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PS2 PTS Update 7/20/18

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  • [INFO] PS2 PTS Update 7/20/18

    Here's an updated provided by Wrel!

    Internal Changes
    We’ve made some changes to how some of the core systems in our game work in relation to factions, ally/enemy identification, and have expanded our scripting pipeline. These changes shouldn’t be visible from the player’s point of view at all, so please make note of anything that’s out of the ordinary.

    Meltdown Alerts now increase experience gain by 25% for the duration of the alert.
    Vehicle Gate Shields now block projectiles from all weapon types. This creates more consistency with other gate shields in the game.

    Implant Additions
    These implants continue to be a work in progress. The Test Server Bundle has been updated to include these new updates, as well as a few missing implants from Live.

    Passively reduces movement speed in exchange for high flinch reduction. Rank 5: Releases a small AoE knockback whenever you receive fall damage.

    Vehicle kills at close range restore one magazine of ammunition for the player and their vehicle. Rank 5: Killing an enemy vehicle at close range restores a small portion of vehicle health.

    Critical Chain
    Headshot kills grant increased rechamber speed for a short time. Rank 5: Kills beyond 70 meters will also trigger this effect.

    When your shield is broken, you regain a portion of your maximum ability energy. This effect can only trigger once every 20 seconds. Rank 5: Taking melee damage when Failsafe is on cooldown will shock the attacker with non-lethal damage.

    Cold Heart - Exceptional
    Upon killing an enemy with a headshot, your heat weapons receive faster recover and cooldown rates for a few seconds.

    Disengage – Exceptional – MAX only
    Activating Emergency Repair creates an impulse wave that throws enemy infantry a short distance and temporarily increases your sprint acceleration speed.

    Implant Adjustments
    Now restores health over 4 seconds and does not stack with other effects of the same type.

    Modified the description to make Rank 5's benefit more clear.
    Rank 5's health restoration from 450 to 200.

    Infantry Adjustments
    Repair Tool and Deconstruction Tool
    Repair Tools and Deconstruction Tools now deconstruct with the right-click, and repair with left-click.

    LA7 Buzzard (NC Flash Weapon)
    Camera pitch up angle from 18 to 30
    Camera pitch down angle from 11 to 15
    Camera yaw limit from 25 to 30
    Projectile velocity from 60 to 120

    Dev Note: This weapon had some major usability issues in terms of tracking targets and estimating drop distance. The changes above should make this weapon much easier to use.

    T2 Striker (TR Rocket Launcher)
    Projectile lifespan from 5 to 2

    Dev Note: This brings the Striker's range to roughly 445 meters. Previously, the projectile would be able to reach well beyond the range vehicles would actually render.

    Misc. Adjustments
    Updated Sunderer Blockade Armor’s description to be accurate with its benefits.
    VE-LR Obelisk’s Manual Calibration attachment should now use the correct heat reduction values.
    MG-HBR1 Dragoon’s reload animation should now work correctly.
    Speculative fix for Cortium Radar not showing cortium at the proper ranges when upgraded quickly.
    Speculative fix for Sunderer not being able to undeploy while under fire and being repaired.
    Squad menus should no longer show fake squads and break the menu.
    Fixed and updated Sunderer Deploy Shield particle effects.
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    I am most excited for the undeploy while being repaired. We shouldn't have to yell out frantically in prox chat for people to unintuitively stop helping us.




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