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PS2 PTS Update 5/3/18

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  • [INFO] PS2 PTS Update 5/3/18

    The PTS has been updated with a number of revisions to the construction system, new lockdown mechanics for the Prowler and a range of bugfixes.

    The PlanetSide 2 Public Test Server will be updated this evening with the following changes.

    Alerts and Events
    Charging Warpgates
    Continents no longer require HIVEs to trigger a Meltdown alert, instead continents will now flow through several states on their way to becoming lockable.
    At the moment, this system is not fully implemented, and may not trigger events as intended. Please bear with us as we continue building out this system.

    The continent states are as follows.
    Continent Unlocks
    Regions are Unstable
    Regions Stabilize
    Warpgates enter "Charging" phase (~5 hours, during which “events” will fire periodically.)
    Warpgates are fully charged and Meltdown can be triggered.
    Continent Locks

    During the charging state, events trigger at the following intervals...
    30 minute mark - Event 1
    120 minute mark - Event 2
    210 minute mark - Event 3

    At the moment, only facility capture events will appear in the rotation, and we will be introducing new events in the future. The reward sets for these alerts are temporary, as is the string text that’s displayed on the map dropdown after an event is completed. These events will later provide faction benefits for the duration of the continent play based on who won them.

    Meltdown alerts have been converted to a winner-take-all territory alert. Like previously, the alert will be triggered by the first faction to hit 41% territory control, though the faction with the most territory at the end of the alert will lock the continent. Meltdown now lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, instead of 45 minutes.

    Warpgates Stabilizing event now lasts 10 minutes, instead of 5.

    HIVEs have been removed from the game, as they no longer serve a purpose.

    Glaive IPC and The Flail
    You can no longer pull targeting devices from the Glaive IPC and Flail when they have no nearby AI Turret Module.
    Glaive IPC and Flail targeting darts now expire with an error message when placed incorrectly.
    Equipping a Flail targeting device now shows no-construction zones while held.

    Pain Spire, Routing Spire, and Router
    Pain Spire has new art.
    Routing Spire has new art (the floating terminal socket is a known issue.)
    Router has new art, and will also show a minimap icon.
    A single player may now place up to two Vehicle Gate Shield objects.
    (Router is broken in this update, and will be fixed in the next.)

    Vehicle Gate Shield, Sunderer Garage
    Vehicle Gate Shield now prevents players from spawning other objects where the shield would normally go.
    Vehicle Gate Shield no longer requires a Structure Shield Module to power the shield.
    Sunderer Garage has been widened.

    Rampart Walls, Bunker
    Rampart Wall now has stairs in a half-moon toward the edges of the wall.
    Added more depth to the Bunker so that pieces float above terrain less often.

    Cortium Silo
    When a Silo is lower than 500 Cortium, squadmates will be notified periodically.
    Cortium Silos can no longer be locked from public use, however, a Cortium reserve of 10,000 has been added that only squad members (and the owner) have access to.

    Vehicles spawned from construction bases no longer have a Nanite Cost.
    Splash damage no longer goes through Structure Shield shields.
    Players should no longer be able to place construction objects in the ground, or in the air, or inside other construction objects.

    Prowler (Terran Republic MBT)
    Anchor Mode
    Certs have been refunded.
    As per the last update, Anchor Mode has been integrated into the vehicle and modified.

    Now uses a full four-rank certification line.
    This ability now cools down over 60/50/47/45 seconds.
    The certification cost per rank is 100/200/500/1000 (same as the old Anchored Mode.)

    MR11 Gatekeeper (Prowler and Harasser)
    Minimum velocity from 225 to 300 (Projectiles no longer accelerate to maximum velocity.)
    Reload speed from 3000 to 3200
    Damage from 85 to 100
    Cone of Fire maximum (Harasser only) from 0.4 to 0.35
    Dev Note: Bumping up the alpha damage and reload times quickens the weapon's time to kill against MBTs by about 2.5 seconds, while keeping Harasser time to kill the same (or better, if composite armor is equipped.) Removing the projectile acceleration should also make it easier to deliver a full payload over longer distances, and the cone of fire buff for the Harasser version should push its effective range a bit closer to the Prowler's. Overall the weapon will still have less effective range and reliability than a skillful Halberd user, but should have stronger hard benefits for its intended role now.

