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Vehicle Rangefinding/Drop Compensating Reticles

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  • Vehicle Rangefinding/Drop Compensating Reticles

    Hello everyone, your resident Vanguard-primary here. I've pondered making vehicle specific rangefinding/drop compensating reticles similar to ones used on real armored vehicles for use with Recursion for a while, but somebody beat me to it as can be seen in this thread.

    Is there an official outfit position on using these? They would be a huge asset in obtaining first round hits at unknown ranges in our armor squads, and in my opinion should have been implemented for everyone by the developers already. Crosshair overlays seem to be a gray area generally, but my personal opinion in this specific instance is that they mirror capabilities used in real life armored vehicles. Here's a real life example:

    ETA: You guys all know me as Kardandt in game, by the way. Sorry for the confusion.
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    I have somme personal notes on Scoped rifle drop with infiltrator.
    I'd need someone to test and verify to actually publish them.
    (Ex: Target Distance: 299-302m Weapon: Railjack; Scope x 12, headshot success at first mil, 7/8)


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      I actually use Recursion to have the dot for center of screen while in third person vehicle. It doesn't make sense to me that I cannot spot a vehicle that I can clearly see because I do not know where center of screen is.




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