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  • Pre FNF thoughts

    With all the new tools and options available through our player made base options it might come as a welcome joy to see our PreFNF squad setup a base for use as our opener for the FNF. I know many of you would enjoy the option of having a base built with a ready to go silo and spawn options and we can use it for the start of our FNF kick-off. I feel this would be a viable use of our time especially since we normally like to have a full squad up and going prior to start and it give plenty of options so we aren't taking time from the major ops to have this prepared position installed.

    Do be mindful of things like, how long until end of continent or is this an area we can develop to fend for itself, with several base assets that many of us can deploy the use of turrets can be of use as well as the air/vech pads. I'm posting this here for any of our early SL's to have a part in setup of FNF as well giving us a tactical advantage ready to go at start, feel free to expand this topic with suggestions/tips/guidance!

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    At least for the new spawn capacity, if not for orbital strikes, this could be quite useful...
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      I found that having a rear base worked pretty well a few FNF ago. I would recommend this quick base setup if someone wants to do it tomorrow. It should survive for hours with only 20k cortium (2 ANTs). I like it because it is small and does not appear on the map screen for enemies.
      • Silo (locked to squad)
      • Elysium tube (whole platoon binds everytime we come back)
      • Light Air terminal (2 Valkyries as Galaxies are not available)
      • Place routing spires on the very edge of the orange silo radius. We should be able to get 4x spires for 2x routers per infantry squad).
      If the squad needs MAX units you can simply have the people picking up routers go directly to the base. The rest of the squad will spawn WG and pick up MAXes and a Galaxy and pick the other members up. Alternatively the router members can pull a valkyrie and follow the Galaxy.




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