    NSX Directive Master Tier Reward
    The Master Tier directive reward for gaining Auraxium Medals on 5 Nanite Systems Export series weapons has been unlocked.

    Infantry Balance
    Further Directive Weapon adjustments (built upon from last PTS’ update notes)

    T1A Unity
    Magazine size from 50 to 40 (this is a reversion from last PTS update)
    Ammunition capacity from 250 to 240 (this is a reversion from last PTS update)
    Muzzle velocity from 522 to 551 (this puts its velocity on par with the default T1 Cycler modified by Soft Point Ammo)
    Damage from [email protected]@65m to [email protected]@80m (this puts the weapon in line with the PTS T1 Cycler.)
    Short reload reverted from 3.1 sec. to 2.755sec.
    Dev Note: The last update pushed this weapon into “Better MSW-R” territory, which isn’t wholly necessary given how solid the T1 platform is on its own.

    Gauss Prime
    Min damage from [email protected] to [email protected] (this puts it in line with the PTS Gauss Rifle, plus high velocity ammo.)

    Min damage from [email protected] to [email protected] (this puts it in line with the PTS Pulsar VS1.)

    T9A Butcher
    Magazine size from 500 to 400 rounds.
    Butcher will no longer work with the Ammunition Belt certification line.

    Vehicle Balance

    Vehicle Camera Models
    Additional adjustments to driver/pilot third person vehicle cameras.
    Dev Note: Looking for feedback regarding the new third person vehicle cameras. If everything feels good, we’ll possibly get this to Live in updates here soon.

    Reinforced Top Armor (MBT, Lightning)
    Top armor renamed "Reinforced Flank Armor"
    Now reduces damage taken from the rear, as well as the top
    Increased resistances to C4 so that these vehicles will now be brought to burning (instead of dead) from two bricks
    Dev Note: Made changes based on community feedback.

    C4 resistance from -125 to -150, and is now the same as Prowler and Magrider
    Dev Note: The additional C4 resistance is a relic from when the Vanguard was less maneuverable, and already gains an anti-C4 advantage via its Shield ability.

    ES Sunderer Weapons
    Dev Note: These weapons receive some adjustments below, but they have been shelved for the time being and will not be available on PTS. These weapons may potentially hit Harasser and Main Battle Tank with further adjustments later on down the line.

    MR12 Siegebreaker
    Direct damage from 240 to 250

    AF-V1 Paladin
    Velocity from 620 to 600
    Pitch up limit from 45 to 18

    Aurora LRB
    Reload from 2.2sec. to 1.8sec.
    Refire from 550ms to 520ms

    Misc. changes and additions
    Hossin’s orange glowing death-bulbs should now be easier to drive around and over.
    Adjusted NSX Masamune projectile effect.
    Orbital Strike has been re-enabled on PTS.
    Ikanam BioLab has received some updates, including a vehicle bay.
    Dev Note: This area is still under construction and some terrain issues might be noticeable if you pay the new Ikanam BioLab a visit.
    BioLab domes have been made opaque, and will save on performance.
    Added a battery of outfit decals to player studio.

    Bug fixes
    Removed smoke from default rocklet rifle projectiles.
    Fixed Typhoon Rocklet projectile visibility and adjusted effects.
    Fixed muzzle flash on the Spiker.
    Engineer's Quick Shield Recharge should now work.
    First person NSX Naginata muzzle flash has been adjusted.
    Heavy Shield shouldn’t obscure Lasher AE optics. (This change was missed last update.)
    Mines should no longer detonate when placed on enemy corpses and that enemy respawns.
    Medic Revive should now correctly cancel the death counter.
    Turbo Shark Decal now shows properly.
    Sunderer Geared Riot Armor's icon has been fixed.
    Various missing localization strings added.
    Zotz North Garden construction no-deploy no longer affects non-construction objects.
    Original thread:

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    I really hope that nothing of the stuff on the pts comes live, at least not in this state.


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      I am still waiting for engineer deployable infantry cover walls...

      New implants... hmmm that might be interested deoending on how implimented, but I doubt it will be on the real server for some time.
      Last edited by Garthra; 01-26-2017, 10:37 AM.
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Reducing the Hossin glow-plants collisions is nice... :)


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          Here's the rewards for the NSX weapons directive:

          Now you can channel your inner samurai!


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            I'd be interested to know what the new implant abilities look like; if they're comparable to existing implant bonuses or not. If they're very similar to what we're familiar with, then the most important moment to moment change is that you'll have two implant slots, making the excessively specialized nature of a lot of them a lot more tolerable!

            From the FAQ, I'm actually not sure what they're doing with the new implant progression system. It looks like they've removed the random drops entirely to replace it with a cert/DBC sink to open "packs". They seem to be moving towards a very Hearthstone esque system (from what I've heard, never played it) away from the energy limit and loot; so, from a Free To Play monetization standpoint, we're getting rid of the annoying energy and charger system AND the nanocycler as we're familiar with it; in exchange, randomized implant drops will not be occurring anymore, and you need to explicitly sink certs or DBC in order to get any of them (and it'll still be randomized, if I've read it correctly).

            The most interesting part of this is the upgrade system. It sounds like you'll be able to "level up" implants you like by breaking down ones you aren't using (and existing players will be able to recycle their old stocks of implants for what I imagine to be a huge amount of ISO-4). This means that, once you have the basic set, the upgrade path changes from combining a bunch of low tier implants into a high tier one that MIGHT be the one you want, into something that more reliably gives you the upgraded implant. On the other hand, a fresh supply of ISO-4 will be dependent on sinking certs into implant packs.

            So, tradeoffs in the monetization scheme. I think, overall, it sounds like a bit more of a humane monetization scheme compared to the previous one; the main reason the old one didn't suck too much is because the impact of individual implants was so minor.

            In that spirit, I wonder if the new scheme for implants is going to give them room to beef them up and doing interesting things with them design wise to turn them into critical parts of your builds. The PS1 implant system had an IMPACT; it actually gave you new capabilities and substantially changed your playstyle.




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