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  • [GUIDE] Taking screenshots for intel

    Due to a quick request, I will write a quick guide on how I take Intel Screenshots or just screenshots in general as you might have seen in the Screenshots and Videos Topic here on the forums.

    Key components you need:
    -Image posting website. (Personally use Imgur)
    -Shortcut to your screenshot folder of Planetside.

    Usefull tools in-game to help you with your screenshot:
    -PrintScreen or PRNTSCRN or hotkey associated to taking a picture.
    -Ctrl+F10 :: Removes HUD
    -Ctrl+F11 :: Removes weapon (Note weapon is still seen by enemies and cannot be used by the client also note it wont take away the pilot seat around you).
    -A Reconnaissance vehicle, Reavers, Valk or a flash. They have ranges of 100-200 meters radar and can fill your minimap.

    When you're taking an Intel picture, it is essentiel you have what the SL needs (Attacking a base? Grab an top down picture to find all the modules)

    Taking a picture with the HUD may block some clarity but allows the SL to see your minimap.
    Make sure your minimap is expanded when doing this.

    Steps are below. (personal details in brackets)

    1. Find Target.[base]
    2. guess good angle position.[Fly above? yes]
    3. Take picture with both HUD and No-HUD. [done and done]
    4. Autopilot/run back to safety. [Hit =, move to direction of safety]
    5. Alt tab, Open screenshot location via shortcut made on desktop.
    6. Open imaging website, also located on desktop as shortcut.
    [Imgur is an easy Click and Drag, while its uploading and saving I'm usually looking at my primary monitor to make sure I am safe still]
    7. Upload picture(s).
    8. Post picture(s) to whoever needs it. [Teamspeak or even Squad chat]

    This takes about maybe a minute or less to do since everything is ready.

    If anything needs clarification. please just reply here and let me know.

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    Thank you for posting this!
    There have been several times when i was squad leading and you linked me an picture, like satiate recon, of the defenses. It was very useful.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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