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PS2 PTS Update 6/5/18

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  • [INFO] PS2 PTS Update 6/5/18

    Another update to the PTS:


    Aerial Anomalies
    The Aerial Anomalies alert has been added to the event pool. Players will receive a 100% discount on air vehicles (provided they first redeploy) and be asked to gather data by remaining near “Anomalies” that appear high above the continent. The winning faction will receive a 20% discount on air vehicles until the continent locks.

    Squad Changes

    Squad Creation
    • Single-player squads will no longer be disbanded when a second squad member joins and then leaves.
    • Squad Leaders now receive an error sound when doing an invalid squad action (like trying to invite players that are already squadded, or trying to create a platoon with too few squad members.)
    • Newly promote squad, platoon, and fireteam leaders now receive a message center screen notifying them.

    Squad Beacons
    • Will only appear in the squad leader’s loadout when there are at least two squad members.

    /squad promoteme
    • The “/squad promoteme” command now has a hotkey option found in the Interface settings. This is not bound by default, but savvy squad leaders can rebind it at their leisure.
    • /squad promoteme should now work outside of alpha squad.

    Fireteam Hearts
    • The “Default” squad has been removed, and now all squadmates fall into one of four Fireteams. The “Default” squad Fireteam has been set to Fireteam Hearts.

    UI Improvements

    Implant Screen
    The Implant screen has received a new look, complete with upgrade and breakdown animations. Revisiting this screen not only let us improve the overall design, but was necessary to fix issues where the old implant screen would overwrite certain notifications (like those for receiving revives or continent queue pop-ups,) make the chat channel difficult to use, and sometimes stack multiple implants on top of one another. Additionally, we’ve made Implants able to be filtered by owned and unowned on the Loadout screen.

    Event/Alert Corner Messaging
    Added some new messaging at the top-right of the screen during certain alerts. Right now this is only enabled for the Aerial Anomalies alert. This is still a work in progress and needs some polish before release.

    Motion Blur
    • A toggle for Motion Blur can once again be found on the Graphics settings page.


    VE-LR Obelisk
    • Cooldown delay after each shot from 0.25 to 0.4
    • Manual Calibration and Safety Override now share a rail slot. Obelisk no longer has access to an ammunition type attachment.
    • Manual Calibration now reduces the rate at which the weapon cools down by 25%, and increases magazine size by 4 rounds.
    • Emission Sleeve renamed Enhanced Plasma Containment.

    VE-H Maw
    • Emission Sleeve renamed Enhanced Plasma Containment.

    C4 Detonator
    • Fixed an issue with the normal C4 detonator being broken.
    • C-4 now has a 0.4 second delay (no longer uses the press and hold mechanic) before the trigger press completes.
    • Animations are still being worked on.

    Gauss SPR (Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle)
    • Maximum ADS cone of fire while standing or crouching from 2 to 0.15
    • ADS Cone of Fire recovery rate while standing or crouching from 20 to 100
    • ADS cone of fire bloom from 0.8 to 0.15
    • Maximum damage range from 10m to 50m
    • Minimum damage range from 80m to 150m
    Dev Note: This item now receives the same changes as the 99SV last PTS update.

    Enforcer (Vanguard top gun)
    • Magazine size from 7 to 8.
    • Ammo capacity from 77 to 80.
    Dev Note: This reverts the magazine size change to the Vanguard version of the weapon in the last PTS update.

    Player Studio
    • Terran Republic Arthurian infantry and MAX helmets from TheHumm are now in the Depot.
    • Babylon Magrider cosmetic plating from Fuzzbuket is now in the Depot.

    Bug Fixes and Misc.
    • Reserve Hardlight Barrier can no longer be used without first unlocking the item.
    • Various fixes for geometry related exploits.
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