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    Hi there, I just wanted to make a small post to ask for the older players tips for different situations to give people a bit more of a doctrine on what to do and in what situation. Silly things that perhaps other players don't know, like sunderers being deployed by pressing B - locking a transport of vehicle to squad only using PgDn to open the vehicle menu. - being the button to draw knives, which do on default 500 damage on troops.

    Specifically for engagements if players can give a tactical tip on how to deal with certain situations. With the recent update, tanks are more lethal now to infantry but rockets will lock for longer and target further away. but when do you let the tank get in close and when do you keep it at distance?

    To kick things off, while playing in a game where we were defending a player made base, we were under direct fire from an entire ridgeline to the north east with snipers, no shields on the walls and to the north west another cell pushing armor. it was a stalemate. To break the beast, i called in half my squad to start attacking the NE flag - and the other half to go light attack and move behind the armor column to the north west and attack the North east base from their friendly side, to outflank the enemy. We took the flag decimated their attack line, then went heavy and light to bombard the armor line from the superior height of the claimed ridgeline.

    We lost the fight due to lack of AA and support. but we broke the armor column and removed the sniping threat, had I known how to communicate with the commands of other squads I'm sure we could have pushed in and succeeded.

    However perhaps I made some mistakes? or made the wrong call, - I felt that the light attacks moving in on the tanks from their line would be spotted by the snipers, so an infantry attack was out the window for me. But I don't know, feel free to tell me :D

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    It sounds like you did the right thing to break up the siege. Another good asset to have in any player made base is the Flail as it will devastate any grouping of infantry or armor that is pounding away at your base. The Orbital Strike is nice, but the targets will more than likely run away from the impact area and be spared any damage.

    You can cert into the Command Chat option in the Squad Certs menu if you want to communicate with any other squad leaders operating in the same area. Whether or not anyone actually agrees to help is another matter :D Call out in Outfit chat if you need help defending a base as there's always folks who will respond and lend a hand.


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      P. Stringer,

      Flanking the enemy from the side they consider "friendly" is always a good idea. So I agree with assault, you made a reasonable call. People almost never have flank security in this game. A flank attack should maximize surprise and "alpha strike" damage (damage done in the initial volley, before enemy can react). This requires some micro-teamwork (or micro-management depending on your perspective) but can be devastating.

      I would say the same principles you used in defending the player made base works for breaking siege's on permanent bases. When I see a friendly base under attack my first thought is "how do I flank the attackers, and hit them from outside?" Often this is much more effective than a push from the base interior, where all the enemy is watching and waiting for you. That is one lesson that I think most veterans would agree on, you break an attack by destroying the logistics behind it, not fighting through the tide of infantry flowing out of them.
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Both great comments, I played a game last night that was very different from what I have become accustomed to and I loved ever second of it, a full platoon organised with set number of classes, with timed deployment punished by kicks. We broke every single fight we entered, and each on by galaxy a full platoon. There is a lot to be said for the tactic. But using this with even half a squad of specialised units I think can streamline the process.

        As you say breaking the logistics, dropping behind an enemy and hacking terminals seems to be very effective if you spawn an armor column in behind them and call out the targets.

        Something I have seen which puzzles me is that usually an armor fight tends to be a mixed dogfight, when targeted attacks are much more effective, with called out targets a shared volley reduces the enemies damage output by a vehicle each cycle. It reminds me of eve online.


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          Originally posted by P.Stringer View Post
          Something I have seen which puzzles me is that usually an armor fight tends to be a mixed dogfight, when targeted attacks are much more effective, with called out targets a shared volley reduces the enemies damage output by a vehicle each cycle. It reminds me of eve online.
          Focus fire is a common tactic for TG squads. I won't say we use it 100% of the time, but we do use it a lot. Granted, I tend to run more infantry or air, so perhaps my sample is bias... You are right it is quite effective.

          I often request a volunteer to focus the fire, (call out targets) if I am not doing it myself.
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          The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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            Focused fire can make or break and armor fight. Having someone who will call shots for the squad is invaluable. But it requires a certain amount of unanimous commmunication. Everyone has to be on the same level of talking. TG is great for it when everyone syncs up and someone decides to be the call guy. There are a few other groups that do it effectively but most armor platoons are just herded cats trying to crush a foe with overwhelming numbers.


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              Yeah I will agree, as fun as it was for me, because I was working with the squad (I remembered our SOP's about representing with my tags on) I followed and worked with them, the teamwork being my primary (I had more fun but made less xp in that couple hours than normal) It did feel very much like it was quite mindless.

