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PTS Update 6/30/17

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  • PTS Update 6/30/17

    There's been a bunch of changes to existing bases, IR smoke has been overhauled and can now assist nearby vehicles and the Prototype Tank alert has gone bye bye for now.

    Indar lattice changes
    • A new link has been added from Howling Pass to Mao Watchtower.
    • A new link has been added from Mao Southeast Gate to Mao Watchtower.
    • A new link has been added from Tawrich Tower to Tawrich Depot.
    • A new link has been added from Hvar Databank to Hvar Physics Lab.

    Indar base design

    The Palisades
    • Minor cover improvements.
    • Cleaned up floating objects.

    Indar Bay Point
    • Cleaned up grass and rocks seeping through the floor in some buildings.
    • Added more cover beneath the western bridge.
    • Added a secondary, lower bridge to reduce stagnation around that area.

    Tawrich Recycling
    • Closed western choke point.
    • Moved capture point to new center structure in base.
    • Removed road and ledge that were directly overlooking the southern area of the spawn room.
    • Increased cover density and made heavy adjustments to overall flow.

    NS Secure Data Lab
    • The spawn tube now faces the capture point.
    • Increased cover density around spawn, vehicle bay, and moving to the capture point.

    The Crown
    • Significant changes have been made to this base.
    • Western cliff face is no longer easily accessible to vehicles.
    • Increased coverage on rock bridge to the east.
    • The northern cliff face has received new routes and more cover.
    • A vehicle capturable point has been added to base of the northern cliff (currently has a bug showing as a second "A" point.)
    • Capture point on the southern bridge has been moved to an underground area accessible from the south and east of Crown.
    • Capture point on the eastern bridge has been moved to the top of the eastern plateau.
    • Cover density has been increased while attacking from the east.
    • Jump pads have been removed.
    • Northern vehicle pad is now operational.
    • Tower geometry adjusted to close off some west-facing routes.
    • An additional road has been added beneath the bridge to the South of Crown for easier access to TI Alloys.
    • Ammo Tower position changed to better conceal vehicles spawning at the southern vehicle pad.
    • Adjustments made to reduce stagnation when pulling vehicles from the southern pad.

    Indar. Comm. Array
    • Northern route added, cover density increased.

    Dahaka Southern Post
    • Cover improvements.

    Ceres Hydroponics
    • Better cover coming from the spawn room to the capture point.
    • Capture point is indoors in a new central structure.
    • Rock range has been added to mitigate camping from TI Alloys hill.
    • Various prop additions and visual polish.
    • Sunderer garage added to the south of the base.

    Indar Bay Point
    • Cleaned up grass and rocks seeping through the floor in some buildings.
    • Added more cover beneath the western bridge.
    • Added a secondary, lower bridge to reduce stagnation around that area.
    • Added more cover beneath the under-bridge.


    Handling (Treaded Vehicles)
    • Reverse steering mechanics for treaded vehicles have been reverted. These changes had a negative impact on the feel of tanks when maneuvering on certain slopes.

    Racer High Speed Chassis (Harasser)
    • Reduced traction while turning to (ironically) allow for more control during certain maneuvers.

    IR Smoke (ANT, Flash, Harasser, Sunderer, Lightning, MBTs)
    • Has been renamed Smoke Screen.
    • Sunderer's Smoke Screen has been replaced with this ability.
    • Now emits smoke for 8 seconds at all ranks.
    • Cooldown from 30/25/20/15 seconds to 40/35/32/30 seconds.
    • Now immediately clears current spot markers for you and and allied vehicles within 30 meters.
    • Now prevents lock-on attempts for 8 seconds for you and allied vehicles within 30 meters.
    • Now masks the vehicle's minimap auto-spot signature for you and allied vehicles within 30 meters.

    Dev Note: Allowing IR Smoke to affect nearby vehicles increases its value in teamplay, and gives players additional incentive to choose an ability other than the current go-tos. It also allows for some niche strategies outside of teamplay, ie. disappearing behind cover and clearing your spot markers to help set up a flank or make an escape. The cooldown was increased to reduce spammability, while still remaining accessible.


    Mayhem Directive
    • The new Mayhem Directive is now accessible.
    • This directive can be completed by using Ravenous and new Heatwave skinned weapons.
    • Completing this directive will yield a unique “Brass” variant of a new pistol, the NS-45 Pilot.
    • These weapons and directive are still a work in progress.

    Misc. Adjustments and Additions
    • The experimental Prototype Alert has been removed from Test server. Nothing to see here, folks.


    Added NC Kontra Charger Helmet.
    Added NC Kontra Tracker Helmet.
    Added NC Kontra Medic Helmet.
    Added NC Kontra Scout Helmet.
    Added NC Kontra Tactician Helmet.
    Added TR HSG MAX Helmet.
    Added ANT A51 Deflective Tires.
    Added ANT A51 Illuminated Deflective Tires.
    Added ANT APC cabin.
    Added ANT Scarab cabin.
    Added ANT Mr. Digger cabin.
    Added ANT Scarab Exterior.
    Added ANT Mr. Dumper Exterior.

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    Latest Drax video covering the changes:



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      Here's Wrel's latest video about the PTS changes and some details that clarify the fate of the Prototype Tank alert, the new smokescreen in action and a few other bits and pieces:



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        Yep that is a lot of smoke. I guess Harrasers can be used in search and resue missions :)

        FUN FUN


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          The new smoke looks like it might be handy in our armour squads. Shame it doesn't apply the un-spotting mechanic to surrounding infantry as well, because THAT would be truly handy, but I think the IR smoke might be worth throwing on support vehicles in armour groups to obscure the rest of the squad and provide group protection from lock ons.

          Interestingly, if you have four vehicles with maxed rank IR smoke you'd be able to maintain constant smoke coverage for the group, completely negating any lock ons and making it very hard for the enemy to orient on you. A pair of support Sundies and a couple lightnings could handle that will a little bit of coordination. Maybe less than that would be sufficient (a few seconds of being unobscured isn't the end of the world) or maybe more (to continually kill the doritos).


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            Does PS2 still have a pretty good following for TG right now? I've been having fun with my Nintendo Switch for a few months. And before that, I was mostly playing GTA Online and BF4 (which most of TG has moved on from BF4). So I haven't gotten much squad play in in a while, and I miss it.

            If so, which faction is TG running? I played PS2 for a while. I'd need to take an hour playing to remember everything. I had a decent character on NC. But I think gun purchases still work for you on other factions, right (if TG isn't running NC)?


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              We running :) Emerald Get back in here.

              FUN FUN


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                TG still runs NC, and on Friday Night Fights we can still get two or three squads running!

                To clarify, though: gun purchases of NS (cross faction) equipment do transfer, but only if purchased with Daybreak Cash. If you bought them with certs they're not available on your VS or TR characters.


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                  well not only that if you havn't played in a while I think there was a couple of times they refunded certs. so You might have a bundle of certs to get you going again like you wanna be.

                  FUN FUN


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                    If you haven't already Super, talk to Raymondscout as he's our resident light assault expert, and he can bring you up to date on all the changes to the class over the last few years. Don't spend any certs or station cash on any new weapons, upgrades or cosmetics until you've had a chance to give them a test run in VR Training as some items aren't worth the investment.
                    MISSING PCS RIBBON!


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                      Thanks, guys! I enjoyed getting back into the game with some of you a few nights back. I'll be on again, soon!




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