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Nov 20th Daybreak Livestream Recap

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  • [INFO] Nov 20th Daybreak Livestream Recap

    For those that missed the Livestream today, the recap is available:

    What do people think of the new content that's in the pipeline?

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    Thanks Assault!

    I haven't watched it yet, but I think the Engineer shield wall has no cooldown on placement now.


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      Best stream summary I've seen:

      The big ones are moving the game to DirectX 11 (from 9) and the addition of an "NS" 4th faction that always plays for the underpopped side.

      The NS characters look like robots, can only use NS "common pool" weapons, and are only available to All Access members. If your membership lapses, you lose access to your NS characters. When you change continents, you'll be assigned to whichever side has least population on that continent at that moment, you'll never get a faction overpop queue, and this can be different than the faction you were just playing for before changing continents. Obviously you won't have access to Maxes, MBTs, and ESFs, because all those are faction-specific.

      The NS characters in pictures:

      In Planetside 1 (I didn't play it, but an old-timer explained it once on one of my old outfit forums), there used to be a "Black Ops" 4th faction that played against everyone else and got massive buffs. The other sides generally teamed up against them until they were wiped out and then it was over for them. Or something like that. This new NS "faction" was inspired a bit by that, but on the stream they made it clear that the NS characters are going to have extra restrictions and not be OP like "Black Ops". The reddit community is already conflating "NS" with "Black Ops" and I think people are getting the wrong impression.

      They also hinted at more support for lanesmash/outfitsmash/serversmash in 2019, generally more organized competitive play, and my gut tells me the NS faction lays the groundwork for that, where everyone in one of those matches will have the exact same weapon pools, no Maxes, etc, instead of blaming their loss or victory on the Orion, Anchor, whatever, being the best gun in the game.

      For the DirectX 11 bit, they say they've already increased framerates 20% without any real optimization work. So that sounds really awesome. Hopefully it pans out.

      They plan to have Public Test Server tests with rewards for participating during load tests, again (not just any time, you'll have to participate at specific times). They're going to give away a throwing knife or something like that. Not too exciting, but you may as well get it imo.
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        you'll never get a faction overpop queue
        These " 4th faction" can only be used by members, and are optional, so, may reduce queuing but may not stop the ques in its current state..

        (6..~)Z Z z z....


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          If you're on a NS character you'll never get a faction overpop queue, didn't mean to imply it will remove faction overpop queues for every faction (it won't). And of course there's still the continent overpop issue that this can't solve, those queues should remain for everyone unless they reserve space for NS characters or something like that.


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            My biggest problem with the NS faction is that it promotes too much solo play. As a guy who plays solo often, it's definitely not the way the game should be played and would really be a strange experience for any new players who bought membership.


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              The devs said that they still had work to do on the social / outfit side of the NS faction. They have some design and technical hurdles to get over I think.




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