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PS2 PTS Update 9/20/18

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  • [INFO] PS2 PTS Update 9/20/18

    There's another PTS update covering a variety of areas including the longstanding faction specific MBT/Harasser weapons:

    The PTS server will be updated this morning with these changes.


    Engineer Ammunition packs no longer overlay terminal icons on the map and HUD.

    /sitrep now uses a more accurate message when defending a facility when you do not control the majority of capture points.
    Fixed an issue where /sitrep would sometimes show negative capture time values.
    Fireteam leaders show a star icon in the squad pane. (This icon will likely be updated to be visually distinct in the future.)
    Fireteam leaders can now be promoted and demoted similar to squad and platoon leaders.
    Players can now leave or rejoin voice channels (but not chat channels) using /leavechannel or /joinchannel commands. You will automatically rejoin a voice channel if your voice privileges change by, for example, joining a squad, being promoted to squad leader, relogging.

    /leavechannel squad
    /leavechannel platoon
    /leavechannel fireteam
    /leavechannel leader
    /leavechannel proximity


    Siegebreaker (TR Prowler/Harasser)
    This weapon has been updated and represents a close-to-finished product. Please give feedback for both versions on PTS.
    The Siegebreaker fires a sequence of rockets meant for medium range combat, and makes use of some limited laser guidance capabilities.

    Aurora (VS Magrider/Harasser)
    The Aurora is a charge-up weapon that fires a singular projectile capable of piercing through enemy vehicles and infantry without limit.
    This weapon is still a work in progress and needs a proper reticle and additional art/statistical polish.

    Paladin (NC Vanguard/Harasser)
    We're still toying with concepts for the Paladin, and might need to revisit the drawing board on this weapon. The Enforcer and Mjolnir fill most roles on an empire specific side, and adding another high damage, high velocity weapon to the arsenal isn't an interesting option. We're currently working on some projectile tech for various other weapons, and might wait that tech is finished before touching this weapon again. Right now it continues to exist in a somewhat broken state on PTS for both the Vanguard and the Harasser.

    Enforcer (NC Vanguard/Harasser)
    Blast inner radius from 0.5m to 1m
    Blast damage from 150 to 175
    Dev Note: We've knocked the three shot infantry kill down to a two shot kill by way of a blast damage buff so that the choice between Enforcer and Halberd is a bit more preference based than it was.

    Vulcan (TR Prowler/Harasser)
    Max damage range from 25m to 10m (Harasser)
    Min damage range from 100m to 50m (Harasser)
    Max damage range from 40m to 15m (Prowler)
    Min damage range from 100m to 60m (Prowler)
    Dev Note: The June 12th gave the Vulcan some much needed power, but ended up going a bit too far. The Vulcan overshadowed the power and role of mid and long range weapons, while surpassing other factional CQC weapons as well. We're pulling some of the range buff back, while leaving in the rate of fire increase, so that playing to the weapon's effective range is more important.

    Saron (VS Magrider/Harasser)

    Cone of fire bloom from 0.5 to 0.35 (Magrider)
    Cone of fire bloom from 0.75 to 0.5 (Harasser)
    Dev Note: This changes the number of shots until hitting maximum cone of fire from 2 to 3 for while firing at the maximum rate of fire. Tighter groupings here are intended to increase the effectiveness of the weapon over range.

    LA7 Buzzard (NC Flash)

    Now has a utility option for "Primed Shells" which remove the minimum arming distance of each projectile.

    V30-F Starfall (VS Flash)

    Direct damage from 200 to 175
    Blast inner damage from 50 to 100
    Blast outer radius from 3m to 2m
    Dev Note: The damage adjustment here increases the number of reloads needed to kill the Lightning from the rear by 1, as well as non-composite armor Harassers. The blast damage adjustment gives a bit more potency against infantry, and we've reduced the outer radius to emphasize direct hits.

    M4-F Pillager (TR Flash)

    Projectiles now pass through infantry, but do not pass through vehicles.
    Direct damage from 25 to 30.
    Burning duration from 2sec. to 3.5sec.
    Projectile lifespan from 0.75sec. to 1sec.
    Projectile drag reduced.

    Wraith Cloak (Flash)

    Cooldown delay from 10sec. to 5sec.


    Small arms resistance (type 2) from 75 to 90.
    Dev Note: The last adjustment to the Valkyrie's small arms resistance reduced the effectiveness of the vehicle as a combat platform, but hit the Valkyrie harder than we'd have liked. We're going to more conservative numbers and can continue to tune as necessary.

    Player Studio

    Fuzzbuket's Rift Knight VS armor set has been added.

    Misc. Changes and Fixes

    Updated the Mine Carrier cert line's description.

    Original thread:

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    I was hoping there would be a performance fix for the rumored UI performance hit. I will accept fireteam leader promotions and more slash command in its stead.


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      Orange Gaming has posted a comparison video of all three faction specific MBT/Harasser top guns:


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        The siege breaker is the only one that looks like it has any idea what it wants to be. Which is a CQC gatekeeper.
        Paladin looks real unimpressive, the charge times on it and the aurora are gonna be hard to use while in motion




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