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PTS Update 7/19/17

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  • [INFO] PTS Update 7/19/17

    More base revisions on Indar are the main features of the latest PTS update and a new bug that causes the client to crash upon logging out. Great!

    PTS will come down this morning for a large update. Downtime should be around 4 hours.

    Indar Updated

    Indar base designIndar Bay Point
    • Additional cleanup and cover improvements.
    Tawrich Depot to Tawrich Tower
    • Added a road between these two bases, and corrected the lattice link between these two.
    Tawrich Recycling
    • Reduced bay door size.
    The Crown
    • Vehicle capturable A point now shows as point D.
    • WIP pass on increasing the width of one of the underground stairwells.
    Indar. Comm. Array
    • Cleaned up northern route.
    Dahaka Southern Post
    • Added a Sunderer area closer to the eastern side of the base.
    Howling Pass
    • Adjusted eastern area, opened more accessible routes to the north.
    • Area north of base now has a large Sunderer garage, amidst a ruined shipping depot.
    • Moved A point to western vehicle shield generator building.
    • Moved vehicle shield generators into perimeter towers to make them more vulnerable to attackers.
    Crimson Bluff Tower
    • Capture point in the tower has been moved to the north easten building.
    Feldspar Canyon Base
    • Capture point in the tower has been moved into a building to the south.
    Allatum, Rashnu, and Suarva BioLabs
    • Indar BioLabs have received cover passes to help foster a better fight flow within the dome.
    • Each BioLab have minor variations in cover received.
    Seabed Listening Post
    • Vehicle pad and Spawn room have been moved to the northern side of the base.
    • Combat area completely redone, capture point now in the courtyard between two L shaped buildings.
    • Sunderer garage added to where old vehicle pad used to be.
    • Hidden infantry route added to the eastern side of the base.
    Misc. Changes and Additions
    • Adjusted vehicle capture point banner rotation speed.
    • Additional adjustments to Racer's slipperiness and controllability.
    • We've significantly restructured how jump jet visuals work for the Light Assault, allowing for adaptable jet exhaust locations based on the cosmetic armor the player has equipped. Please alert us of any bugs you encounter.
    • Dokus Zealot Armor Bundle should now be available in the Depot.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix for Reaver Peregrin Cockpit LoDs.
    • When attached to a vehicle, C4 bricks should no longer lag behind it while moving.
    • Rank 5 energy restore now properly triggers on kills for all classes.
    • Usurper Cockpit should now show when equipped.
    • Metal textures on ball turret versions of the bulldog should no longer glow.
    • Fixed a bug where the TR MSW-R ignores weapon camo and inherits armor camo when it is available.
    • Adjusted skinning on Female TR Combat Medic Armor.
    Known Issues
    • Game crashes on Logout
    • Indar Map has not been updated to match the updated geometry.
    • Standard Issue Light Assault Jetpack particle effect is broken.
    • Flora is clipping through the structure floors at Seabed Listening Post
    • Eastern Vehicle Shield Generator does not display any icons inside a 34 meter radius at Howling Pass Checkpoint
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    Drax has done another short video covering some of the recent updates to the PTS:





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