    Player Studio
    Steveo's VS Skyfall armor can now be found in the Depot.

    Bug Fixes and Misc.
    • Restoration Kits no longer stack with healing from the Medic’s Nano-Regen Device.
    • Implants can now be filtered by owned and unowned in the loadout screen.
    • Xenotech Labs and Berjess Overlook now have hex adjacency on the map.
    • Padlocks should no longer appear over bases on the main map screen.
    • C4 no longer uses the incorrect icon in the certification list.
    • The alert timer now moves to center screen and increases in size at the 5 minute mark.
    • NSX Tomoe now shows firing mode as "Auto" instead of "Semi-Auto".
    • TS2 Inquisitor now shows firing mode as "2x Burst/Semi-Auto" instead of "Semi-Auto".
    • “Hall of Mirrors” shield shader issue should now be addressed.
    • Sealed a hole in terrain south of Arroyo Torre Station on Indar.
    • Sealed a hole in the mountains near The Crown.
    • Fixed some level geometry near B point at The Crown.
    • Fixed exploitative geometry at Snowshear Watchtower on Esamir.
    • Removed a fake control point at Eastern Substation.
    • Destroyed some floating trees on Koltyr VR.
    • HIVE efficiency has been removed from the map region display.
    • Fixed a bug with the weapon loadout filter.
    • Galaxy's Nanite Proximity Repair System once again heals properly.
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    The very last point is the one that I wanted.

    • Galaxy's Nanite Proximity Repair System once again heals properly.


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      The removal of nanite costs when pulling from player bases will be a huge benefit to vehicle squads, particularly air squads, that constantly run into nanite limitations. A supporting player base with an air terminal is no longer just a friendly shield and AA bubble, but also a place to get another vehicle in the air whenever your nanite supply has been exhausted. Particularly for an air squad that seems like a huge, huge benefit.


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        Someone on Discord also stated that these bases could be ideal for Air training as well as forward support bases while its the whole resupply line becomes more important to defend to keep it running.

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          This update would be a nightmare for base building enthusiasts due to the change to locking the silo out to pubs. Pubs blowing through resources was only one of two major reasons you would lock it. The other, often more important to me as the base founder, is control over design. If im building a base purposefully i normally have a plan. Even locking the silo sometimes didnt prevent people from bringing their own and building things in the base that interfere with the intended design, often compromising it. This change is not catering to the builder. This seems to cater to the whiners that find they are in a base not their own and get the sudden urge to contribute to it and find they cant because the silo is locked and they couldn't be bothered to communicate with the base owners to coordinate their contribution. The only true benefit I see from this is when it comes to trying to salvage an abandoned base.


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            Cortium Silos can no longer be locked from public use, however, a Cortium reserve of 10,000 has been added that only squad members (and the owner) have access to.
            So does this mean to lock the silo you need to keep the BELOW 10000 Cortium
            above 10,0001 the silo is open to everyone
            below 9999 the silo is locked to squad/owner

            I hope this does not include the Ant as well

            If the above is true then I can see more usage for building silos near Cortium spawns and just filling them up, then picking up items from these sources keeping the main base near to the 10k lock limit.

            This would work well for when I build a remote base, in the enemy lands, using a second silo to supply structures while keeping the main silo filled as needed. In fact without a hive the drain will be lowered anyway.

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              vts, a reserve means that if the silo is at 10,001 cortium then public players will be able to pull 1 cortium worth of assets from it, while the original 10K can't be touched. So, yes, if you absolutely do not want blues pulling assets of any kind, then you'd need to keep it below that limit, but if you're just worried about the base's supply being recklessly drained you can count on that 10K never being touched outside the squad, and anything above that just being a bonus.

              It also means (and I suspect this was a motivating factor) that a random silo plopped down in the middle of nowhere to farm harvesting XP is no longer a waste to the faction, you can pull 40K out of a full silo left unattended.




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