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PS2 Hotfix 7/12/17

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  • PS2 Hotfix 7/12/17

    A small hotfix that addresses some lame implant issues, adds the Smoke Screen upgrade to vehicles and a few other minor updates.


    Deep Operative
    • Rank 5 detection sweep now properly triggers while spotted.

    Sensor Shield
    • Rank 4 and 5 detection immunity is now continues up to 15m from a detection device, instead of 25m.

    Robotics Technician
    • The damage resistance element of this implant now applies to Engineers mounted on their MANA Turrets as well.

    Combat Surgeon
    • Reviving an ally with Rank 5 Combat Surgeon will now properly apply small arms resist.
    • For the time being, this stacks with Nanoweave Armor, but will overwrite it as intended in a later update.


    Tank Handling
    • Reverted a change to the new tank handling mechanics that affected reverse steering, and maneuvering on certain slopes.

    IR Smoke (ANT, Flash, Harasser, Sunderer, Lightning, MBTs)
    • Has been renamed Smoke Screen.
    • Sunderer's Smoke Screen has been replaced with this ability.
    • Now emits smoke for 8 seconds at all ranks.
    • Cooldown from 30/25/20/15 seconds to 40/35/32/30 seconds.
    • Now immediately clears current spot markers for you and and allied vehicles within 30 meters.
    • Now prevents lock-on attempts for 8 seconds for you and allied vehicles within 30 meters.
    • Now masks the vehicle's minimap auto-spot signature for you and allied vehicles within 30 meters.

    Dev Note: Allowing IR Smoke to affect nearby vehicles increases its value in teamplay, and gives players additional incentive to choose an ability other than the current go-tos. It also allows for some niche strategies outside of teamplay, ie. disappearing behind cover and clearing your spot markers to help set up a flank or make an escape. The cooldown was increased to reduce spamability, while still remaining reasonably accessible.

    Misc. Additions and Adjustments
    • Freedom Thrusters have been disabled.
    • The outdated “Help” button on the Implants screen has been removed.
    • Koltyr should no longer count toward continent rotation, or spawn an additional ghost instance.
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    I've heard rumors about some players turning off smoke by changing a game file. So it might still affect other aspects but still isnt a concealment device against certain people.
    I already see a few of our sundy drivers using smoke when in an armor group. These changes look very helpfull for those groups.

    Example against Striker valks, ambushes, or AT lockon infantry kill teams.




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