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Friday Night Fights 25 May 2018

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  • [AAR] Friday Night Fights 25 May 2018

    Friday Night Fights 25 May 2018

    Just a quick overview of Friday Night Fights as a PL

    The Platoon started off Friday Night Fights on INDAR cutting up land for the NC,
    TR population was Low and getting lower with Little resistance
    VS population was Low and was putting up a fight.

    I resided in Charlie's squad without Leader chat for most of this time and ran the Platoon as a single entity

    Alpha Infantry
    Bravo Armour
    Charlie Infantry
    Delta Infantry(Closed)

    Later in the night received a PM from Fatz requesting support on ESAMIR, looking at the population on all Maps, I requested to move to ESAMIR, knowing that moving the whole platoon would be an issue.

    I updated Fatz to let him know that TG was in transition and would be at minimal strength. I also advised I had limited leader comms due to giving up Delta lead.

    I first requested Charlie to move over first since I was part of it.

    Once I was on ESAMIR I opened up Delta with the first leader(Helena) and started putting everyone who was on ESAMIR into this squad
    I then requested EVERYONE to redeploy their respective Warp Gates and jump into Que for ESAMIR

    Once each leader had moved over I started to organise the squads.

    Since most of Alpha(and SL Garthra) were still on INDAR, I decided to use his squad as the Que squad - with orders to take as much land as they could ISOLATED from the main Platoon.
    I placed everyone on INDAR to Garthra's squad and filled rest of the platoon with the those who had reached ESAMIR.

    I applaud Garthra for continued Leading while his squad was in uncertain turmoil while the rest of the platoon was transferring.

    I requested Garthra to Close his squad since new members were joining his squad, who were already on ESAMIR and the other squads were reaching their limits.

    I moved some TG members, who were stuck on Hossin, to ALPHA and requested that they also start to que for ESAMIR.

    Since the que had stalled, Alpha was tasked on a Long term land grab on INDAR until ESAMIR Locked.

    In coordination With Fatz, TG was on Fire patrol, putting out fires, responding to small bases, while the bulk of NC held two or three major bases.
    I tasked us mainly to support/over watch areas of interest and respond to point caps when the opportunity would arise.


    INDAR population Low, Alpha Land grab in preparation of ESAMIR Lock.

    On Alert stated by NC:
    Population High, NC holding 48 points (36 points needed to Lock and win)
    I forget which of TR or VS held Equal points. but we were defending bases on the lowest front and attracting bases on the highest front.

    30 Minutes Left. . . .

    NC major offensive an the Left side of the map, two bases at 96+ both sides.
    While TG on the right side of the map were holding and responding to bases as needed, I had setup the armour squad (Bravo) near the front, to reduce their the chance of deploying sunders.
    Charlie and Delta were working together to remove spawns and block any point caps

    22 Minutes Left. . .

    NC dropped on our location and pushed the front of three bases forward and also took the Tech plant.

    10 minutes left. . .

    90% of NC pulled away from the right side of the map and made an offensive on the left side. I requested TG armour to fill the void and over watch the Tech plant,

    I requested Charlie and Delta to pull out West in supporting the area around the Tech plant.

    4 minutes Left . . .

    Heavy focus on the Left side of the map NC drop all the right side bases leaving TG in the middle moping up the Tech plant, around 12 bases are now on timer.

    3 minutes left almost every base on the front line is on timer, Each bases timer is Highter than the Alert timer.

    2 minutes Last check. . .

    NC 48 points 2.45 on the alert, at lease 3 bases a few second short of this time

    The Map goes BLUE, NC wins ESAMIR at (0331 GMT)

    I requested whole Platoon to Move to INDAR while the pop was low, and put everyone on 5 minute brake

    I stood down from Platoon with an NC win and another 6hours(including PreFnF) leading behind my belt.

    Many thanks to our leaders tonight

    Garthra Alpha INDAR

    GeneralCain Bravo Armour INDAR then ESAMIR

    UltimateMuffinMan Charlie Infantry

    Heleana Delta

    starstriker1 for taking Platoon later in the night 0345 GMT
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