              When If played with our gents I have been mainly a u gunner - so I will normally take out threats to the tank first then focus fire on the main guns target (aiming for the back and sides, which seems to not be done that much by the tanks so maybe Im wrong assuming it does more)

              I was wondering if my constant spotting of aircraft as I swivel around was irritating people - maybe Il start calling out threats a bit more when I learn which weapons and tanks are most dangerous. I had thought it was vanguard>lightening/grav tank>harrasers>sunderers but I know there is data missing there. and is obviously dependant on weapons and deployment.

              Do we make much use of the construction system? Iv yet to see it employed by ours, but at the same time having fought in and against them, I know they can be quite effective with a spawning tube


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                We use construction occasionally.
                We have a few guys that are skilled in it. VLAD in particular, although there are others.
                I am sure you could find people to talk to about it if you want.
                The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                  'Q' spotting, pressing 'Q' on a target, everything, is normally not an Issue, but when moving from place to place, 'sometimes', when an armour column or infantry unit is flanking or behind the lines, the SL may request NOT to Q spot, and use voice comms only.
                  Normally in this situation the squads fire condition is set to YELLOW or even RED with the added 'Voice comms only' or 'do not spot targets'.

                  Why not Q spot a target?

                  1st - Local enemy can hear the callout, if your flanking an armour group, who has a few units lagging behind whom hear their team mates been spotted, this information is likely to be forwarded to the main group.

                  Infiltrators make good flank spotters AND good target locators.(TG air strikes with infil spotting local area)

                  2nd - Implants, some implants will put you, the spotter, on the map, if you spot anyone who is using that implant. Bad news for flanking or running/hiding an armour group behind lines.

                  Once I ran a small squad, with the sole purpose to build a base in a 100% Hive location, which was near the TR warp gate AND near the VS front.

                  We ran Weapons RED for over 30 minutes and troop movement voice over comms only.

                  The tension in the squad was real, as we flew a VALK as infiltrators to establish a base head and hack vehicle Terminals, while above us, TR Gals and Libs were lifting off from their warp gate to fight the VS front.

                  The tension was very real when we pulled two ants and a spawn sunderer and joined a TR convoy to get out to our main deploy area, again without a shot fired (if anyone had have Q spotted, this section of the plan would have ended very fast.'

                  We managed to setup a player made base with a hive and AV/AA and spawns and feed it with the ants.

                  This was all down to the squads fire discipline and communication. Making all spots via voice and moving around the enemy or blending in with the environment and acting like one of them.

                  The rest is another story....

                  (6..~)Z Z z z....


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                    Nice guide there - before I read this we just set up a small orbital base to tackle 3 locations simultaneously - sadly when it could have made a difference the deploying person for the orbital kept it locked and refused to answer comms, so we lost the opportunity and eventually the base, but similar situation, yellow fire discipline, avoiding the shields until last to avoid accidentally giving ourselves away.

                    Handy information about the spotting plugin, that one was new to me, I think il just voice come it with compass from now on. Im still trying to learn the best way to tell range - do any of the guns have a rangefinder on them?


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                      You can grab the Sweeper HUD implant which has a range finder within 500 meters built into it for targets, or just spot the target and then open up your map, find the target on the map and place your personal waypoint on it. When you close the map the range in meters will be displayed on your HUD.


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                        I had been told that last night as well actually, I was wondering if there was a method that didn't avoid spotting, purely to check engagement range, sometimes it can be hard to gauge where on the map they are without that initial spot - Would make it nice and easy for comm spotting to be able to call out a direction and a distance with a small rifle attachment or something.


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                          Best guess.

                          Again you can judge distance with your personal waypoint marker by placing it on the map near where you think the target is, and adjust as needed., it will take a few more seconds and leave you prone to attack but is a good measure of distance.

                          Also to Note, I once was told that each squad in the grid, is 500m2 so if you are in the middle of a squad and the target is near the edge that make them roughly 250m away

                          EDIT: One grid box is indeed 500m x 500m unknown.png

                          How to turn the grid on:

                          On the game screen press M to access the MAP

                          Select Filters from the right top set of buttons

                          In filters Tick Grid

                          (6..~)Z Z z z....


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                            Its funny I actually saw that and wondered what use it would be it never occured to me that it would show on the HUD map :D - idk if anyone else noticed there are squad/platoon drawing tools for the map? I never see anyone use them but things like arrows and marking areas is quite handy.


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                              The range implant is great for the person doing the call outs. Because that person can call the target as they gauge the next target after that one. If its low health they can always call it and as the squad attacks, the caller can attack the next target before they give the order for that attack and so on. Only downside is the caller is not getting as much certs because of the method but it will take out more targets nice and smooth. And the caller doesn't have to be a heavy just someone to lead the attacks. I will use the engi or heavy because I like those classes to use the implant.

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