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PS2 Update 5/17/18

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  • [INFO] PS2 Update 5/17/18

    The big 15th Anniversary update is here! If you need experience, now is the time to jump in with the double experience for everyone for a week and quadruple experience for members on the weekend.

    All PC servers will be taken offline for an update at 6 AM PT (1300 UTC) on Thursday, May 17, 2018.
    Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours.

    “There are still a lot of incomplete Vanu translations. Check this one out. This entry talks about Warpgate power requirements, spatial anomalies, and a… bending storm? What do you think it all means?”
    - Conversation overheard during D Shift, Vanu Archives.

    15 Years of PlanetSide

    On May 20th, the PlanetSide series will be turning 15 years old! We’re celebrating this momentous occasion this week and the next with sales, retro swag, and double experience for everyone!

    Double Experience for ALL
    From May 18 to May 25, ALL players will receive DOUBLE experience in-game. On Friday the 25th, MEMBERS will receive QUADRUPLE experience!

    Bending Beacon

    Be sure to check your Utility Slot! All players have access to the “Bending Beacon” which calls in a miniature meteor storm to entertain your comrades or strike fear into the heart of your enemies. This item is only use-able during the event.

    PS1-AV Suppressor

    An original PlanetSide common pool weapon, given life in PlanetSide 2, the Suppressor is a cosmetic variant of the MKV Suppressed SMG, and will grant progress toward the Exceptional II directive.

    The Bending Bundle

    Catch old-school Rexo armors re-imagined for PlanetSide 2. Each faction receives one Heavy Assault Rexo armor, and a matching Rexo Helmet available to all classes. In addition, you’ll unlock the elusive Solid faction alt-camos, the PS1-AV Suppressor, and PlanetSide Veteran decals!

    Construction Sale
    In anticipation of the Construction revamp coming later in this month, we’re reducing the cost of Construction items by 40% for the duration of the event!

    Daily Continent Bundles
    Each day we’ll release a new bundle themed to the original PlanetSide 1 continents, with massive discounts on the contents within. Be sure to jump online to see what these bundles hold!
    • Oshur Bundle – Friday 18 (Not Available on PS4)
    • Searhus Bundle – Saturday 19
    • Foresal Bundle – Sunday 20
    • Cyssor Bundle – Monday 21
    • Solsar Bundle – Tuesday 22
    • Ceryshen Bundle – Wednesday 23
    • Ishundar Bundle – Thursday 24
    • Sanctuary Bundle – Friday 25
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    “Bending Beacon”

    Can be used to divert traffic.

    I dropped one of these in front of a lightning and it was like it hit a brick wall, then rotated 90 degrees before it landed on my mines.

    When I hit one with a flash, the flash was knocked off course by around 45 Degrees with a little jump.

    These do have a radius limit, you can fit 2 within the ground floor stair well at the Warpgate, one at each door.

    They last around 30 - 60 seconds, so could be deployed after a harasser attack, before the next strike.

    Their render is only close range(good for us as defence) and bugs into other objects ie dropping one under a cloak sunderer the beacon may not show correctly.

    These objects appear to have no sound effects.

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